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  1. From what I've seen and read, EE would not only be wider than D but also about 1/4 size longer, so 7.5EE would be more like 7.75D length.
  2. It looks fishy and it uses the old logo from this real site https://www.sourceforsports.ca/
  3. In the guitar world, we call it relicing. 😆
  4. Here's another option you can try. Years ago I did this for lace bite. It's a similar idea to Vet88's but it's applied to the inside of the tongue instead of to your ankle. I used closed-cell foam tape weather stripping that comes in a variety of thicknesses and widths, sold at hardware stores. I applied it to the tongue leaving a channel for the tendon.
  5. I'm all over the place except for sticks. I now use Bauer sticks because I use junior 50 flex, and they're the only ones whose dimensions are like the intermediates. I'll probably go with True skates when the time comes since my last two pairs were VH skates. I have CCM shins and elbows, Sherwood shoulders, Easton helmet with Bauer cage, Bauer gloves,
  6. Just noticed tonight, Matthews' skates dressed to look like vintage Modano style 652 Tacks. 🤔 https://www.nhl.com/video/matthews-ppg-opens-scoring/t-335699702/c-14175598
  7. If you can find Step Steel XL runners for LS2, they're slightly longer than the regular LS2. I think it's around 4mm longer so it's almost half a size longer.
  8. That's because the person flexing it isn't holding the upper hand at the same distance from the heel of both sticks, because they don't know any better. I know that my sticks are cut right under my chin when wearing shoes, so when I test stick flex in a store, no matter the stick length, I place my upper hand at that position on the shaft. So a 63" stick will feel the same as a 58" stick if both are 75 flex. Maybe we just need an idiot-proof way to educate the user. 🤔
  9. It's great that they have the metatarsal button! Four years ago, I replaced my VH insoles with Specialized Body Geometry Footbeds partly for the metatarsal button. They also offer 3 choices of arch heights. But if I ever need new footbeds, it's nice to know that True now offers a similar option.
  10. What if no manufacturer thinks it's worth 70 million anymore? 😉
  11. Mine are just the opposite. They are about flush with the heel and over 1/2" from the toe. I used the same mounting instructions that Althoma1 posted. And make sure you use the frame's middle cross-member as reference for that 1/4" measurement and not the front and back of the frame.
  12. Maybe they're optimizing the use of new cut-resistant socks.
  13. Maybe someone like PBH could clear this up before you go ahead and bake them, then.
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