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    CCM U+ 12
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    Easton se16 85 Zetterberg/ Easton s19 85 Heatley
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    Warrior Bully Pro
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    NBH 4500/Hs22 straight cut visor
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    None..im tough
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    Nike V10
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    Easton OAS (Old As Shit)
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  1. Does anybody out there own these skates? Haven’t found much of any reviews on them. I know Graf Is currently trying to make a comeback and was wondering if anybody has logged some quality ice time in these? How’s the flex and performance? Thanks!
  2. That’s funny because I continue to just go back to old vapor x7.0 tech mesh boots that are 7.5 EE.... what skates are you in now that are working for you ? I haven’t tried the JetSpeeds because none of my local shops seem to carry a EE. I was bulging out around my instep quite a bit in the D’s if I recall
  3. Racks stiffer than nexus in equivalent price points? I remember feeling tacks awhile back and they felt Uber stiff
  4. It seems like my feet are all over the place on the spectrum... funny...nexus wasn’t listed.. supreme in 7 EE, 7.5D, and 7.5 EE ive worn supreme 7.5D and I feel like the heel is too small and my foot/ankle is never deep enough back there for good support.
  5. Yes the scan did give me results albeit it different each time... no online guides... I’ve just worn a ton of different skates...
  6. So I recently got my feet scanned a few times by the Bauer 3D lab, here are my attributes: Foot size- L: 7 1/4 R:7 3/4 Foot width- L: D R: D/E Heel depth- L: large R: large Instep height- L: high R: high Ankle wrap - L: medium R: medium Forefoot height- L: medium R: high Arch height- L: high R: high based on the above, what skate models do you think best match up to those attributes??? I received a couple different results.... I’ve tried on a great variety of skates and none really seem to “feel” right.. so I’m curious if I’m missing something else by the scans... Thanks
  7. Does anybody know the current heel sizes by size for Bauer and ccm skates? Are they the same? ex: is a 7.5 D Vapor an A heel stock and a EE of the same size a B? That consistent for all fit profiles? Cheers
  8. I figured custom was the only solution.. thanks for the replys.
  9. Ya I'm looking for the tech mesh x:60-x7.0-x90 style skates. It looks like in the current vapor model they no longer have that skate style available retail. All top line skates in vapor have curve composite as the outer. Seems like all of the pros that like that style skate have gottten them dressed as nexus instead of the vapor. Rather just get retail if possible instead of going the custom route tho.
  10. Anybody out there have some insight ??
  11. Is it possible or is there a "new version" of the x:60->x7.0->x90 skate available retail ?
  12. As far as the sagittal movement...I would think that might be due to the shape of the lace eyelets. The mako seem to be a C shape vs the more L or vertical as say to a vapor. It seems that with a C shape lace pattern your high ankle/shin would contact the top lace earlier when forward flexing causing you to need more weight and force into the boot earlier. That's what 55 flex concept does with skates. They seem to become more aggressively forward "L" shaped in the lacing pattern. For those that skate with the mako how is the feel of forward flex vs other boots worn?
  13. Pretty interesting kinematics study from Marquette University...They found the Mako skates to be 13% faster than competitive skates on the market. Page 24 and 25 http://www.marquette.edu/engineering/biomedical/documents/THISONEBiomedicalEngineeringSymposium3-25-2014.pdf
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