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  1. i have made my own lifts with lexan in the past. But i also have a riveter and was able to put it back together myself. I have really wide feet and need the extra height to prevent me from bottoming out in turns. I also use Flare Skate Blades. It makes me able to get over on my turns a bit more also.
  2. Hello. I was just wondering if this company was still around? Their website sells items, but I havent seen any activity on their facebook page for a long time. thanks.
  3. Anyone that has this Blademaster Power Riveter machine, what size air compressor is needed to run this pneumatic riveter (eg. 2 gallon or ten gallon, etc,,,). Also what PSI do you run it with?
  4. does anyone know if sprung chassis are still available via their website? I've tried emailing them with no response after about a week?
  5. thats great! I didn't know that stores carried the DLC black Flare steel. I will look into it at my LHS
  6. i have extremely wide feet, left is 7 1/4 EEEEE and right is 7 3/4 EEEE, i have 6mm lifts in the front and 9mm in the back. before that, i was "bottoming out" all the time. ive also been using the flare steel which i think helps also. i can now definitely lean over more on turns.
  7. anyone ever used the blademaster alignment tool? is it any good?
  8. I've had these for over a month now. I Iike them a lot. I have the DLC coated version for Bauer edge holders, 272, 1 1/2 ROH. I used to use 95/50 FBV or 7/8th ROH on stepblack steel. I feel like I am able to get the same bite on my turns without having to lean over as much. The glide is amazing! For me, I don't think I can switch back the regular shaped steel anymore.
  9. Has anyone experimented with Blackstone FBV or the Blademaster version of the flat bottom on the Flareblades?
  10. agreed,,, I have had pretty much the same experience with these blade, i have the dlc blades, had them for about a month now
  11. so has anyone tried the LS5 steel yet? Any reviews on how it feels on the ice?, how it sharpens? edge durability?, etc?
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