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  1. Hey, The sizing chart refers to Bauers chart. They have different size holders on the half size skates, so a 6.5 D uses a 254 while a 6.5 EE uses a 263. Hope that makes sense. Holes lines up with the TUUK. //Per
  2. @Westside @Miller55 We want to keep the fit of the lower and upper chassis as tight as possible to get the best possible stability. Unfortunately the visible wear is therefore hard to avoid but as I think you indicate @Westside it's only aesthetic. Hope that makes sense. //Per Mars, Inventor
  3. @ivani Ok, that's what I thought. Although you get better maneuverability than with a straight setup, the downside of rockering the wheels with smaller front and rear wheels is of course that you get less stability and grip to the surface. It also gets a bit "choppy" since the rocker is more "on and off" between the different positions. With our Flow Motion Technology you get a much smoother rocker movement and weight transfer for better feel, power transfer and roll on the wheels. If you use our Standard (straight) wheel setup and want more maneuverability we suggest our Advanced setup with a smaller front wheel in addition to our technology. You could of course also put a smaller rear wheel also (as in the banana setup) but my personal opinion is that you get too much movement and lack of stability. //Per
  4. Hi @ivani, When you're turning the weight on the wheel base shifts back and puts more pressure on the back wheels than the front wheels. Since the wheels are soft the rear wheel can even be pressed down enough so the front wheel can even lift off the ground allowing you to turn. The rocker makes it easier and more natural to shift the weight along the length of the foot and easier to put more heel pressure for easier turns. When you say banana rocker, what do you mean? //Per
  5. Hi guys, Yes Bauer and Mission skates/chassis are definitely more common than our R1 chassis right now. But keep in mind that we're introducing a new technology to a conservative market and it's takes time to break through. Bauer / Mission and other roller hockey brands have been out on the market for many many years and we launched our chassis less than one year ago. You will start seeing more and more R1s going forward and in a few years everyone will be using Flow Motion Technology As far as durability, we've just recently changed the material in the plastic and are confident we have solved any issues with them breaking. //Per, Inventor
  6. Are you sure that you have 76 in the back on your current jr frames? I haven't seen anything else than a 72/68 setup on Hi/lo jr skates. //Per
  7. @jtkaczuk Sorry to hear that you haven't received reply to your e-mail to our customer service. Not sure why that is, they are up to speed and should be able to get back in no more than a day or two. Please e-mail me at per@marsblade.com and I'll take it further. @marka I follow this thread as closely as I can and jump in when I feel it's needed or if anyone has a direct question to the extent possible. And yes, I'm not working in customer support daily, need to work on new and improving our current products //Per
  8. Hi @caseyjones. The R1 has 80/76 setup. If you're an ice player that prefer more of an ice feel I understand you don't like the longer wheel base. If you prefer the performance R1 over our training O1 frame it's possible that our Small R1 (72/68 wheels) frame would be more to your liking. //Per
  9. @JSchultz Ok! Great to hear! Let us know if you have further thoughts/questions. //Per
  10. @JSchultz Ah ok, so all good then? We're looking at widening the gap slightly in future productions. //Per
  11. @JSchultz Sorry, the first picture I sent was the Large chassis, Here's the Medium chassis according to drawings. So they seem to be correct. Can you try measuring the wheels again. It seems very strange that they would touch if your 76mm wheels are actually smaller. I'd be happy to get on a call if you want to discuss how to proceed. Feel free to call me at +4670 328 88 35. Or e-mail me at per@marsblade.com and I'll give you a call. //Per
  12. @JSchultz having some issues with posting the picture... Sorry I was a bit unclear in the last post. If you can measure the distance between the 1st and 2nd wheel and also the distance between the 3rd and 4th wheel that would be awesome. They should measure 71.6mm and 75.6mm. //Per
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