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  1. Finally got the stain and clear coat done, and mounted all the hooks.
  2. Thanks! It was quite a bit. It was no less than $350ish for just the material alone, up until now.
  3. For a while now, I have been meaning to build myself a single hockey locker/cabinet unit like you see in most pro dressing rooms. I started it a couple weeks ago and tonight I finally finished it. Made it out of 3/4" Maple, mostly fastened with biscuits. Bench seat which doubles as storage, and wire shelving for improved drying (compared to solid shelves). All that is left is to give it a final sanding and then stain and clear it. Also still need to add a couple hooks here and there. These crappy cell phone pics don't do it justice, sorry.
  4. Nice, where'd you score those? What size? They look brand new.
  5. Try searching, I'm pretty sure there is at least one good topic about this. With that said, hairspray hasn't worked for me. The two sided tape that comes with them seems to work pretty good.
  6. Holy, price gouging. This guy is a ripoff.
  7. Those aren't pro stock. They would say 7K PRO, and be much higher quality. Not a bad deal at $25 though I guess.
  8. I've seen the 8k pros (brand new) go for close to $200 on eBay, and the 7Ks fetch a bit less. You're right , people are getting crazy over these. Glad I paid nowhere near that. Yes, the 7k pros are a bit less bulky than the 8k pros. The design is a bit different under the knee cap.
  9. I wanted them cause I've been using Jofas for years, and now the RBKs are what the Jofas used to be. RBK 8K pro is the Jofa 5090 and the RBK 7K pro is the Jofa 6070.
  10. 14" narrow, original non blooming cuff, black assembly thread, pearl mustang palms.
  11. Scored a pair of 8K Pros too.
  12. Finally found a brand new pair of these in my size, for a great price. Beauties, how/where did you score those?
  13. Nice pick ups. How was the pricing?
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