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  • Skates
    Reebok 7k white trim
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    Warrior Diablo and Dolomite w/ Gionta retail curve
  • Gloves
    Reebok 4 roll
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    Reebok 11k
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    Bauer MBP Girdle
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    CCM U+ Pro
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    Reebok 6k kfs.
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    Reebok 6k kfs.
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    LA Kings Pro Stock

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    San Diego, CA
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    ignrnt rick
  1. I went to the Hockeytron store on Thursday for the first time. Wow. I didn't want to leave.
  2. A couple Christmas presents I will never part with... http://i.imgur.com/7C1Ew.jpg http://i.imgur.com/J5jiT.jpg Pics were huuuuuge. Links posted.
  3. Blades clones vary from company to company though. They're usually always close but not exact. I woudn't call your purchase a bad experience. You haven't even tried the blade to see how it plays.
  4. I received the shin tape today. Looks like every other shin tape I've bought before. I would use it tonight but I'm skipping ice time tonight because I got my annual sinus infection. ugh.
  5. Thanks for the visor pic. I got mine today. Here's a couple pics of the visor on my Reebok 4k and one pic of the socks (someone asked about a pic earlier). http://imgur.com/a/FBAwX#I3MNX
  6. Yeah I have a pair of their socks and I like those so I figured the jersey would be nice. I'm just waiting for them to make some Tron NHL socks in the new Kings colors. I'll be all over those. Also, is there a Tron rep anywhere on this board? I'd love for them to chime in about maybe some upcoming products or ideas.
  7. Just ordered their top visor, practice jersey, and shin tape 6 pack. I'll let you all know how those are.
  8. I agree with everything above. Here's a few things about that bag I've noticed after a few days as well... That side of your bag with tear could have been prevented if it had some kind of plastic on the pocket. I stood mine up a few times at the rink and while getting into my apartment and noticed that nothing was protecting the pocket and it was already scuffed up nicely. Avoid standing it up. What's up with the zipper on the interior bottom of the bag? I have no clue what purpose it holds. On the website it mentions a zipper that lengthens the bag. Am I missing something here? Where the hell is it? It's a little cramped but I like the size. I'm able to fit all my gear plus a laundry bag with all my underwear, socks, jock, etc. It's my first wheeled bag and for $32 bucks I'm pretty happy.
  9. Yup. This is why I haven't gone for the visors yet.
  10. Just received the Tron wheeled bag from UPS. Looks a little small. I'm at work but I have my gear in my truck for tonight's roller game. Going to see if it all fits in the Tron bag on my lunch break. $32 with the 20% off and free shipping.
  11. Indeed. Used them tonight. They're tight but after about 4 strides you wont notice the difference.
  12. Man I hope they do. Hockey Giant in Anaheim is always a mess when I go. I understand that when you work retail it's hard to keep things organized throughout the day but it literally looks like they close the place up at night without cleaning. They did fit my buddy perfectly into some Bauer x40's though. I can never find anyone to help me with anything at Hockey Monkey. I was picking up a pair of Bauer skate socks that didn't have any size indication so I went to the counter to ask and the girl there just grabbed them and looked and said "Ummmm I don't know" and gave them back. I stood there thinking maybe she would check another source or something but she just turned around and kept talking to other co workers.
  13. I bought the 2.99 (80mm, 74a on Hummer chasis) wheels and bearings. I don't see any big difference between them and the Rink Rats I was using. They were slightly bouncier than my old wheels but I think it's because those wheels were pretty worn down. I like them. For 2.99 I think they're perfect for any rec league guy. I don't know how they might hold up with some of you Narch type guys. (sorry for putting this in the ice forum. move if needed.) Edit: I tried on the socks with my shins at home. I have a pair of retail edge socks to compare them to. The Tron socks are TIGHT. If you tried edge socks and thought they were too tight then be weary of the Tron socks.
  14. Ran two D pairings at a pick up game on Monday and it was going smooth as far as getting off on time up until the end of the game. With about 15 minutes left before the session ended the D pairing in front of us went about 12 minutes and didn't come off the ice until we started chirping them. Thanks for the 3 minutes at the end. Dicks.
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