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    1S/roller converted APX 2
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    A5.2 SBP
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    Various Warriors
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    Res 110
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    QRL pro/Nexus
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    Easton Pro
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  1. I emailed them and told them you were well stocked on all the leftover make American great again hats
  2. US stuff may be on its way I just got my stick about an hour ago
  3. For anyone who hasn’t received their stuff I contacted ccm and was told the bigger stuff (sticks gloves etc) won’t actually go out until the contest ends despite what the emails said. He told me to expect stuff in the next couple weeks.
  4. I haven’t used them but I checked a pair out. They fit a little snug compared to my alphas. I’ll be honest I’m a big fan of the stallion and the surgeons but these just didn’t feel as nice.
  5. I think that place is a scam site. I saw something on there awhile ago and decided to look them up
  6. Fwiw I feel like both my qrls and alphas play a little stiffer than rated.
  7. Price drops on the sticks they're obo
  8. stevelknievel

    1N gloves

    Retail 1n gloves size 14 red white and navy colorway. Used 2 games basically new. 100 obo or trade for 13 inch gloves PM for pics
  9. Picked these up a little while ago, fantastic twigs I've just got too many sitting around. Both are like new, light grip, and cut a couple inches. One is a one 95 painted as a red mx3 the other is a build code t4qr painted as a hd1 with a unique paint job (black on stick was replaced with a deep red with gold flake). I only want to sell these as a pair. 200 plus shipping. 2 hossa cl500s abound a 90 flex they've been cut 2 inches. Like new 125 for both I'm going to upload pics in a bit but PM with a email or cell and I'll send some asap
  10. @steelnation248 has some scheifeles. Not sure if he's seen a p30 but he'd be the one to ask
  11. Quick update, I've been able to use these a couple more times. Still very happy with the mobility and protection. I took a shot to the index finger right where it breaks at the knuckle. Very happy to report that while i certainly felt it not even so much as a bruise.
  12. At your advanced age they could pass as royal lol
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