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  1. I've never used a Drury, so I'm just guessing, but it seems like there's a touch less loft and curve. The lie seems to play sub-5, which is what I prefer.
  2. That's what I got. I'll throw up some pictures when I get home from work later. EDIT: Images and options added. Ended up cutting 1.5" off. Paint Color : Black Decal - Top : None Decal - Middle : Warrior Black Decal - Bottom : Electro A Shaft Finish : Velvet Grip Shaft Texture : Diamond Shaft Flex : 80 Hand : Right Handles : Standard Pattern : Zetterberg Pro Blade Finish : Shark Skin Curve view 1 Curve view 2 Blade view My custom
  3. I just picked up my custom Dolomite at the LHS, and they're definitely ~63" from the factory. I play with a fairly long stick, and I'm probably going to end up cutting off 1.5-2" to match my other sticks (going to take it out for a spin in warmup tonight first though).
  4. Skate: Bauer Vapor X:50 - 10D Foot Type: Narrow heel and midfoot, low arch, low-medium volume, average to slightly wide forefoot Ht./Wt.: 6'1", 180 lb. Play Level: D level rec league, 2-3 times a week (since mid-April) Previous skates worn: Mission AGX (10D), NBH One90 (9.5D), Bauer Vapor 10 (10D) I was having ankle soreness after skating for 2+ years in my AGXs, so I went looking out for skates. I wasn't intending to buy, just figure out what fit. However, this was in April before the new Vapor launch, so the previous Vapor line was on clearance in the shop. After trying several skates, I was happiest with the Vapor fit, and with the clearance price and only one pair in my size in stock, I pulled the trigger on the X:50s (X:60 and X:40 both tried on and available). Fit (9/10) (Note: I use Superfeet Yellow insoles rather than the stock insoles). The Vapor fit is very good for my foot. I don't have a high volume foot, so I can pass the pencil test. I get good heel lock. There are minor fit issues. The skates are a hair short, but going up to a 10.5 is too much for my foot. I could probably get them stretched and fix that, but it is really minor. My forefoot is a bit cramped, but there's no pain. It's nothing I'm not used to, and baking mostly alleviated the problem. The toecap is a little smaller than ideal for me. Blade/Holder (7/10) I really prefer the Mission Pitch holder to the LS2. I haven't decided if I want to swap holders. My runner is actually beginning to rust a bit, which is disconcerting. If I decide to stick with the LS2, I intend to swap the steel with Step Steel carried in my LHS. Weight (10/10) These are probably the lightest skates I've worn, or at least on par with the One90s. It was a noticeable decrease coming from the AGX. I don't know if it's really had any impact on my game, but I noticed the difference immediately. If I remember right, the X:50s were ~85% of the weight of the AGX when I weighed both of them (~100-125 grams lighter). Protection (10/10) I've had no issues with the protection. I've played every skater position since getting them. I've taken shots without even noticing them, even off the forefoot where it would sting me the most. Durability (9/10) I have no issues with the main skate parts. There's hardly a mark on them, though both skates have a noticable raised structure at the same point on the outside panel of each skate. It probably is part of the manufacturing process since they were there when I got them. The fake leather portions already have a couple noticable skate cuts. I realize these are mostly superficial, but the location of one of them right next to the tendon guard is something I will keep an eye on. The liner is holding up better than I expected thus far. Performance (9/10) It was a bit of an adjustment going back to a more traditional skate from the AGX. It's hard to say for sure, but I think my straight-line speed has improved at expense of some agility and acceleration. I haven't tried skipping the top outlet to improve forward flex yet. The X:50 is a much stiffer skate, especially around the ankle. I have no major complaints about the performance. I've getting good responsiveness and power out of my stride, but I'm just missing a little bit of the mobility the Mission skate offered. Overall Assessment (9/10) For the price I paid, I am very pleased with the skates. Admittedly, they remind me quite a bit of my old One90s, which isn't all that surpising. I didn't grade on aestheics, but I'm not a fan of the graphics they sublimated on there or the shiny fake leather on the skate, but I admittedly like a plain looking skate design (mostly black like the AGX). I like the textile liner. I wish the outsole had drainage/vent holes. Now that the skate boot warranty period has passed, I will probably drill some holes in the sole myself. I believe this is essentially the same skate spec-wise as the X6.0. This skate is a step or two down from top of the line now, but it's a good value for someone who can't drop over $600 (US) on skates. On the closeout deal I got, this is an amazing skate. I think I might still have taken another pair of AGX over them if forced to choose, but the investment was well worth it.
  5. Lots of changes in the last year and a half... Helmet/Cage: Cascade M11/NBH 9500 Shoulders: Warrior Projekt Elbows: RBK 8K Pro Gloves: Mission Fuel 120, CCM U+ 12, Eagle PPF, Eagle X72 Pants: Eagle X88 Shins: Easton Stealth S19 Skates: Bauer Vapor X:50 Sticks: Niskanen ST (S19 Paint) (4), Zubov Dolomite, Van Ryn R8 Lite, Niskanen Ti-Pro, Zubov Synergy Elite (2) to name a few
  6. Grabbed a pair of Franken Shoulder Pads (Modified Easton ST16 pads) from the Stars pro shop. No idea whose pads they were, but I'm sure they had to be retired since the shoulder caps aren't padded.
  7. Got these Ribeiro Missions off of Drewhunz a while ago, and here they are after a change to MSH2 palms and mesh gussets.
  8. That's exactly where it was.
  9. I should be stocked up on sticks for a while. These are 4 of the 6 recent acquisitions. I'm using the other two (one Van Ryn, one Niskanen). The S19s have matte finish blades and are painted as S19s. I'm not sure exactly what they are (sticker says STNHL), but they definitely lack the elliptical part.
