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  1. Yea I'd say my caps were punched a couple mm. Thats all I needed. Not sure how far they can go.
  2. I had the toecaps of my Vapors punched out using the @customskateworks punch at one of my local Total Hockey stores. It worked great, highly recommended. The punch was able to get really deep into the cap.
  3. The CCM insoles may support your arch without lifting the heel. Might be worth a shot.
  4. I had a similar issue with my jetspeeds. I ended up removing the superfeet because they lifted my heel too high. I also rebaked. These 2 changes improved the situation.
  5. For "fun" I put together this animation in an attempt to show the potential fit differences between the X700 (tech mesh) and X800 (curv). There may be little value in it but hey, at least I learned how to make an animated gif. Anyone try both and feel much of a difference?
  6. dkmiller, Are you still in the x90s or have you moved into something else? My beloved 7.0's are in need of replacement. Tech mesh x700's seem like a step down from x7.0's and I'm nervous about moving into the x800 curv boot. Wondering about peoples experiences moving from tech mesh to curv. Thx!
  7. MacInnis with a QRL in Blues colors. Think he'll unleash one from the point on poor little Darren Pang during the alumni game? Me neither.
  8. I noticed a similar sensation when switching from Bauer Vapor x7.0, a modern skate, to CCM Jetspeed 300. The Jetspeeds seem to flare out at the top a little bit more. Plus, the Vapors were thicker on the sides towards the top. I prefer the Vapors from the ankle up, but everything else about the Jetspeeds fits me better. I'm currently skipping the second eyelet in my Jetspeeds. This seems to allow me to tie the skate tight at the top, pulling the sides of the boot closer to my leg while still allowing for forward flex. Give it a try and see if it helps at all.
  9. My stick broke on a faceoff in my last game which got me to thinking. Ten years ago Easton used to have their carbon nanotube technology (CNT) and Kevlar wrap. These technologies were advertised to improve durability of Easton sticks. I believe they worked because I still have a high mileage Easton ST that I stopped using only because I prefer a different pattern. I have a friend with an old Stealth CNT that still feels/plays better than many modern sticks. Aside from Sherwood's graphene sticks, it seems technologies that improve durability and extend stick life are absent in today's market. Running across my old Easton today made me realize that over the last decade manufacturers have conditioned me to accept that my stick is only going to last about a year, maybe less, before breaking. Are there any current offerings that have a reputation similar to those old Easton ST's?
  10. Do you skate without socks? If so, try some thin socks. I forgot my socks once, played barefoot and rubbed that same area raw in my Vapors. It took weeks to heal. After that experience, if I forget my socks, I don't play. The only other option I see is to get that spot punched out a little.
  11. Is there a torque spec for the screws that hold the runners in the CCM speedblade holders?
  12. I don't recognize those skates. Next Gen Jetspeeds?
  13. I went from Vapor x7.0 size 8D to Jetspeed 300 size 7D. I got my Jetspeeds profiled +1 to better match the pitch of the Vapors. From the ankle bone down the Jetspeeds fit absolutely perfectly. They feel better than the vapors. But, I prefer the Vapors from the ankle up. The vapors have better lateral ankle support while still allowing forward flex. It took me 5 or 6 games to figure out that if I skip the second eyelet in the Jetspeeds, I can get decent forward flex while still having some lateral support. All in all, I really like the Jetspeeds and recommend them.
  14. I wear a size 7 CCM Jetspeed. The medium superfeet carbon pros fit well after a trim. Its more about the way they fit your heel than the length though.
  15. Once you get a chance to skate in them, let us know what you think. I recently made the switch from Vapor x7.0 to Jetspeed 300. I'd like to see if our experiences are similar.
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