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  1. The only thing I think that might have happened is that you purchased the wrong size tongue for your skate size... CCM TONGUE SIZE CHART XS 1-3.5 S 4-5.5 M 6-7.5 L 8-9.5 XL 10-12.5
  2. You are correct. I accept the admoshiment. Should have looked beyond just the one side. As a side note, yes, I wish I had edge control like the video shows and I will move forward to try a pair...appreciate the post.
  3. Sorry to respond to a Youtube post, but, I believe this is an ice hockey form not ice dancing? Does "fancy" skating prove product? Perhaps, on social media? I do know that Flare, Ramonedge and Bladetech ALL have NHL+ credibility...I haven't heard of this brand being used? I totally realize that innovation drives our industry, but, give us some hard proof of concept through long time use? (Ya I do like to stir a pot)
  4. Was very excited to ordered a pair of the Catayst Pros (after successes with other clients) and sadly was seriously disappointed in the fit. Now, I will confess, that I did not inquire as to how "custom" they could do these, thus, when I requested an oversized holder, I had no idea they would automatically upsize the boot and "try" to downsize by packing the toe. They fit like a open toe sandal...Beware. I can definitely say on the positive side that the quality and build are amazing and eventhough I was immediately going to swap the holder and blade out...finish and alignment was perfect. This custom program is a fantastic deal for those looking for a semi custom at a remarkable price...just make sure to know the limitations of what can be done...PS sadly have to send them back.
  5. Wish this was available in Canada...would buy 1 PM9 and 1 P91A for the nostalgia and "new" technology in them no matter what the "perceived tech" is currently...props to Bauer for bringing back an excellent memory!
  6. It matbe that his Bauer "custom equipment" may not be ready for him yet....Then again who knows...
  7. flip12 is correct. Pull the insole out and check the counter bed if it is a wide you'll see 8W (unless and very possibly it has disappeared with age)
  8. Closest I've seen lately is from Bluesports "Hockey compression shorts with jock and garter" looks like a loose short tho?? I also remember Shock Doctor making one, but, I believe that has since been discontinued sadly.
  9. Forgive me for piping in late if this part of the question has been addressed in other threads, but, every company must consider the costs of the materials they use to manufacture their products. Yes, the RMS screw system used bye Graf is probably more secure potentially on the skates, but, NO...it is not a weight saver and is SIGNIFICANTLY a more expensive method of attaching a holder to a boot.
  10. What type of sock are you wearing? If it is cotton it is incredibly abrasive, especially when wet with sweat, even with the best fitting skates...blistering, as all on this forum know, is caused by movement of the foot in the boot.
  11. Same issue...looking to get back to the old "Drury" pattern again after using a PM9 for a while. Warrior used to make a W05, not sure if it is still available. I found Winnwell makes a Drury clone in their Q11 line, pattern 124...looks like a pretty good mid lower price point stick up here in the Great White North.
  12. Know this is a thread about Quad profiles and ROH used with...my Canadian $.02 aligns with those stating "use what works for you, but, definitely experiment" Having tried many many profiles and ROH to find what works for me...I have ended up with a Zuperior S with a FBV 70/50 (1 3/4") ROH.. 255mm blade 185lbs 5'9" with dubious beer league skills. I am very lucky to be able to access and experiment with the almost infinite combinations available and I encourage those with open minds to be open to try a new ROH or profile, with a good consultation from your local expert or one from this forum...can only lead to more efficient stating etc... Keep this thread alive to help all those looking for a better "edge"
  13. JBP


    There is SO much relavent information on all those blade brands in this forum provided by, perhaps, some of the most knowledgeable folks in this amazing industry...if you do a search regarding the brands I know you'll find the best answers for your personal needs...all of the brands you have asked about have excellent properties...this response doesn't answer your question really, but, what brand I might think is "better" has might conflict with another members "better" and guess what...we would both be right....do a search my friend and welcome to the best hockey forum available!
  14. Gentlemen, what you see is a working version of the next generation Marsblade system. No release date or any other info that I have yet. Needless to say, having had an opportunity to install some and work with it briefly *haven't used because my size is not available...I will say I am very very impressed with the next gen. Stay tuned.
  15. Just a brief thought...I know that they have scanned and built helmets for the "NHL" users...that being said...if "custom scan" is introduced to the general populace, how would the helmets conform to the HECC, CSA or CE certification requirements?
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