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  1. Protects against getting your Achilles tendon cut.
  2. My old 704s were the best skates I ever owned. I truly wish they still made them. I bought a pair of 703s last year instead, but I miss the all-leather boot. They fit exactly the same in my experience. The 703 didn't feel any wider.
  3. In terms of construction they are basically the same as the classic Grafs people have been wearing for some time. The new holder is a little stiffer and the interior lining is better at not absorbing water, but otherwise they are very similar to what you'd be used to if you had 703s, 705s, G5s, etc. I can't speak to how they would fit you, obviously.
  4. I read an article that said that lace bite actually contributed to his early retirement as well. I know Forsberg wore pretty small skates (7-7.75) for a guy his size, too.
  5. Can you explain what exactly Red Dog Hockey boost is? I couldn't find any pictures or a description of what it actually is on the website.
  6. Agreed. Still never seen the white accents like that on Bauers before.
  7. CCM pants look like they are much better than current Bauer offerings.
  8. Anybody catch Brendan Perlini's Bauer skates with white accents? I've seen white accents like these on Grafs, CCMs and Reeboks (Komarov, Hagelin, Perron), but I've never seen them on Bauers.
  9. Is this a mail-in service with installation, or does it just mean the lifts would be mailed to the buyer?
  10. Probably a negligible upgrade and an additional $100.
  11. This might be a stupid question, but does anyone have any ideas how to go about whitening a pair of Tuuk Custom+ holders? I have a new pair that I am planning on mounting on my new Graf 703 boots (and I've got Step Blacksteel to go with them), but they have gotten a bit yellowed with age. Actually the two individual holders are sort of different colors--one has sort of a blue tint to it. I know it's just a stupid cosmetic concern, but does anyone know whether there is a way to whiten them?
  12. I'm glad to hear you have had a good experience with your new Grafs. I bought a pair of unused 703 boots on eBay and I plan to mount some Tuuk Custom+ holders and Step Blacksteel to them as soon as I get a chance. Grafs are just the best.
  13. Graf 704 skates. Or my Eagle L29 vintage gloves.
  14. Wow those Koivu lifts are pretty extreme. I'm going to reach out to a couple of pro shops nearby and see if they will be able to add the shims for me and install the holders. I think the most difficult part will be finding someone with the materials.
  15. Helmet: Bauer 4500 Shoulders: Easton Stealth C9.0 Elbows: Jofa 7500 Gloves: Eagle L29 Vintage/Bauer Nexus 1N Pants: Tackla 5000 Pro [these are the best pants ever hands down] Shins: CCM SuperTacks Skates: Bauer Supreme 1S
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