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  1. I emailed them and told them you were well stocked on all the leftover make American great again hats
  2. US stuff may be on its way I just got my stick about an hour ago
  3. For anyone who hasn’t received their stuff I contacted ccm and was told the bigger stuff (sticks gloves etc) won’t actually go out until the contest ends despite what the emails said. He told me to expect stuff in the next couple weeks.
  4. Imo its closer to nexus. I was able to use mine last weekend, and thanks to Lady Luck got about 20 minutes of open ice before our game. To start I thought the warrior rep said they were making a 70 flex senior, I was wrong and I'm in an intermediate. That being said I really really like this twig. I was worried about taking slapshots with a 70 flex intermediate but I had zero issues. Puck feel was phenomenal and I really like the raised edges on the corners of the shaft.
  5. He's got that wine bong he's good!
  6. Gotta get @dkmiller3356 a pair of those bad boys
  7. After demoing it a little bit last December I think even the mid kick guys will like it.
  8. A new job may be on the horizon but it almost surely means I won't be playing in my Friday night league, big bummer for me as most of us are all the original squad and started in the beginner league.
  9. Those jerseys are awesome. Our team is the goonies too but we sadly don't have sloth on them!
  10. Finally getting around to this, I got these after my last game before the holiday break, I set them in my skates and sat around with them before WF and they felt good. I ended up taping the inserts and shims inside. Unfortunately I think I could have skipped the shims they put a bit too much pressure on my forefoot while skating. I may have to order another pair and just skip the shims.
  11. I've got some coming as well, I know I curl my toes up sometimes which causes some foot pain, looking forward to trying these out.
  12. I kind of feel your pain. I play in a low level league and some of the shit our refs have to put up with is terrible. On behalf of the players who aren't asshats I'm sorry man lol
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