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  1. Still can't shake this holder and steel :)
  2. was wondering if anyone could help me, I am looking to remove my step steel from my CCM Speedblade 4.0 holder. I cannot for the life of me get the steel to come out. The original runners popped right out when I unscrewed the bolts and gave it a pull, but the Step fits so much more snug, it isn't moving at all :/
  3. The Re-Akt and Re-Akt 100 both rated lower than the $35 Bauer 2100.... I'd really recommend you go and try it on, see what helmet fits, is comfortable, and looks good on you.
  4. ditto, please ignore this "study." Try on helmets and get the one that fits your head the best and is comfortable. Bauer, CCM and Warrior all have very comfortable helmets, if they fit right. I wear an original Bauer ReAkt and don't see myself switching.
  5. This, exactly. I also for example remember as a kid hearing mouthguards reduced concussions, but a paper from BMJ Sports medicine states. " The ability of mouthguards to protect against head and spinal injuries in sport falls into the realm of “neuromythology” rather than hard science.32 Reading the original studies cited as evidence for this effect reveals anecdotal claims that can best be described as bizarre rather than reflecting established medical principles. It is unlikely that a mouthguard would offer effective protection against brain or spinal cord injury, and the limited published data are not compelling in this regard nor does it accord with the known pathophysiology of such injuries. " http://bjsm.bmj.com/content/35/2/81 If it's a nice looking, comfortable helmet, great... but one helmet to the next is very unlikely to prevent a concussion.
  6. Thanks to Jeff Potter in Toronto for fitting me in these, I have pretty disastrous feet and have not really had a good fitting skate and Jeff measured me, tried on a bunch of pairs (never pushing the top of the line pairs), Also to JR for giving me Jeff's email a while ago. Was my choice to swap the holders for Pitch and they fit perfectly without a need to re-drill. Have not worn these yet but looking forward to trying them out. Next step is to get a custom skate orthodic.
  7. Helmet: Easton S-19 Z-shock Shoulders- Brine Rhinoskin Elbows: Warrior Nation Flex Gloves: Reebok 10k Pants: Mission Thorax Flow girdle Shins: Easton Stealth S7 Skates: Bauer One100 Stick: Harrow shaft/blade Jock: Nutty Buddy
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