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  1. Not sure if my experience will help, but here goes... Skated in my new VH skates for the first time last night. They have Tuuk Edge holders with LS2 steel. I'm coming from Bauer NXG's that have been very good to me. My immediate impression with the new VH was that I was flat footed, maybe even a tad back on my heels, when compared to my Supremes. Keep in mind that I opted not to get the new steel profiled for my first skate. I only had a 1/2" hollow put on for now as I wanted to see how the skates felt overall without a particular profile. I'm not certain what radius the steel had out of the package. Felt like a lot of blade on the ice, though. Had to be at least 9", maybe more. Had these skates been setup with the Step holders, it might be a different story as far as pitch is concerned. No idea, though. I plan to take them into my local shop today for a Quad 1 profile and see how they feel after that. It's so hard changing skates. I had my NXG's for 5 years and the boots were still in great shape. 20 minutes into the skate, I so badly just wanted to put my old skates back on. But I stuck with the VH, made some adjustments to the tongues, and found myself really enjoying them towards the end of my 1.5 hours on the ice. I think once I have the profile dialed in, I'll be golden.
  2. I'm currently searching high and low for a pair of red Warrior Franchises from 2010 or '11. Can't seem to find them anywhere. I've got a black pair that were Blake Wheeler's when he was a Bruin, but I wear red gear. My red Eagle's are starting to wear out a bit, and I prefer the fit of the Franchise now. And as far as pro stock gear, I think it's pretty cool to get it. I mean, you're usually getting good quality equipment at a fraction of the retail price. The only thing I won't buy pro stock or used is skates. It's a crapshoot as to whether they're going to fit your foot properly if they've been custom made and/or broken in for someone else's foot.
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