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    Custom Vapor XXXX
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    Adrenaline tapered shaft w/ SE16 blade
  • Gloves
    Vapor XX and XXX
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    Rbk 8K w/ Itech straight visor
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    Tackla 951 advantage
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    Itech somethin
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    Nike V14
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    Nike V14

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  1. Yeah tell me about it, this one is the first I've seen in person lol. I've been a big fan of their whip flex and but ever since the R8 etc came out I felt like the overall quality of the stuff went down. I miss the good ole days of the XN10 so I've been stockpiling these adrenalines, hopefully they dont start breaking.
  2. Hey guys, just picked this up today after stick and puck. Went into my local hockey shop just to browse around. When I saw it I thought me eyes were playing tricks on me. I had to buy it, these are sooo rare and also my favourite stick (even if its just the shaft). So now with this one it bumps my total Adrenaline count up to 5 (2 of which are the control grip version) and all are still in good condition. Adrenaline in strong whip EDIT - Just realized how long its been since I last posted and I also picked these up boxing day Tackla 951
  3. Hey guys slight update, just got a new whip flex adrenaline control. It was a LH OPS so I turned it into a tapered shaft. And then I got my old Vapor XX ice skates turned into inlines with Mission Vanguard Aluminum chassis and Mission Titanium bearings. 56K Warning ;) Sticks Skates
  4. Both were OPS where the blades broke, so I just did a little cutting and then heated them up and pulled them out making them tapered shafts.
  5. Hey guys it has been awhile since I last posted, here is a quick summary of my most recent gear Vapor XX Gloves Vapor XXX Gloves 8K Helmet with Visor Custom Vapor XXXX skates Sticks EDIT - 56k warning
  6. Nothing outta the ordinary here, just a Stealth CNT Sakic 85, this is kind of a jump for me since I've always used a Whip flex, we'll see how it works out. So far with the smarthockey ball I like the feel :) Stealth CNT Stealth CNT 2
  7. Hey guys and girls, Well it has been awhile since I have last posted. My grade 12 year has hit me pretty hard and sorta taken time away from other things including my 'online' alias, but nonetheless here I am and these are my (semi) new skates = ) They are custom Vapor XXXX's and I placed the order for them back in august and got them around the end of september. I am really happy with them except for one little little thing, the back of my left heel has been giving me some pain, but I've had it punched out and its getting better. Everything else is top notch especially the tongues, after seeing Guy Incognito's skates I knew I had to have them :) Anyways here are the pics. Cheers -Braden Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5
  8. Its awesome, no complaints so far, paired with the vapor XX shaft it almost feels exactly like my xxx lite in terms of feel etc.
  9. Alright, it has been awhile since I've posted pics of my stuff, here is a full update of what I am currently using right now. *Caution large pictures* Album link, may load faster Road hockey sticks Road hockey sticks, blades Ice hockey sticks Ice hockey sticks 2 Ice hockey sticks 3 Helmets, skates, gloves Misc Protective EVERYTHING!! It is a lot :) Custom XXXX skates are coming soon too... B)
  10. Last month I finally got my 'N' which is part of the Graduated Licensing Program here in BC. This stage allows me to finally drive alone without any adults. My parents gave me the old family car. Its a 1987 Toyota Tercel SR5, 5 speed, yah know one of the 4WD ones that has the 'extra low' gear for intense off road adventures. HAhah, thing still runs today, just had to replace a couple things here and there (horn, wires, front left CV Joint) and Viola! The thing is fun as hell to drive and I cannot complain about having a car gifted to me. Here's some quick pics I just took now... In the sun Rear view Driver POV Instruments despite what it looks like, it has 191xxx KM -Braden
  11. who's helmet is that? Yeah sorry about that. I should have clarified. The Rbk helmet I bought at the LHS I work at. After buying the Santala stick for a mere $50 CAD I was able to get the helmet sooner then I originally thought I would be able to.
  12. Well heres my... uhh.. haul from the Canucks equipment sale. Santala Vector V10 one piece. Feels more like a Regular flex rather then a Stiff flex. The curve is also pretty close to a sakic so I'm happy. Then with the money I had left over I bought myself an 8k helmet, because my intake was not fitting all too well without a cage to keep it in place. Stick Curve Helmet EDIT - I got the helmet from my LHS, not from the equipment sale
  13. Other half of the deal here. Pretty much gonna be used for road. Synthesis combo X2 Good to hear your back in hockey blues, maybe I'll see yah at the 'Nucks equipment sale ^_^
  14. Wow those skates are sweeet. EWH seems to offer those tongues. Does anyone know if those tongues are available from NBH for a custom order of XXX skates?? or would you have to buy the tongues from EHW and then go put them in yourself??
  15. well its not a pro stock Response Lite but here is a pro stock Adrenaline (whip flex) I got from my LHS. Total came to about $140 CAD, can't believe I was playing with anything else since my last Adrenaline broke. This stick is by far my favourite all-time :) Curve is pretty much lidstrom-ish/sakic-ish 5.5 lie.
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