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  1. i read thru the whole thread and saw that a couple different users have asked if the custom paint jobs goes all the way down to near the hosel area but Miseaujeu in his answer said the widow does but theres no mention of the dolomite, so for those that have received there custom dolomites or miseaujeu, does the color you choose go all the way to the hosel/blade area when ordering custom dolomites?
  2. Uploaded with ImageShack.us all tufftek except for the white part which is carbon. took 3 weeks to get them done
  3. Thanks for all the compliments...i love how they came out..I paid $205 for these,ordered them on 1/23/08 and received them on either 3/6 or 3/7
  4. My new Warrior gloves..thanks to Chris at Cutting Edge for ordering these for me. 1. Glove model > > Model number: mb22-14 > > > > 2. Main material > > Main material: tufftek > > > > 3. Colors > > Main color: red > > Outside stripe material: tufftek > > Outside stripe color: white > > Inside stripe material: tufftek > > Inside stripe color: black > > Cuff roll material: tufftek > > Cuff roll color: black > > Contour binding color: black > > Print color: white > > Logo outline color: red > > Other prints color: white > > > > 4. Embroideries > > Embroidery name color: > > Embroidery number color: white > > Embroidery name: > > Embroidery number: > > > > 5. Silver Shield > > no > > > > 6. Palm material > > Palm material: micronash > > > > 7. Foam material > > Foam material: va80
  5. Graf 735 Great Whites, red star alloy chassis, Rink Rat hornets w/ BSB Swiss bearings.
  6. Helmet: Itech HC95 Visor: Itech Pro Wave Shoulders: Easton Synergy's Elbows: Jofa 8035 Pants: old pair of Kohos GlovesEaston Pro Stock Air's (nylon)* the lightest, less restrictive gloves i've used Skates: 2004 Easton Z-Air Comps Stick: Easton Stealth, Derek Morris Pro Stock Stick *by far my favorite stick ever
  7. MoCorleone

    Easton Stealth

    Easton Stealth Pro Stock Derek Morris. Background: 6 2" , 190 lbs Defensemen. Blade- Real Stiff, but no difference receiving passes or shooting with, then with any other high end composite blade. on a personal note, Morris's curve is a little more open at the toe then i'm used too. had to adjust to it, to get some of my shots down. 8/10 Flex- i'm guessing its a 110 which is perfect for me since i like a stiffer stick. 9/10 Stickhandling/Recieving passes- No big improvement over any other composite blade. 8/10 Shooting- this is where the Stealth excels. don't know how or why it makes my shot better but i know it does. my slapshots are a bit heavier and faster then with other sticks i've used. wristshots are minimally better but my snap shot definitely does seem to have a quicker release. No lag at all when shooting any shot, making it alot easier to be more accurate. 10/10 Weight/Balance- lightest stick i've ever used. a real toss up between this and the XN10 for the best balanced stick. feels absolutely great in doing everything and anything on the ice. 9.5/10 Durability- used for 4 games and like 10 practices. there's a chip on the toe but overall haven't had a concern. 8/10 Overall- Best Stick i've ever used. an absolutely amazing overall feel and definitely impoves shot accuracy and speed. (i know its not a magic wand but i would imagine it added around 3 to 4 MPH on my shot and given me a quicker release "no lag") 9.5/10 OverallRating-9.5/10
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