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  1. The guy at the shop I got it done at a few months ago also kind of walked away while it baked. Seemed like a fairly long time but I would trust them if it's a legitimate hockey shop and not one of these bigger sports department stores. And I think you want to lace them up fairly tight to make them wrap around your feet. The thing you don't want to do is pull up on the laces because it can damage the eyelets. That's why the guys that work at the shop tie them so they can pull them to the side and not bend the eyelets by having you pull them more upwards. My skates that I got a few months ago have worked out okay.
  2. Nice! Yeah sportschek is garbage. The people there often work the whole store and don't really have much knowledge about hockey, whereas The hockey shop is strictly hockey so they know their stuff. A lot more helpful too.
  3. What hockey shop did you get it at in Van?
  4. I saw a pro stock today with the code R32, which I've read is a nexus. However it also had a fused blade which looks like a one95, similar to a G3. Has anyone seen anything like this before?
  5. I'd get the CCM CL's. You'll save a lot and pretty much get the same thing. I have the CL's and they are great. Ive noticed from pics/vids of inside locker rooms or when players get jersey'd in fights that all nhlers seem to still use CL's. I havnt seen a single player wearing the new RBZ's. Granted that could be because they just don't want to break in new equipment, but the RBZ's came out last season and I still haven't seen anyone switch. I think that goes to show that the RBZ's aren't that much of an upgrade over the CL's
  6. Nice, good info. I wonder how it compares to the black edge finish. I personally only have experience with LS2. Also LS3 is 10' too right? Anyone have experience with 10' vs 9'? What's the advantages/disadvantages. Btw don't mean to hijack the thread but I'm curious.
  7. I agree with above. A lot of people prefer the taller steel, especially in the NHL it seems. I would at least try it out a while because once you profile it down theres no way to get that steel back without buying new ones. Not to mention another benefit is that the steel will last longer in the long run. I know it comes down to personal preference and what you're used to but I would at least give it a try. It's like people who use cheap wood/fibreglass sticks all their life, then try high end composite and think it's crap. The composite is definitely higher quality and better performance wise, just takes a little while to adjust. Also I'm curious as to what the differences are with LS4 steel vs. LS3/LS2. Is it the same height as LS3? What makes it different, better quality?
  8. Okay I see.. Yeah I don't have experience with CCM. I do have a total one but that still feels a lot better (closer to the apx for puck feel). I guess I'll just chalk it up as the feel of the tacks stick thats throwing me off (rather than the plug). I guess i'll either sell it or just keep it as backup and get used to it when the time comes. But if anyone has experience with composite and wood plugs and noticed a difference, I'd definitely be interested in reading your input.
  9. This is a "tacks" stick, aka highest model The stiffness I use for bauer apx is pro stock 82. This one is 85 so pretty much the same. Also have an 85 QR1 that feels pretty good, similar to the bauer in stick handling/blade response. This blade just kinda feels dull to me. I guess I prefer more of a pingy feel where the puck bounces off blade more. This tacks is probably better for accepting passes and shoots great, just stick handling seems off. But hey I guess it's possible that i just have to adjust to it. I'll reiterate my first question again though. If anyone has experience with composite plugs, would they dampen the feel less than a wood plug does?
  10. Yeah it could be just that I'm not used to it. The puck seems to bounce off the apx well, not to mention the balance feels perfect, so stick handling just seemed a lot better, although I only used the tacks a couple times. But yeah I was just wondering if the composite plug would dampen it less than a wood plug. I'd obviously prefer not to spend an extra $15 or whatever it is on one, but if it makes it a lot better I'd try
  11. Hey so I just got a tacks stick that I bought a little used off a friend. Since it was cut about 1.5-2 inches, I had to throw a plug in there to raise it up a bit. I never use an end plug nor cut my sticks as retail is perfect for me. Anyways I had heard great things about the tacks stick so I was excited to use it, but the first few times using it it seemed like the puck just kinda rolled off my stick when I was stick handling (I'm not a new player by any means). It almost seems less responsive while stick handling if that makes sense. I have an apx that I was using/still use and that seems much better for stick handling. The stick was great for shooting, it just seemed like I had to put more effort and was much slower while stick handling. Anyways I know that the tacks blade is supposed to play a bit softer but it seems like I really don't have much response at all, could this be because of the wood plug? Would a composite plug make it better? Or is it just in my head and I need to get used to the stick vs. My apx. Btw the specs are same as apx
  12. Yes, if there is a hockey shop nearby, definitely go there. Not just big "sports stores" as they often dont have much hockey-specific knowledge. As for the actual process, I'm not sure exactly what temperate to bake/how long but I know for sure you are supposed to SIT down while having them baked, with feet fully planted on ground and knees bent in 90 degree angle... Basically sitting on a bench/in a chair in an upright position with skates fully on ground. You leave them on for probably 10-15 minutes then you can get up and walk around a bit. Leave on a few more minutes then they should be good. Make sure that someone else, ideally the store assistant ties the skates for you. The eyelets can be soft and prone to damage if you yank on them upwards toward you. Can cause easier break in future. Also make sure you don't skate on them for a while. I've heard 24 hours to be safe, but honestly 12 hours or even a bit less is probably okay. I know all this because I've had this done multiple times by competent hockey shops. Hope this helps.
  13. Hmm I didn't know that. Well I guess if you live near the border you could ship to a post office just across and then pick it up there. I'm not sure but I think there might even be post offices/companies that you can ship your package to and then they can forward ship the package to your address. I.e. Ship it to a place within canada and get them to ship it to your US address.
  14. You can try ebay. I just found these looking quickly: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=111567986005. Not exactly the greatest deal though
  15. I thought that they did ship to US. At least last time I checked they did, unless they changed policies. You can always call them and see if they may be willing to ship to you, it would just cost you a little bit more for shipping charges. Also you can find the same skates at other "source" stores. Just google "source for sports", you can try calling different ones to see stock/shipping options. They are located all over Canada I believe. Also the price on the link I sent you was in Canadian dollars, so the $500 canadian would actually only be about $400 American.
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