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  1. FWIW, I've tried Speedplates with my VH skates and the arch/instep really got in the way since the boot itself had enough arch/instep for my feet. I guess the Speedplates might be good if your feet have a higher arch/instep than what's built into the boot. But my reason for trying Speedplates was to get a bit of metatarsal arch support that Graf/SIDAS molded footbeds provided on my previous pairs of skates. I just ended up using Specialized Body Geometry cycling footbeds for their metatarsal button, and they come in 3 different instep heights of which I chose the lowest.
  2. I think there would have to be a way to get a scan of the foot while supporting the body weight but with even pressure on the sole unlike a flat surface. When making Graf/Sidas heat-molded footbeds, the casting process does that. I remember how great those footbeds felt. If it could somehow be incorporated into the scanning, I think it would produce the best representation of the foot under load.
  3. They had this video for the custom skate. I don't know if it applies to the TF-7.
  4. According to this video at 2:18, he states that they "add spots" when they build the mold. I know they did that to the sides of the carbon toecaps on my first VH skates 7-8 years ago to accomodate for some bumps on my big toes. I assume they do something similar for the heel.
  5. While I didn't have pain in the arch, I did feel pressure on the instep because of my somewhat flat feet. I modified the red inserts like in the video. But I also noticed that the insoles had a bit of a built-in arch or instep. I sanded that down to end up with a relatively flat insole. It made them feel much better. If you don't want to sand down the arches, you could try replacing them with Elite Hockey insoles which have no arch and are very inexpensive.
  6. Call me cynical, but maybe manufacturers feel that it's preferable not to disclose that information because then some people would start making their own measurements according to those parameters and reveal how much error there was in the flex ratings. Manufacturers don't really have anything to gain from it.
  7. In a nutshell, if you have a 66"/85flex stick and a 60"/85flex stick, and cut both to 58" they will feel the same.
  8. I'm pretty similar but I skip the top 2 eyelets and lace them moderately and evenly tight from top (3rd eyelet) to bottom.
  9. The idea of having the longer wear of black steel is nice in theory. But even with regular Step steel, I very rarely reach a point where I need a sharpening because of regular wear. Before reaching that point, there always occurs some edge damage from playing which requires sharpening. And while black steel wears longer, I don't think it's much less susceptible to damage. So, to me the longer wear of black steel isn't worth the extra expense.
  10. Sock liners. https://foxsox.com/collections/mens-liners/products/wick-dryr-alturas-ultra-lightweight-crew-liner?variant=31529246294059
  11. Just an observation, in this picture Orr's top 3 eyelets (if there isn't a 4th under the tape) are unlaced but his tendon guards and tongues are taped against his upper ankle.
  12. I remember having those eyelets with the small thin laces on the tendon guards. They added no support whatsoever. I think their purpose was to keep the tendon guard against the tendon. And with all this talk about maintaining lateral support while having forward flex, one could argue that lateral support is not that necessay if you have proper skating technique, though it might still be good to limit lateral movement just enough to prevent injury.
  13. To keep busy while in covid confinement, I learned to use Shotcut video editor and made a video of "myselves". There's even a small hockey reference in it.
  14. Maybe you can look at it this way: The price they charge is just for the boot. If you want their holder, they give it to you and install it free of charge as a bonus to promote it.
  15. I skip the top 2 (pairs of) eyelets when I play. I often practice with the laces untied though.
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