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  1. This is great insight. I never really looked into what the difference was and how different pours would effect the feel of a wheel, I always went off of what they felt like skating and kind of assumed that durometer was durometer. If I do try the identities again I’ll get a harder wheel and see how it feels. Thank you!
  2. Hey! I definitely think it all comes down to preference too. I wear a size 15” glove so my hands aren’t small and I prefer the way this one feels over most of the other sticks I have tried. But I can totally see where Hills is coming from, muscle memory and feel is a big thing to adjust, I could see the stick shifting in the hands in a detrimental way just because there’s less to bite down on, so to speak. Not sure if they have a good return policy but might be worth getting one in your hands and sending it back if you don’t like it. Hope that helps! **Also: when I emailed them questions about the shaft design he said many people have the same type of complaints/issues, basically you either love it or hate it.
  3. Been using these now for about 2 months and they seem to be holding up well. Would be hard pressed to get the same quality for less than $200 elsewhere, in my opinion. To answer the question above, the way the website sells these are: 70 flex is a super round low kick, like a vapor, and 77 is square shaft and mid kick, like a nexus. I got one of each, prefer the 70 low kick, both are my first experience using something lower than 85 flex and I am liking them so far, doubtful that I’ll go back to a stiffer flex. But I’m getting older and weaker, so…😅
  4. I’ve had the same problem, a few other buddies of mine also experiences this. It does wear off, eventually, but it’s annoying until it does. I tried to expedite the process by using clear packing tape to trying to pull off any loose screen print. They seem to grip pretty good once you get past the “break-in” phase. I had been using the Trickster wheels before this but got these when they had a sale on the website. I’ll honestly probably go back to the Tricksters when it’s time for new wheels. I feel like these bog down a bit more for whatever reason, it could be any number of variables though.
  5. I actually just bought 2 since my last red line is getting pretty beat. They came today and I gotta say they feel really good for the price point. No chance you’re getting too many other sticks that feel like this at $110. I took a few shots in the garage but we will see how it fares at the rink and in some games/pickups.
  6. I’ve been seeing tons of ads for these lately, well more so around the holiday season. How are they?
  7. I got a set of those Qube ceramic bearings on Amazon and have been using them for about 4 years now. Cleaning them when necessary or when I change out my wheels. They keep rolling pretty good
  8. Does anyone have experience with PROs Third Line options? They are $109, 425g. I’ve used the Red Lines and really like them. I keep it pretty basic and use the McDavid curve (basically a lie 4 P92 with a smaller blade profile and a square-ish toe). Curious how the third line feels and how the flex feels and holds up. I’ve bought some lower level sticks with a lower flex and they feel like noodles compared to the higher end models.
  9. JCon


    Thanks for the responses guys, I might take my helmet to the store and check out some of the cages mentioned and see how they fit. I’ve made the mistake of buying some equipment online without seeing it in person and was disappointed. I might actually be due for a new helmet soon too, I have an old CCM, not even sure what model it is anymore 🙂
  10. JCon


    Hello all, Unfortunately moving to that phase in my “career” where I’m going to put a cage on. I’ve hit double digits in stitches on my head from hockey and it’s just not worth the risk for me anymore to just be sporting a visor. I see they make those flat bars now, which look okay but curious if anyone has an opinion of which cages have the best visibility. I know it’ll be an adjustment regardless but I’d rather try to make the transition as seamless as possible. Not sure how I feel about a clear mask due to scratches/fog but open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!
  11. ^ This is one of the reasons I wanted to check them out. But that’s great to know about the size, I’ve been a strict size 8 in Mission, sounds like my size in True might be even smaller. I’m more than likely going to go and try some on, glad to hear your experience has been a good one. I’ll update on how things go once I check them out, likely this Friday.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! Based on this I think I want to at least go and try on a pair. My feet are definitely not narrow but also know that sizes and fit can vary from brand to brand. Any take on the durability? I feel like the roller courts are more abrasive than ice and lead to some premature wear on a lot of the standard boots. Especially on the sides of the feet where your foot might drag or slide.
  13. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had experience with the True line of inline hockey skates. Looks like they have a few different price points including a custom mold. I’ve been using missions for the past 20 years but have had a bad experience with their recent 2 lines. They seem to be breaking down a lot quicker (might just be me or the way I skate or maybe just some fluke). It’s pushing me away a bit and making me hesitant to buy from them again. True caught my attention because they look durable and I also like the idea of a one piece boot. Anyone have thoughts or experience? Thanks!
  14. I wonder if some different factors are playing a role for me too. I’ve used mine in mostly cold or cooler weather so far, maybe the wheels are a little harder as a result and making me slip more. I’m probably over thinking it 😅
  15. I feel the same way about speed and cutting. I’d rather be able to be a little more nimble than have a better top speed at this point in my game. I think I’m going to stick with the Konixx for a few more weeks, see if maybe I can adjust. If I’m still not satisfied I might try the Identity
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