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  1. Reducing the movement doesn't undermines the purpose of the concept as even a small movement makes a big difference. All skaters are of course also different and prefer different settings, just like with sharpening. So looking back, it's obvious that you should be able to set the amount of movement. Also, even if you in the end prefer the amount of movement you have now, if you would have had the possibility to add movement step by step it's likely that you wouldn't have had the initial frustration and bad experience. Hope that makes sense. //Per
  2. I'd be happy to send you the components I've described earlier to be able to adjust the rocking movement. So you can play around and test different setups to allow an easier transition. Would you like that? //Per
  3. Sounds good to me @YesLanges ! As you mention others can learn from our conversation as well, good point! I totally understand the frustration if things don't feel good. When you love skating and playing hockey, even one skate with a bad experience makes you frustrated. It might take some patience but at the end I'm very convinced that you'll enjoy the game even more when you're dialed in with our technology. Converting to our holder is certainly a bigger change than going to a combo radius and FBV so the transition period might be longer but the upside greater. The body has a strong muscle memory and as you've been skating a certain way your whole life, pushing of at a certain angle, with certain joint movements at a certain speed. This needs to be adjusted slightly. If you continue to perform the exact same movement at the exact same time and speed you're not going to find support for pushing off where you're used to, you're not going to find optimum glide where you're used to and your movements will feel off. You've certainly experienced other changes in your hockey equipment that felt strange (even if it's not as strange as you've experienced now). A stick that is couple of mm too short/long or with a blade with a new curve. Testing a new sharpening on your skates (as you mention), it can feel very strange even just a slight change. But once you've used it for a couple of skates, the feel goes from "I can't used this" to "I'm never going back". At least I've had those experiences... And just mentally new protective gear that doesn't directly effect performance can make you frustrated just because it feels stiff and bulky. To not mention new skates... That being said, I think it's a combination of having a couple more hours on them to make some small changes in your movement pattern, along with starting at a smaller rocker movement. I suggest I send you the components for you to get a more gradual transition to the movement. It's bushings with different outer diameters that you add to the rear heel sprint to reduce the movement slightly. I don't think you should change the profile yet. What's your shipping address? Or I can take your backer ID and find the info there. If I get your info today I'll ship tomorrow and you should have them by mid next week. Looking forward to dial you in! //Per
  4. @Nicholas G Ok, thanks for talking to them anyway! //Per
  5. Hi Charles, Very sorry to hear about your negative experience. I do however appreciate the feedback. For some players we've lately learned that there can be somewhat of a learning curve to adapt to take advantage of the technology depending on skating style, balance etc. But a majority also feel the advantages quickly. I'd be happy to share some of all the very positive in depth reviews we've received from other Kickstarter backers if you would like to see that. You can also check our Instagram and Facebook pages. That being said. It's a continues development and we are making some changes to allow a more gradual transition, adding movement step by step for players that prefer that. I've just recently made some components for our Kickstarter backers to make this adjustment and I'd be happy to send you them if you'd like try that out. Please feel free to e-mail me at per@marsblade.com to discuss further. I really hope to be able to work with you to make you happy with the investment. Best regards Per Mars
  6. Thanks man! Glad to hear! Let me know if you have any questions going forward //Per
  7. If anyone feel there's too much movement and feel they are, as described by some, "too far back on their heels". Please contact me and I can send you some components to adjust to a smaller rocker. My e-mail is per@marsblade.com //Per Mars, Inventor
  8. Ok! I'll be happy to send you some components to adjust the rocker. I replied to your e-mail. //Per
  9. For the guys that haven't seen this interview with Kronwall who has been using them this season I thought it would be interesting to hear his thoughts. Feel free to contact me here or on my e-mail per@marsblade.com with any questions you might have //Per
  10. Hi Nicholas, I'm surprised to hear this as the general feedback we've received has been very good. Of the roughly 1000 pairs we've sent out I've only had contact with two guys that are not all dialed in yet. I'm makings some adjustments for them now and I'm confident that will turn them around. That being said this is a First Edition and we are constantly working on improvements. You mentioned in a comment a delay in response and guys feeling to far back on their heels. One thing we'll adjust for the coming version is the possibility to start with a smaller rocker movement to allow a less drastic transition. Although many guys prefer quite a lot of movement once they've used them a while, some don't have the patience to adjust. This will smoothen the transition. It would be great to get in contact with the customers you mentioned that went back to their old holders as I would be more than happy to make some adjustments I'm confident would turn them around. If you're interested in discussing further I'd like to connect with you via e-mail. It's important for us to gather as much feedback as possible to improve the product and you certainly seem very engaged in improving players performance. I tried to find your e-mail through your site but didn't find it... Best regards Per Mars, Inventor
