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  1. I picked up some Bauer Supreme Matrix shins for my U15 defensive pair (my twin sons)... They love blocking shots and have said they don't feel a thing with these. The coverage is pretty extensive but they don't seem extra bulky. Pretty sure the price can't be beat either.
  2. My 2010s have been in a Matrix for just over a year now... they've said this is their favorite skate ever. They had the 2S Pro before, but it seems the Fit1 in 5.5 (intermediate) has been perfect for them. We threw in some Curex soles because their arch is VERY high.
  3. I've been over here four years... granted I'm not in an ice hockey hotbed, but the only time I've seen Graf skates was the rental skate selection at an outdoor rink in the Duesseldorf Christmas Market. The vast majority of skates/gear I see in this area (BeNeLux) would be Bauer with CCM bringing up the rear. I see German kids with Warrior here and there (thanks Draisaitl?) but not very often. Even all the old beer league guys are wearing newer offerings from Bauer and a few CCM... I never see Graf. Pretty disappointing. We were even down in Zuerich a few summers ago at a camp (Ivanov... LOL) and none of the kids were wearing Graf. /anecdotal evidence
  4. I always wanted a pair of Grafs back in the 90s - Brian Leetch (my favorite player) wore them. LOL I don't skate/play nearly as much these days (too busy running my kids around all over the place for their practices/games/tournaments/camps), but my CCM Ultra Tacks (2018?) are killing me whenever I'm out on the ice. Maybe I need to take a road trip down to Switzerland...
  5. The shape reminds me of the old Mylec (or was it Franklin?) butt caps for their street hockey sticks back in the 90s! Just need to find some new-old-stock at a Play It Again somewhere!
  6. After a season or two in some really bad, uncomfortable and ill-fitting Bauer cut resistant socks (NG Elite Performance), my oldest boys made the switch to the Elite Hockey Pro-Cut socks. The difference in comfort is night and day. Not sure if I can post a link or not: https://hockey.elitesportsgroup.com/en/pro-cut-protection/
  7. The Miami-Ohio camp is great... My 2010s have gone the last two summers and have had a blast.
  8. Neck guards are mandated here in the Netherlands and I'm pretty sure the league (CBHL in VA/MD/DC) my boys played in prior to our move required them as well. They were wearing the Shock Doctor velcro thing. A lot more comfortable than the padded Kevlar Itech thing I wore thirty years ago. After the incident in CT a year or so ago, I grabbed the Bauer undershirt/neck guard combo for my oldest boys (U13 at the time) and I picked up the Shock Doctor combo this past summer. They rotate between the two as things get washed during the week. They also wear Kevlar socks from Elite which they really like over the Bauer Kevlar socks. Reading all this, it sounds like overkill but they haven't complained about anything, so I guess it's not too bad. Risk management I guess...
  9. What do they do with all of these skates that people return??
  10. Was there a Rupp's hockey shop back in the 90s? I remember checking out a huge shop in Pittsburgh while visiting 30 years ago. I could be completely making it up... LOL
  11. I can't help with your questions... That said, I'm rather jealous of you - and if my wife wins out I might follow your footsteps in a few years. We're not exactly in an ice hockey hotbed over here and corona has wrecked the last two seasons (for my kids); and I haven't been able to play at all (after finally getting back into the game when we were in the DC area). I think I've been on the ice (to include the fluke cold snap outdoor ice last winter) maybe eight or nine times over the last 24 months. 😞 Things will definitely change if we go back to MN. Speaking of, can anyone direct me to a forum dealing with youth/JV/high school hockey in MN? My oldest boys will probably be in 10th or 11th grade by the time we get back and I'm worried about their hockey opportunities trying to get on a team with kids that have been together since they were 5. What happens if you don't make your school team?? /end thread highjack
  12. Alan Walsh has a flair for the dramatic but I don't think he's wrong in this case.
  13. How about... where in the world do I find anything in stock? Trying to track down Shock Doctor tops and bottoms for my two peewees is next to impossible. I can't find Youth XL or Adult XS at the normal suspects - and we don't have any local shops with any sort of stock/selection even without supply shortages. Pretty frustrating...
