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  1. I almost had to....very tough score.
  2. Very very happy with my latest pickups.
  3. Grabbed a two pack of protechs after reading this forum. Hope they perform as well as everyone says!
  4. Agree, I definitely want one of those badboys!
  5. Scott, in awe of the collection, beauties! Amazing jersey above, been dying to get a London Knights jersey from a few years ago, but never had any luck, it's too hard to get them without buying a Kadri or Gagner game worn for 600$ or so :(
  6. Good lord that's a beauty.
  7. Huge fan of the 8.0.8, I actually like it more than the 11K. I just like the kick better.
  8. I've actually just starting playing in a league with 40-50 year olds (I am 26, and my friend who is also 26 invited me). We are the youngest there, and probably the best players (although there are some TALENTED 50 year olds out there!). I always try my best to not show off or make a big deal. I almost never deke on a 1 vs 1, I'll take the screen shot, or pull up and hit someone with a pass. No one likes someone hotdogging out there, and they certainly don't need younger people giving them the business. Hockey is fun, and yes, it's fun to score a sick goal, but there's a respect level in hockey that needs to be maintained, and in this case, I think that respect level is even more important given the age discrepancies as well.
  9. Mine dont stick well enough for some reason, I think the velcro isn't thick enough. I should upgrade from my Mission shorts jock to a new one I suppose.
  10. Thanks Scott....I really needed to start my day with that.
  11. I'd get one of those also. Im sick of having to sew on the velcro straps to pro stock socks.
  12. What kind of blades are those Scott?
  13. I got asked to join a friendly game last Sunday by a friend of mine. Basically, he has a team who plays a "set" other team every week just for fun. No refs or anything, just good ole fashioned hockey. No chance I'm saying no to that! So I get there, and I recognize some people, take my first shift, and it's very apparent that this is a very low level for my caliber. No problem, I'm gonna have a sweet time setting the other guys up, and I immediately move to defense instead. The other team isnt too great but they have one dude who isnt too bad, decent hands and all, but as im entering the zone, i drop the puck across, and the guy tries to take my head off (think richards on booth hit). I had my head up the whole time so I was able to dive out of the way, but I didnt expect that kind of shenanigans in a friendly match. I went over to him and let him know to cut that garbage out, since it was a friendly game with beginners around. He tells me "dude, chill out, this is for fun, you had the puck, im allowed to hit you, thats the rules." So not only does he not apologize, he says hes allowed to do that. He continues with the body work, knocking down some of our players along the boards, even delivering an open ice check on one of our beginners, who can abrely skate, and had the puck in his feet. No problem, I think to myself. Unlike him, I've actually played in leagues with hitting, something I'm sure he hasn't realized. I tell my defense partner to watch the guy coming up the ice, and try to cut him off at the blueline. Obvious reason? Well, go watch a Scott Stevens highlight video. Guy cuts to the inside of the ice with his head down, i take three crossover strides, and boom, the guy is out. For the rest of the game, he played timidly, refused any body contact whatsoever, and played the right way. Looks like when the shoe's on the other foot, not so fun. TL;DR People who toss the body contact irritate me. They always get what they deserve.
  14. I've seen this done SO many times. It's SUCH bad etiquette to go in and deke a goalie when hes warming up. I'm not even a goalie, I just always see the exasberated face of the tendy. I'll actually usually go up to people and tell them to just shoot. You can pull your one hander crap later when he can properly go post to post.
  15. I was unaware Scott Stevens came out of retirement.
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