  11. We certainly do. We are more than happy to help out if there's anyone that is in need for that. //Per Mars, Marsblade
  12. Ok, I see Eric. I recommend that you start without a wedge, then if you are not happy you can try using one. I think you should be happy without. Let me know if other question comes up. //Per
  13. Hi Eric, You can center the chassis according to the instruction manual that is included in the box, no need for specific setup for Graf or Bauer. Not sure what you mean with the extra "wedge"...? Regards Per
  14. Sound good Casey! Good ambassadors like yourself is important for us so thanks for helping us spread the word about us. Good luck with your training and look forward to hear your experience going forward. //Per
  15. Hi Casey, I would not recommend using 72,72,68,68 as the frame is not designed for that. With time some wheels will wear down more that others. Seems like the back 72 and back 68 would wear down a lot faster than the other two. If you want to change the pich it is better that you include a shim in the front. If you will go through that extra work that is... If not you can certainly keep that wheel setup. The purpose of Marsblade is to force you into using a proper stride and it seems like you have felt the effects of that in the way I intended. If you don't use a proper push and knee bend, and "cheat" trying to push with the toe to early you will (almost) fall on your face. This is done intentionally to give direct feedback and force you into the correct position. With the "advanced setup" (smaller front wheel (68,72,72,72mm) will force you even more to a proper stride. I have not heard anyone that had an issue of ending up on his heels when going back to ice so I'm pretty sure that you won't have that problem. The problem with the traditional rigid frame is that you have support on the toes all the time and since the body is lazy you will use that support. Then as you go back to ice you won't have that support and feel very unstable. Removing the toe support that we have done with Marsblade forces you to only activate the toes during the end part of your stride, as on ice. By removing even more support, as with the advanced setup, you will have to work even harder with the proper stride and deep knee bend so when switching back to ice it will feel like you have more support and can perform a more powerful stride. The reason that you don't want to activate the toe push early is that you in that phase start using the calf muscles that are not very powerful. You want to use that large powerful muscle groups (like the glutes) as long as possible during the stride and that is achieved with a deep skating position. That being said I think it's best if you try the different setups and try going back and forth ice/roller to see what works best for you. Not sure if this answers all your questions. Please feel free to ask if you have more. //Per
  16. The pitch aggressivness is somewhere in between the TUUK holder and CCM holder. You might be thrown off by the height of our frame since it is higher than the ice holder. I would say you try the standard setup to start with, using all 76 or 72 depending on chassis size. If you then feel off balance you can experiment with switching the wheels. I've had other guys that asked if they should use a shim but once they tried it without the did not feel the need for the shim. Let me know how it feels when you have tried them. //Per
  17. Casey, Realized I never answered your last post but it seems like you have it all figured out, awesome! Please let me know if you have any questions going forward. //Per
  18. Hi Casey, Can't really figure out how to post a pic here. Did you not get a folder with mounting instructions and info regarding placement of the chassis? Please e-mail me at per@marsblade.com and I can send an illustration. However I will be travelling and will be off line until sunday unfortunately.
  19. I was going add a picture of some instructions but could not figure out how to attached it... Please let me know if you guys have any questions on how to mount the chassis. Best regards // Per
  20. No, there's no need to soak the plastic. All the best //Per Yes, it might be good to clean the rocking surfaces from time to time. You don't need bearing fluid cleaner, you can just take a brush to get rid of the dust that is stuck. Or if it's really stuck a suitable metal tool. All the best //Per
  21. Yes, you can find Chassis only here: http://marsblade.com/allAre you not able to order?
  22. Yes, you are not alone... But you'll improve your skating technique quickly so after a couple of times you'll feel totally comfortable. Then try the traditional inlines again and you'll throw them away :-)
  23. Yes, good thing you did not start of with the shim :-) Remember that it is designed to help you improve you skating technique so the fact that you are falling over your toes is what most players do. This helps you get deeper down in you skating position and focus on a proper skating stride with full extension. I'll be surprised if you don't feel that the transition back to ice is much easier. Let me know how it goes! //Per
  24. Good to hear! Looking forward to hearing your feedback, once installment is ready! It can be a bit of a challenge sometimes with the t-nut, I know :-)
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