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  1. For me it's got to be my Eagle PPF gloves. I've had multiple pairs but been using them solid 6-7 years now.
  2. Like you mentioned earlier Base told me that their "Stiff" blade is the older construction. They were ok, but I found the X-stiff better (more durabile) and the feel isn't much different. If you're concerned about the blade being to pingy, add an extra layer of tape.
  3. I typically like a dampened feel to my blades, but hated the regular stiffness Base blades. They felt completely dead, I wouldn't recommend them personally.
  4. Any experience with the HPR elbows? They look decent, but how deep is the pocket and the lock? I don't think I have weird elbows, but I swear every pad I try slides down by tugging on it, except my ancient Jofa's
  5. I just wish they were longer personally. I've been looking to replace my old Jofa's for 2 years, but nothing I've tried feels right and has the same lock. Maybe I'll give the 7092's a second look.
  6. Why the preference for the 7092 over top model?
  7. I'd also say it has similarities to how the True A-series shoots as well. I picked up a pro-stock version a while ago and I have to say I'm impressed.
  8. @Zac911 can you explain a little of the thought process to split the A-series line (HT & SBP) instead of creating a third stick line like both CCM and Bauer have? I love True products and I’m a big believer in what the company has been doing, but this seems like a confusing way to add a new flex point for the mainstream customer. Also have you heard any good comparisons to how the HT shoots, does it shoot something similar to a Vapor with the softer handle?
  9. Barkov for sure! That curve is so perfect and a jack of all trades. Will be a great curve for a variety of people and an easy translation from a p88/92. I’d definitely jump on board with an order if it happens
  10. No, it's not really very close when in hand. The P10 is much longer and has a more pronounced curve
  11. Where can I buy these plyometrics you speak of? They sound great, they would need to be custom or pro stock though.
  12. I guess we'll have agree to disagree on the original statement. I haven't played with a One95 for a while, but from memory it was more of mid kick point compared to the A-series True I use now.
  13. In what way? The One95 had a much softer blade and was a mid kick, The A6.0 has a more lively feel and is a low mid flex stick. I like both sticks but they aren't all that similar.
  14. Can anyone compare the flex between the old X9 and A6.0 at the same rating? Generally mid flex sticks feel softer, is this the case with these too?
  15. Habs, Leafs, Jets and Flyers I believe so far. Many more are interested
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