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  1. Finger length is relatively the same, I will toss on my 4-rolls tonight and report back. The CA5 at the price point cant be beat.
  2. Of course! He will love them. If you want any other 3rd party feedback on the products just ask!
  3. Just some glove feedback(ca9): they are very light weight and break in very quickly. The palms have shown good durability and they dry pretty fast as well. Protection is more than adequate. They feel awesome.
  4. Depending on how you like your pant to fit, M-L would be sufficient with M being the ideal choice unless you like a baggy leg.
  5. The CA5 glove is one of the most comfortable I've had on my hands. Not as much internal padding as the CA9, which I actually prefer, super light, and extremely good wrist movement. Once I get my pair, I will be ditching my custom 4-rolls for them.
  6. I have a EE foot, with a wider forefoot, and baking the skates formed them like a gloves to my feet. The heat molding ability really is tremendous. Baked CA9's are the most comfortable skate I've ever had on my foot.
  7. no, the cuff is shorter. ill take some pics on tonight at the rink
  8. Just got these in from PureHockey. Does anyone know a good place either in Michigan, or outside I can ship to, for customization(name/number/logo)?
  9. My rink just got 2 sets of skates back from them(SH Location) and they looked awful..
  10. Yes, stock. I don't see a need to change anything on them at all. I could imagine the Vanguar throwing them off a little with how strong the pitch is and the way the skates are designed. I think leaving the stock mag chassis and 80's on...you would have adapted very quickly to it. Skating, turning and stoping all feel much more fluid compared to the tour boot/hum'mer set up. I concur regarding the boot. Baked...they're unreal. Seriously I could leave them on for 8 hours every day. I've got another 8 games in a Christmas tourney next week..can't wait.
  11. Yes, 10 minutes with a 30 minute fit(had fun flirting with the puck bunnies). They are extremely comfortable. I had a training skate last night with skate weights, speed chutes, evasion bands and other stuff...and the pop I get coming out of turns and stops is very noticeable.
  12. First AIHL event done and over with. Completely honest...the CA9's are the best skates I've had on my feet.
  13. I grabbed a pair of Alkali Hockey CA9 Skates this week and just skated in them last night for the first time. Here are my initial thoughts: -Extremely comfortable. The ankle padding feels awesome and provides a great heel lock(something I have been hard pressed to find). The boot itself is very comfortable especially after baking them. The toe cap feels great and provides enough space for my wide feet. The tongue is one of my favorite features and adds a great level of comfort as well. -Fast. Very fast. The aggressive set up with the strong forward pitch and all 80mm wheels produces an extremely explosive feel to the skate. I can not really use words to describe it..but it feels good. -Tighter turning radius. I feel high off the ground on the CA9's and have noticed a far superior turning radius with then on. Last night I felt a ton more agile and responsive than normal. Overall the skate looks impressive as hell, and feels even better. I've got 7 games over the weekend to break these bad boys in and I can't wait.
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