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    Bauer Pro Stock Vapor APX2
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    CCM Pro Stock Ultra Tacks LK
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    CCM Pro Stock HGTK
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    CCM V08
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    CCM Pro Stock HP45
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    Reebok 6k
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    Reebok 6k
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    Reebok 11k
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    Warrior Team

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    Denver, CO
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    Hockey, golf, snowboarding, nutrition, and exercise.
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  1. Huge shout out to everyone at CCM!
  2. New wheels here. Picked them up off eBay from OHL. They're size 8.75D (perfect for me), double stitched, reinforced eyelets, classic white felt tongue, and made in Canada. Saved probably at least $400. Pure beauties, can't wait to try them out.
  3. I'll take the itech shoulder pads if they're still available.

  4. New mitts, pro stock Reebok 10k 14". Decent condition, and best price I've seen 'em go for...
  5. Yea I feel ya man, the 1053's got a fairly traditional thigh fit, as did the 520's. I know what ya mean with the 7k's. I hated the thigh fit on my 9k's (2010), way to narrow and the opening was tiny. Unless you have chicken legs, forget about it!
  6. Hmm good idea, I may just do that! Too Old is correct, they're a 2-piece pant.
  7. My new Reebok HP1053's from CTS! Not the cheapest at $149 shipped to the US, but I needed to replace my beat up pro stock Reebok MHP520's. I got some retail 9k's a month or so back but was fairly disappointed in them. The thigh boards/plastic inserts on the 1053's were a little boxy so I've hand shaped them a little more round. There also a little stiff but I'm sure they'll break in, otherwise a great pant here. Fantastic protection while still being pretty light weight, and them seem to run a little long which couldn't be more perfect for me. They're very similar, if not the same as the pro stock CCM ECHL MHP520's I used to have. Switched out the black laces for some white skate laces... necessary
  8. Ahh I threw it in the trash. I dunno, my SE16 tenon's are like what.. 2-3 inches.. I think. The Dolo blade tenon must of been 3-4 inches. I'll get back to ya on this after I convert the next two.
  9. Good news! I converted the first of my three Dolomite 's last night, the one that was already cut at the fuse point (pictured above). Heating and attempting to push the tenon out with rebar from the butt end toward the blade end did not work at all. The secret for me was to continually heat the shaft, and then wedge a long flat head screwdriver between all four sides of the tenon and the inner shaft wall. This eventually kind of separated/loosened the epoxy (tan'ish colored) bond between the inner shaft wall and the blade tenon. The tenon just kind of gave way and slid down the shaft toward the butt end a little. I then used the rebar to finish the job and push the tenon out the butt end. I was surprised at the length of the tenon, def. seemed longer than a normal blade tenon. All in all it took me about an hour, but I chalk this up to inexperience seeing as how this was my first Dolo conversion and first conversion all together in probably 6 years. I paired it with a Easton SE16 blade, it fit pretty snugly but I'd rather it be snug then having to fool around with strips of tape/extra glue on the tenon. Feels really balanced, can't wait to use it in my game tonight. Hopefully I'll get some pictures up. Two more to go!
  10. Oh man I don't know if I can sell ya the shoulders now haha just kidding. 1 I just can't cheer for the Wings being an Avs fan, and 2 I def. can't cheer for any team with Todd Bertuzzi in their lineup. Agree to disagree, back to the Show it Off.
  11. Just to clarify, are y'all pushing the blade tenon out with the rebar from the butt end toward the blade end OR the blade end toward the butt end? Thanks.
  12. Hey guys I picked up some broken Jason Ward pro stock Dolomite 's from larrivee. I don't know which model/year these Dolo's are exactly. They have the PC graphics with the green font and diamonds, no dragons. I did do a search but I'm looking for some specific info on getting these blades out. One has already been cut at the fuse point (tenon pictured), and the other two have broken blades. I tried heating and pulling one of the blades a little but no success, does this method really work on these Dolo's? I separated a Vapor XX OPS using the heat and pull method, but this was ages ago. Can someone elaborate better on the heat/chisel/rebar method? I'm gonna be a little ticked if I wasted $100+ on shafts I can't convert. Thanks.
  13. What are we calling the weave on that 11K blade? Reminds me of the blade on my OLD Vapor XX... one of the best feeling blades I've used.
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