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  1. Hey all, Hoping to get some insight on the CCM line of sticks and blade stiffness. I like as stiff a blade a possible. I’ve had an FT5 pro and I found it to have more give then the previous couple modes of Trigger I used. Did I get a lemon that just softened very quickly or are the Triggers supposed to have stiffer blades. The last two triggers I had I couldn’t believe how long that “stiff” feel lasted vs all the previous sticks I’d used. I hoped the FT5 would be the same because the kickpoint better matches my shooting style but again it almost instantly felt softer. thanks for any help guys
  2. Yeah I agree with what you guys are saying. I had the Trigger 5 Pro and I thought I hated it the first 5 ice times it was way to light and fragile feeling. But after having used it for 20ish now I'm missing the crazy light feel. From what I've read that specific model was actually one of the worst of the triggers too. As far as swing weight I'd agree, I think if the extra 25 grams didn't feel like It was just in the blade I wouldn't notice as much. How does the Jetspeed compare to the trigger for balance and feel?
  3. Yeah that's fair I didn't mean to sat that it should feel the same, I guess I was just expecting it to feel better than it does. It's literally less than half the price of a top end stick and probably about half the price of a comparable model from the big manufactures. Feels well made, and I weighed it and it is exactly 400g. I'm curious how the REDLINE version at 375g feels now, I never thought 25g could make a noticeable difference but here we are I guess.
  4. I just received a Custom Extra lite blackout right around Xmas and used it twice so far. Definitely no where close to the performance of the high end $350+ sticks. Noticeably heavier, blade heavy I find. I'm going to measure tonight but I find it hard to believe it's 400g as listed. I like the site, and the idea, and for the money it's better than anything else you'd get at that price but it certainly isn't a replacement for the high end. I'd love to try the "real" PRO sticks in the 375 models to see because I love what he's doing and the options.
  5. Hey all, Been a long time since posting in the forum, was very active 10-15 years ago. I've searched and come up with nothing so I thought I'd turn to you guys to see if there is any insight on these sticks. I was pretty obsessed with sticks from 13-18, literally took a job at the LHS to get the discount and put all my money towards them. Anyway, I've come to get older and just buy the couple year old top of the line sticks now but recently had a great experience with a trigger pro stick that blew me away for the first time since using a Vapor XX way back when. Now that I'v broken it my interest is peaked in these super light sticks which brings me here. I can't justify spending $400 on a stick anymore and frankly I'd rather support these smaller companies living my teenage dream making sticks. So how are these sticks? Has anyone actually used the verbero 350g mercury? or the Prostocksticks red line? I purchased the 400g version hockeystickman sells and was semi disappointed. Amazing compared to sticks of 10 years ago for 150$ but not even in the same league as the Trigger Pro. TLDR Thanks so much for any insight
  6. i only take it occasionally because of my ADHD and i hate it (i can't eat and shit, and it only helps my concentration a tad), don't get why people would take it for fun <_< sorry for your loss Ebondo People don't take it for "fun" its solely for cramming purposes because it helps you to concentrate. I'm in my 3rd year of Uni now and I know a lot of people who take it. From what I've heard it works for some people and not at all for others, doesn't seem worth it.
  7. I think that no one really cares what you do. I think the only thing anyone says is that the money might be better off on your son and quite frankly it probably is. Even if you have a lot of money in your family you should be contributing all you can and not wasting 200$ at a time on yourself when you could be saving for the future for him. just my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong. but the way it appears there should be more on him less on your artistic well being. Seriously if you were supporting your son YOURSELF you wold not have a probklem giving up these tatoos for his well being....but it seems as if someone, maybe your mom, is helping you with money and in my opinion that is ridicuolous if that is false then please tell me cause i am 100% wrong. But if it is than the fact that you are WASTING, yes i said WASTING money on your tatoo's is awful and you shud feel like you shud spend on your newborn. If you are fortunate enought o have someone that helps you with your son you should be thankful and use every cent you have to repay them, not your tatoo fetish.
  8. How the hell are they going to make you money?
  9. I would like to point out the fact that you think that you are ballsy for standing up to someone over the internet? I'm glad you have a University education (as ALOT) of people on here do. And Mr. "I can skate circles around you" I bet you were the next Wayne in AAA hockey when you were 10 and Daddy knew the coach. But your posts defending your ugly skates with T-blades on cinder blocks (oxymoron if you ask me) are starting to get pathetic and your attempt at either humour or trying to show every you're better then them in some way is almost sad. You aren't going to win so you might as well quit now big guy.
  10. Cougars,I think the only thing I would say is how comfortable are you financially? I'm getting one done before X-mas but I'm in a comfortable enough finacial situation that it wont make a dent at all really. If you are secure enough that you can support what you, your significant other and child need then I don't see an issue.
  11. Oh no for sure. I was talking about against the boards. Like I said he's an incredible hockey player, im just trying to help him out, always good to have something to work on. OT btw.
  12. I'd like to throw a piece of advice out there after watching all the games so far, i realise that I'm in no position to judge and I'm not simply tryingt o help David out. I think that you would be an incredibly unstoppable player if you worked on your balance/lower body strength. Your always in the corners which is awsome for a guy with hands liek yourself, but I seen you get knocked over numerous times. I admire the fact that you battle a lot cause most players liek yourself with soft hands tend to be soft period. Its great to see. Like I said not an attack just an avid hockey fans advice.
  13. That skate is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. ANY chance of getting that style?
  14. Reviving this topic. There is three things that piss that hell out of me. Number one people who come in and pick up everythign and put it in all the worng places. Number two assholes who come in 2 minute before we close to LOOK at sticks "for their kids". They stand there for 30 mins afer we're closed with full intention of waiting to bring there kids back later. What really makes this bad is when they make a smartass comment when everyone is just sanding waiting at the front like "you guys really want to get outta here eh?" when its friday night. YOu're damn right I do. Lastly this doesnt really bug me that much as much as it does amuse me. lol does anyone else notice that 99% of customers come in and say "i have a wide foot" or "he has a wide foot" lol when realistically at least in our store about half of them really do.
  15. We're having the event to. Along with a ton of deals and are also a source for sports. Im not sure how many others are having it but I imagine there are a few.
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