  14. It definitely wouldn't be a regular thing. I'd bet the 1-1/4 ring would last me a very, very long time. I can't imagine I'd have to go this route more than once or twice a season, and that's across the board for all the skaters in the house.
  15. Dumb question... Do you think you could use a 1-1/4 radius wheel as a de facto cross grind wheel? I have four skaters in the house, not including me... and they're regularly dinging up their blades (5/8 Fire, 1/2 and 5/8) at no fault of their own. The rinks here aren't the best and there's plenty of blade unfriendly things in the locker room, the halls, the benches, etc. Most times a regular four passes cleans everything up, but on occasion it looks they ran across the parking lot (slight exaggeration) and all the passes in the world won't "fix" the issue. Would the relative "flatness" of the 1-1/4 cleanup those stubborn dings? Or is that going to waste passes with my other rings after using the 1-1/4? Granted I wouldn't do it very often, just in dire circumstances. Thoughts? I'm just spitballing here... And please don't suggest taking the skates to a shop - hockey shops are few and far between here; with limited hours; and questionable sharpening results. Throw in the new COVID lockdown and getting skates sharpened outside of our Sparx here at home is pretty much not going to happen. Thanks and Happy New Year!
  16. Yep... 21% here. Fortunately I can get it refunded - or just order direct from the States.
  17. Apple Watch hockey tracker? Sorry to go off-topic...
  18. Seems like a solution in search of a problem??
  19. The funny part about my boys is one is a lefty and the other a righty!
  20. Glad you can write off someone you've never met based upon a travel club requiring kids to look uniform. Pretty cool.
  21. It was like that across the two leagues they played in. l never really thought much of it. I've got no problem with the kids looking uniform, especially as they move up the ranks. The person you're referring to has been the director (and coach) of a pretty successful Tier 2 program, mite through midget major, for over twenty years at this point. He must be doing something right. I've never heard anyone complain about little Braden using a helmet that matches his jersey or not using neon green laces when the team colors are black and red. /shrug
  22. My sons, now U13, did the colored laces thing starting in daddy&me learn to skate classes. As part of getting them excited for learning to skate we let them choose lace and helmet color... It also allowed us to quickly figure out who was who out on the ice as they are twins. LOL Bright blue helmets and red, silver, yellow*, neon green, neon blue, etc. laces (not to mention fun stick tape colors) went by the wayside when they made the mite major travel team and only certain lace and tape colors were allowed, not to mention black helmets being required. Three years later one has adopted black laces and the other white. *We were in NoVA… tons of kids trying to mimic Ovi. LOL
  23. FWIW, I just checked two Stealth CX sticks - one is retail (gold highlights) and the other is a Tyler Bozak pro model (blue highlights). They were both made in China.
  24. In regards to bad experiences with automated machines... When I first saw Sparx three or four years ago the first thing I thought of was this crazy machine that was in the lobby of local rink where I grew up (in Central Ohio). It sounded like the skates were being sharpened with a chain saw. LOL Thankfully our Sparx isn't as scary.
  25. We've had our Sparx just over two years... I bought it while we were still in the US when my oldest boys were playing Squirt AA. My youngest two also skated, albeit with nowhere near the frequency of the other two. I also played a little old man hockey in the summer. We were a good hour to our "home" rink pro-shop or any of the big box hockey shops - the Sparx saved so much time and allowed me to avoid the crap shoot of who is actually doing the sharpening. Now that we're in the NL the Sparx is a godsend. Throw in COVID, goofy shop hours or even trying to track down a reliable person to do the sharpening and the Sparx has been worth its weight in gold. I honestly don't care about crunching the numbers - the reliability and convenience were worth every penny.
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