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  1. Thanks, guys. I listed them on Sideline Swap for $275 and they sold in less than 24 hours. They were favorited by 5 people in that time as well. I should have listed them for more!
  2. Thanks for the response. It's interesting that mine have a different shape to the molding on the shin portion and also don't have any model number printed on them. And mine seem to have even a little extra padding with the double wings on the sides. They honestly seem like awesome pads. I bought them years ago, but they were a little too big for me (with my short legs I fit better in a 13") and they've just sat around in a storage container since then.
  3. I was always a Vapor guy but my most recent pair of skates is a Supreme model. I honestly didn't notice any difference in terms of what aspects of my skating the skate emphasized and I'm a very good skater. I think all the stuff about stride length vs. agility, power vs. quickness, etc. is a bunch of gimmicky marketing speak. The skates just have some different features and designs that might feel better for one person or another. One might make it easier for you to get good forward ankle flexion or get on your toes a little bit easier, but all in all they are not that different, particularly now that the fits are standardized.
  4. I have this brand new pair of old Jofa shin guards that I am about to list for sale online, but I cannot figure out what model they are. Does anybody have any idea what specific model these are? And what might they be worth? Front Back
  5. I am also frustrated by the change to the Profile II. I’ve always used that cage but the one I bought a few months ago has a different shape, as you documented in your post. Looks goofy like the Profile III.
  6. CCM Tacks line is similar and in my opinion slightly better.
  7. That’s a good point. I’ve been using mostly low-kick sticks so maybe a mid-kick would give me back some of that flexibility that I lose when cutting the stick down. I guess it’s just a matter of trying things out. I just wish sticks weren’t so darn expensive!
  8. But once I cut 3 inches off the senior stick I’ll be looking at an 80-85 flex stick. I recently bought a 68-flex Sherwood Code online and it indicates on the back of the shaft that once I cut off 3 inches I’ll be looking at an 80-flex stick. Maybe that’s the best I can do. I just feel like there are a lot of people my size so I can’t be the only one who seems to fall into the cracks between senior and intermediate sticks.
  9. As a smaller guy (5'7", 145 lbs) I find myself in the unfortunate situation of being stuck between senior and intermediate sticks when trying to find my ideal flex profile. Recently I've tried a 65-flex intermediate stick that is my ideal length (57") without the need to cut the stick, but I find it too whippy/noodly for anything other than snap/wrist shots. I also have a 75-flex senior stick that I like for most things, but since I had to cut it down 3 inches, it's more like an 85 flex and isn't ideal for snap/wrist shots. I purchased a 68-flex senior stick the other day, but the markings down the back indicate that if I cut it down to my preferred length, it will add 12 to the flex, so it would be more like an 80 flex. I think a true 70-75 flex stick would be perfect for me, but I feel like there is a black hole in terms of the flex offerings for someone my size. I have to choose between an intermediate stick that is too whippy or a senior stick that is too stiff once you account for cutting the stick length. Has anybody else dealt with this issue and found a solution? I noticed that True offers some 65-flex senior sticks, so that might be my best bet to get to my ideal range, but I'm not a huge fan of their stick offerings honestly.
  10. I'm coming from a 10' and am interesting in trying profiling, so perhaps that profile would be good for me to start with. This might be a question for a separate thread, but do you make profile recommendations based on skate size and blade length? I went down to size 6.5 for my current skates (after skating in 7s for 15 years) and I still hate how the shorter blade feels. I'm thinking of getting upsized holders for my next pair of skates (or just going back to 7s) but I wonder if in the meantime a profile might help make my blade feel longer.
  11. My point would remain, though, right? If they switch from a single 10' profile, wouldn't the Zuperior give them a little more forward pitch without having to have a lift installed?
  12. Wouldn't switching from the Quad profile standard on the Mach to a Zuperior have a similar effect? I think I read that the Zuperior has a more forward pitch.
  13. They definitely changed the Profile II. It's not nearly as flat as it used to be. I can upload pics of my old Profile II I bought in 2015 and the one I just got last week. Based on some research, it sounds like they changed the shape in 2018. It's a shame because you're right, the Profile II was the best cage out there.
  14. I ordered a 4500/Profile II combo to stock up before the 4500 is discontinued. I hadn't realized that Bauer changed the shape of the Profile II cage. That was their best looking cage IMO. Now it sticks out way farther and looks sort of goofy. Is there another option from Bauer or another manufacturer that is similar to the old Profile II? I know CCM had the FM480, which was similar to the old-school Jofa cage. Is the CCM FM580 the same, or did they also mess with the shape?
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