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    Easton Mako II, True VH on Sprungs
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    Bauer 1N, Warrior Alpha QX
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    Eagle Aero Customs, Easton Pro Custom Russia
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    Bauer 4500, Mission Inhaler
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    Bauer Nexus 800, Tour Code Activ
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    CCM U+ CL
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    Flame Team Russia

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  1. Thanks guys! I was nervous to try out the R1 being on sprungs for over 7 years now. Adjusted quickly and have no complaints
  2. Two separate pro return Trues hardly used if at all. Found my size and they both heat molded to my foot perfectly
  3. The legendary 4500 helmet with white loops! Runner up - Mako Skates
  4. Finally something to get excited about!
  5. Finally another update on fb! Magnesium chassis in the works it seems like. “When they're done they will be a bit more than an ounce lighter than A7s with all hardware.” -Keith
  6. Sprungs all the way. You will not be disappointed. Very interested in those marsblade prototypes and hopefully Fizix will launch one of these days
  7. If you don't mind spending a little extra go for True Pro Custom Inline skates! You won't find a better fit
  8. Would love to hear any kind of information or possible release date. Im due to buy a new Sprung chassis soon if these don't come out!
  9. I make sure when I re tape and wax my sticks to do it before an ice game. I use them on the ice and the bottom of the blade wears down a little so its ready to go for inline
  10. 6'4'' here. I play defense and found my sticks need to come up to the bottom of my nose in shoes (around/below my chin in skates). Usually I look for pro stocks with an extended 4" shaft for a true flex number compared to using composite plugs in retail size sticks. Basically comes down to what is more comfortable to you on the rink!
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