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  1. When I started seeing pics of the r-1 conversions, I thought they looked like they were taller than other chassis’s. Just got mine back and it definitely looks higher than my previous skates with mission hilos. Seems like it’s a roughly half inch difference, do you guys that use them regularly for league play now use a longer stick now, at least for roller?
  2. Yeah, maybe it’s a hockey monkey thing. I went to one last week to check them out. Asked the guy about them and he said something like “oh, I don’t really like them but I can get them for you.” I asked to try on the tf7s in an 8w, and he brought out tf9s in a 7.5w. Said he could call back to the warehouse for the 8s if I wanted them. Um, that is what I asked for... since I had also been considering ribcores, I asked if I could see a pair of 80ks since they seemed like a good comp if I was already trying on tf9s. He brought me 78ks in an 8ee. Kind of tricky to compare two skates that are already pretty different, in different sizes. on another note, the stores (both the local HM and Pure) here both have true custom skates on display that show the qc issues people complain about(excess glue, carbon on the heel that has a dull finish,etc)while the retail options look pretty flawless. Heck, the holder on the one at pure on the custom was even kind of mangled like it had several gashes on it from being carried around by the blades with other skates. i really would like these to succeed(hopefully with less extra blue all over the place), but if the big stores don’t care about the product or how they look in the stores, it seems like it’ll be a tough task to stick around at the retail level.
  3. Might have missed this in a previous post, but anybody swap out the shift holder for for another brand? If so, how do the rear holes line up? Obviously the fronts are all off, but wasn’t sure if any lined up or all new holes would be required
  4. Maybe tydan given step went with CCM and now apparently tydan is going through a (similar?) patent issue?
  5. Maybe I’m weird, but that light, flat looking blue on that old post just looks like cheap rental skates. Hopefully the final version is different
  6. I placed an order during the first round of the presale. Is there any way to track the status of the order, like to see if the expected date changes? Or will you guys send out emails with updates for any delays? Maybe I’m just missing it online. I know it’s still pretty far out, so just wasn’t sure how to check when it gets closer without bugging anyone for updates. Thanks!
  7. My main question now is, is the R1 a direct mounting swap with the originals, similar to how CCM, cxn, and tuuks could all me swapped without adding new holes. Hopefully they are, and that existing users can make a relatively Easy swap if they want to try the r1s
  8. I feel like the last original models were with verbero, and with the r1 being offered on the new alkali boot, it’s likely that they won’t be with true directly, but I could definitely be wrong.
  9. Yeah, I wasn’t sure how long it would last, but since it was listed as limited, I went ahead and placed an order last week. Going from 50% off to 30%, and missing out on that savings stinks, but just goes to show, if you’re really interested, don’t get left out again, since no assurances this current reduced discount will last much longer.
  10. Went ahead and jumped on the presale. And now we wait. After having sprungs in the past, curious how these compare
  11. Anybody happen to know how long the presale price will last? At that price, thinking about giving it a go, but don’t want to miss out if it’s only a few days.
  12. I didn’t realize the new version was Hilo when I saw their post earlier. Did that patent die off or get relaxed recently? Thought Bauer “ owned” it, but feel tour just released a line with that setup too recently. Never used the original, but always thought they looked “tall”. Wonder if this version fixes that, if it was just a perception thing, or it that’s just a part of how these will always be (tall).
  13. Nice! You guys hiring? Ha
  14. 2/15/19 on their fb page with a pic of the front part of a skate
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