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  1. I believe he means a padded V shape on the inside of the tongue and a more rigid C shape on the outside sort of like this cross-section of a tongue expertly drawn in MS paint.
  2. They still put ballistic nylon on toe caps?
  3. Mine does that but it's the tendon guard that clicks so I'm not concerned.
  4. Bauer once had something like that called the Form-Fit tongue. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/player-skates/857038-bauer-new-formfit-plus-felt-skate-tongues
  5. Brendan Gallagher broke his stick in anger yesterday but he's okay since he's with Warrior.
  6. I've noticed that good knee/ankle bend makes pitch less important. I realized that when I started skipping the top 2 eyelets.
  7. I had regular Step steel and now I have regular Tydan steel and I haven't noticed a difference in edge retention. I end up getting burrs (if that's the right term to use in this case) from contact with another players steel anyway during puck battles along the board and such, and those burrs would happen with any type of steel. So since I end up sharpening because of burrs even before losing the edge, I see no point in going with more expensive steel. And I don't care what color or how shiny my runners are, either.
  8. I suggest trying this pattern/combination of rivets.
  9. My favorites are Kobe. Very breathable and durable.
  10. Is the metal part titanium? That's the only way I'd consider a combo.
  11. It's been a while since I had Sidas insoles but I once tweaked their shape using a heat gun. I heated the part I wanted to reshape and placed it on a 4" thick slab of polyurethane foam (aka foam rubber) and stepped on it while helping to shape it with my fingers. It's more of an artisanal than scientific method but it did the job. The difference between the Sidas and the Speedplates is that the Sidas starts out flat and has to be pressed against the foot for shaping, whereas the Speedplate starts out with a high arch that has to be flattened by the foot. So just baking the skate with the Sidas in it won't work the same way it does with the Speedplate, and is probably not a good idea.
  12. Those look like thick socks. That sure won't help with volume. Rob from VH had told me that their skates had a "fudge factor" so they could be worn with or without socks. That tells me that they can be worn either barefoot or with very thin socks, so IMO wearing thick socks would be pushing the limits. So if moving the tongue doesn't fully solve your problem, you can always try thinner socks to get more volume.
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