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  1. 89' BMW 325is, modded, summer driver that I am in the process of turning into a track car. 00' Chevy Blazer. Daily driver/Winter car
  2. Nice Edge, Those are some sexy mitts you got there.
  3. Some of my twigs, and my new bucket
  4. Yes... :D and bad decision. I'm weak glove side, strong blocker side and 5 hole! I think we need JR to organize a ModSquad members game somewhere in Michigan so we call all get together and try it out. Must be a rink somewhere close to his new store... JR? Yeah...we can get a few people...let's get a head count... You could count me in. :D
  5. I know its an old topic, but I figured it was better then starting another topic like this. I cut my Si-Core grip where it was recommended to be cut for tapered blades. I'm pretty sure I cut it in the right spot, but at the moment I don't have a tapered blade to try it out. So I was thinking of just going and buying one. Heres my question, Its a senior shaft, so do I buy an intermediate tapered blade or a senior tapered blade? I'm guessing senior, I just want to be sure.
  6. Mack, Who's curve is on that Synery all the way on the left?
  7. Thats pretty cool. I used to do the same thing a while back. Whenever I'd get on a different team, I just retape them to the team colors. He he.
  8. Those Vapor VX's are sweet looking!
  9. I also asked him that in an older thread. This is what he said:
  10. I'm just wondering because I am getting a new helmet this summer, and I was thinking about the 8k. What cage did you put on yours?
  11. I diddn't think the 8Ks came with a cage, Did you put that cage on?
  12. Holy Shit shorthanded.. excuse my language but its needed for this post! :o That wall of shame is AMAZING ! WOW ! Im in shock :o He even keeps them organized. Its Beautiful...................................
  13. Ahhh Mik 3 you beat me to it. Zetterberg still uses those old Easton gloves, Pro Shock Zeros or something like that. (by the way does anyone know if I could find those anywhere?)
  14. Or you could just use it for about 3 games, Im sure it will flake off by then..........
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