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  1. http://imgur.com/a/ACfOB#0 Seller is asking for $200 per.
  2. We are selling APX2 sticks, p89, RH, 87 Flex. We have 3 for sale in total. Comes with clear coat finish with tac spiral. All are brand new. Please message me if interested. http://imgur.com/a/ACfOB#0 Seller is asking for $200 per.
  3. There are not many differences between the One.X series and the OneXX series for protection, especially shoulder pads. They are all equivalent to each other; ie: NXG = TotalONE, One.8 = One80, One.6 = One60, One.4 = One40. Personally I would buy the One80s before the One.8s. And they are more protective than that One.6s
  4. This is all correct. The X90 isn't an exact copy of the X7.0/X60 skate, however it is very close to it. That is the skate that is replacing the X7.0s.
  5. The RBZ will be available in a junior, 1-5.5 in D & E. MAP will be $399.99 There are noticeable differences between the two besides the use of the surlyn in the rbz 100. The RBZ 100 will still be a great skate, comparable to other skates in that same range (most similarly, One.8, X90, 18K & 17K [can't comment on Grafs or Eastons). If money isn't an issue there are definite benefits jumping up to the RBZ, mainly stiffness and durability. The RBZ 100 is still plenty stiff though, and should hold up quite well.
  6. The APX2 & APX are extremely similar skates. Stiffness wise they are near identical. The X100 has a slight dropoff in stiffness compared to the apx2/apx, but because of the Curv composite, it is still a very stiff skate. If you wanted a skate similar in stiffness and features as the x60/x7.0, you will want the x90. As JR mentioned the TotalONE NXG pant (And all Supreme pants) is now a girdle system, if you're looking for the TotalONE replacement, you will want the Nexus 1000.
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