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  1. It's great that they have the metatarsal button! Four years ago, I replaced my VH insoles with Specialized Body Geometry Footbeds partly for the metatarsal button. They also offer 3 choices of arch heights. But if I ever need new footbeds, it's nice to know that True now offers a similar option.
  2. Does it have a metatarsal button?
  3. What if no manufacturer thinks it's worth 70 million anymore?
  4. Mine are just the opposite. They are about flush with the heel and over 1/2" from the toe. I used the same mounting instructions that Althoma1 posted. And make sure you use the frame's middle cross-member as reference for that 1/4" measurement and not the front and back of the frame.
  5. Maybe they're optimizing the use of new cut-resistant socks.
  6. Maybe someone like PBH could clear this up before you go ahead and bake them, then.
  7. https://modsquadhockey.com/forums/topic/71678-vh-footweartrue-by-scott-van-horne/?do=findComment&comment=1076013 I did 20 minutes in a conventional oven for each skate, flipping it over halfway, but I monitored the temperature with a digital thermometer to leave nothing to chance since my oven heats a little hotter than the dial indicates.
  8. I did it myself at home, one skate at a time. It went well with one of these stretch wraps with the handle: Stretch Wrap
  9. Just to add to krisdrum's post, use truss head screws because they have a bigger diameter head so you don't need to use washers.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, there's no rocker on that chassis so with 74 74 80 80 the result would be like I described in my other post. Because of geometry wheels 2 and 4 would be .5mm from the ground, or wheels 1 and 2 would be 1mm from the ground depending if your weight is on your toes or on your heels. It's not much but it's not ideal. Of course your weight would squash the wheels closing those gaps but the wheels would have uneven pressure on the court.
  11. If the chassis is designed to have the 4 wheels touching the ground with 76 76 80 80, then wheel 2 (1 being the front wheel) won't touch the ground with 74 74 80 80 wheels. And the front and back wheels will never touch the ground at the same time. What chassis is it?
  12. I also wonder about the validity of matching old profiles unless there is a way to record that banana-ed profile so you can re-apply it to new steel or to a profile refresh later on. Otherwise, the matched banana profile gets corrupted even more with further sharpening, and the player adjusts his muscle memory to it so on the next profile-copying it gets even more banana-ed, etc. A player should find his profile and stick to it even if it takes a bit of re-adjusting to it when it gets reset.
  13. The rating of the power adapter won't tell you how much power the machine consumes. It will be rated higher than the machine so it can supply the required amount. As long as the adapter supplies 24VDC at the required current (and thus power), it could be a 1000000000W adapter and it would do the job as long as it isn't rated lower than the machine. And if you look at the label on the machine in that same picture, you can see that it says Ptot:30W. It may however be more of an average power rating and the adapter is oversized to handle current surges like when starting up the machine.
  14. Did you gain some weight during the layoff?
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