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    Makos, S15's
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    1x 77 flex p91 RIT NCAA stock
  • Gloves
    Bauer 1xpro
  • Helmet
    Bauer 4500
  • Pants
    easton pro 15 pens pro stock
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    easton smu
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    simcoe, ontario
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    Family, hockey, Hamilton Tiger Cat's, Craft beer, golf, baseball,mental health,union member, U of Windsor alumni
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  1. Thanks man,ill take care of that. Had to do the same thing to my Makos. I had no clue, thanks!
  2. Hey Guys, picked up a brand new pair of 20k's, is there Step Steel for them? If not is there any other company that makes steel for them that is high quality. Riggs
  3. FWIW I played a season of Jr D with a cracked shin pad. Mind you it was Jr D so guys couldnt really shoot that hard!
  4. I've always been under the impression that the stiffer the stick the better it is.on face offs.
  5. There are some good deals on that site on Bauer 2s protective. But it says that the inventory isnt listed online? What do you do call them?
  6. Hey Guys, what are the baking instructions for a pair of s15's and se 16's. I know there was an issue with the glue Easton used around the time when these skates came out, would baking them do more harm than good?
  7. I looked into Base, the shipping rates killed the deal.
  8. Once hockey gets going again, I am going to try transition to p28. How many skates should I give it before I make a decision?
  9. What size does he wear I have a couple pairs.
  10. I am interested in getting some custom Base sticks, I emailed a rep in London and didn't receive a reply. I think there is a Base rep on here?
  11. Hi Guys I am my last pair of makos and I get money through work for health an and wellness, I bough 4 1xs last year. I came across a pair of Bauer2.9 vapours with the black carbon steel by Bauer for 400 Canadian. Is this a good deal? I am a big guy weigh 250. Have normal feet. Any feedback would be helpful.
  12. Hey guys I haven't been playing but I played some pick up over the last two weeks.I wear OG Makos that are in excellent condition. I am getting a lot of pain in my shins and feet in general. I am 250 but I have been loosing weight. Do I need a stiffer boot with more volume? If so any recommendations in what I should consider buying next? ThanKS, Riggs
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