  10. Thanks for posting pictures of those sticks. Just grabbed a pair of the Van Ryns myself since they are so similar to the Zubov/Niskanen pros that I'm starting to run low on. SW in addition. Fantastic.
  11. It's been forever since I posted in this thread because I've just been updating things in my profile. Helmet/Cage: NBH 9500/NBH 9500 Shoulders: RBK 6K (FitLite) Elbows: NBH One90 Gloves: Eagle PPF, Eagle X72 Pants: Eagle X88 Shins: RBK 6K (FitLite) Skates: Mission Fuel AGX (I just got a pair of Fuel AG 120 that I need to bake and take out to see if they'll be replacing my AGXs) Sticks: Zubov Dolomite, Niskanen Ti-Pro (2), Vanek Dolomite Spyne, Sullivan CNT Stealth, Zubov Synergy Elite (2) to name a few
  12. Saw it right after I did it and was too lazy to fix it tonight. It'll be fixed before I go on the ice with it.
  13. Found a nice use for that garden tool rack in the garage of the house I just moved into. From L to R: Sullivan CNT Stealth, Zubov Synergy Elite, Zubov Dolomite, 2 x Niskanen Ti-Pro, Inno Novius (380) w/ Tucker blade, Zubov Nitro Lite, Zubov Synergy Elite, Hull UL Shaft w/ P106 blade, 2 x Leclair PMP 7000, Miettinen V130, 95 Flex UL Shaft w/ Zubov blade, Lehtinen R+ Everything to the left of the woodies will get used somewhat frequently or is a spare in case something breaks. The Ti-Pros are new, and I only recently decided to actually use the Hull shaft rather than keeping it as a autographed Jon Sim curiosity.
  14. I figured I'd post my sticks and gloves for the first time. I'm not quite as diseased as my buddy Drewhunz, but he keeps letting me know when stuff around here goes out so one day I may be. Not likely though. Sticks from L to R: 2x Zubov Pro Stock Synergy Elite Zubov Pro Stock Nitro Lite Zubov Pro Stock Dolomite Sullivan Pro Stock CNT Stealth Boyes Mission Ti 2x Leclair Sher-Wood 7000 Gloves: TPS R8 Lite, Pro Stock Mission He, Eagle X72 (brand new, waiting to use them)
  15. Time for an update since there've been a few changes. Helmet/Cage: Mission Intake/Itech RBE VIII (i2 scheme) Shoulders: RBK 6K ('06) Elbows: Nike V-12 Gloves: TPS Response R8 Lite (Navy) Pants: Tackla Air 9000 Shins: RBK 6K ('07) Skates: NikeBauer Supreme One90 Sticks: 2 x Pro Stock Warrior Dolomite (Zubov), Pro Stock Easton Stealth Grip (Zubov)
  16. Update: Adding a used Zubov CNT Stealth to the rotation. Probably will be my only "new" gear for a long time.
  17. Helmet/Cage: Mission Intake/Itech RBE VIII (i2 scheme) Shoulders: RBK 6K Elbows: Nike V-12 Gloves: Pro Stock Mission HE750 (Black/White) Pants: Tackla Air 9000 Shins: Bauer FLAK 15 Skates: Bauer Supreme One90 Sticks: Prostock Warrior Dolomite (Zubov), 2 x Prostock Synergy SL (Zubov), Prostock CCM V130 (Miettinen), Prostock TPS R+ (Lehtinen), 2 x Mission Hex-1 (Int. Elias) Shafts: Inno Novius Tapered (380), Inno Novius Std. (300) Blades: TPS R2 Tucker, Bauer 6000 Jokinen
  18. Added a few sticks since the last update: 1x Mission Hex-1 (75-Elias) 2x Prostock Synergy SL Grip (Zubov) Also, as soon as they're available locally, I'm going to pick up an Intake or RBK 6K helmet, depending on which one fits better. So far, I'm really digging Zubov's curve and will be hoping I can pick up a prostock Dolomite or CNT Stealth at the end of the Stars' season. Apparently the shop had some Zubov CNT Stealths just a couple weeks ago, but they sold out in a couple days. Shame I missed out on that.
  19. Only a few changes since my last update. Helmet/Cage: Jofa 690/Itech RBE VIII (i2 scheme) Shoulders: RBK 6K Elbows: Nike V-12 Gloves: RBK 6K Pants: Tackla Air 9000 Shins: Bauer FLAK 15 Skates: Bauer Vapor 10 (old) Sticks: Mission Hex-1 (75-Elias) Shafts: Inno Novius Tapered (380), Inno Novius Std. (300) Blades: TPS R2 Tucker, Bauer 6000 Jokinen
  20. I've gradually replaced almost everything over the past few months. Luckily, a lot of stuff was bought on sale. Helmet: Jofa 690 w/ Bauer True Vision cage Shoulder Pads: Mission M-2 Elbows: Nike V12 Pants: Tackla Air 9000 Shin Pads: Bauer Flak 15 Skates: Bauer Vapor 10 (older model) Gloves: Bauer Vapor XV Sticks: Inno 1100 Tapered (380 flex) w/ Bauer 7500 Hossa, Inno Novius Pro Stock (300 flex) w/ Bauer 6000 Hossa, TPS Tricore (Whip flex) w/ Bauer 6000 Jokinen
  21. Helmet: Bauer 5000 w/ Bauer True Vision cage Shoulder Pads: Mission M-2 Elbows: Nike V10 Pants: CCM 652 Tacks Shin Pad: Jofa 8090 Skates: Bauer Classic Gold Gloves: Bauer Vapor XV Stick: CCM V120 shaft (Mid flex) w/ CCM 1052 Recchi blade
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