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  1. Just noticed this 'flash' on top of the Pro Stock AK27 shaft. Some pro wants it flashy, eh?
  2. I guess you wont believe me that i dont care and im not jealous as hell? :)
  3. C'mon, hes a MSHer. Everyone of us would do it ;)
  4. Spoke to him yesterday. Equip mgrs painted his white skates black. Neat. I want to see closeups, hehe.
  5. Its the new Eastern stick, mack. Umm but at least it has this Z-Tac!
  6. Pics arent working.
  7. I got my Warrior Dolomite Modano Pro Stock tonight. Pics will be uploaded soon, if anyone is interested.
  8. He got some kind of new GI haircut. Maybe some russian barber to make it look so north american.
  9. Both classics which i will listen to on my deathbed. After Shipwreck and Integrity.
  10. Unfortunately, Guns Up! broke up. But last summer they toured Europe and i toured with them (a friends band toured with them and i was their merchguy) and it was great. Have Heart is here at the moment, but im not that much into them.. More into Ceremony (also from the states). Next year, i want to go to Sound And Fury fest and This Is Hardcore Fest. Have you ever heard of those shows? If not, google for their myspace site, you can see the amazing lineups. Uh yeah, here are videos (this years Sound and Fury!!!!!) -> http://youtube.com/user/SoundandFuryFest
  11. Kovalev Pro. Edit: Synergy SE Grip.
  12. Shipwreck is an amazing band and they've had a knack of getting on the best tours/pick up the best shows the last two years. Uh yeah. They will tour Europe soon, which i like. Im actually only into this Boston/MV Hardcore stuff like Guns Up! and other bands im too lazy to mention. Check my last.fm, dude: www.last.fm/user/BluesSinger for pick ups.
  13. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN, what a move. Thats top notch, if you ask me. See it on TSN.ca, folks.
  14. Oh yeah, they do. Im jealous.
  15. Hows the Stick? Tested it yet?
  16. Cause it breaks more often, yeah Anyways, you got nice ones nevertheless.
  17. Yeah! Maybe (but just maybe) Custom+ are a bit sicker.
  18. Who do you play for if HPS Sportshop is your sponsor? Prolly somewhere in the south like Schwenningen or so. Nice stuff, dude.
  19. Awesome! By the way, i would be kinda happy when the 'lawyer' would start to post again. I actually miss him.
  20. No, they have. At least my 10.0 has one.
  21. Im looking for such an RbK Shirt so badly. Is there a way to get them besides those sales? Never seen such one popping up on ebay.
  22. C'mon you know (and i know he knows) that its not meant literally and in a bad way. If it sounded that way, i apologize.
  23. NOW we're talking biz. Nice snags, im actually liking the bag.
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