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  1. I had a retail sales guy tell me that the Pro Carbon insole would be too stiff for my 13 and 10 year old sons and advised to stay with the yellow insoles for them. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with fitting Pro Carbon insoles on younger players?
  2. I inquired about their PeakSpeed Skates Friday afternoon at Graf headquarters and got a reply to expect them in a couple of weeks. Where does that product get sold now?
  3. Is Aaron still using the 55 Flex lace extensions? Plus the heel shim, sounds like one of my son's specs who went to Makos because he couldn't get enough knee bend on a stiffer Supreme boot. He now wants to go back to Supreme this year. Looks like we will have to load up on aftermarket stuff again. He does fit the Supreme boot well. I am thinking about the VH skate as another option.
  4. Where are your heel lifts built in?
  5. Rather than a built in heel lift, why not go with the CXN holder with Step v-steel? Not a criticism just a question.
  6. For sure pick the right fit. My son had Supreme's for four seasons prior to the past two with Mako's and we had 1/8" shims under his Supreme skates but I found that they loosened a bit and it was like he pushed off and there was two movements in his stride. I was thinking of CXN holders on Supreme skates as an option because the shim's didn't seem to work great for him in the past or VH skates with CXN holders. Thanks for the info. My son is finding that his Mako's aren't responsive enough on his first three strides so it is nice to hear that the VH skates are better in that area. Also nice to know that the CXN holders feel similar on the VH skates.
  7. One of my sons wants to move out of the Mako skate and is considering going back to Bauer Supreme which is a good fit for him other than the lack of pitch. Would the VH skate be a better option especially if we threw on a CXN holder to keep the pitch similar?
  8. We switched to the Blackstone spinner system last year without a cross grinder and have multiple users on it. Before that, I only worked with a SPD system and used to do a couple of witness marks at each end of the blade and centre the skate holder to my kids level edges but now with the spinner system I can't do that because it doesn't give you true witness marks. I also find the Blackstone holder isn't as consistent as the BladeMaster holder when moving the holder up or down to centre the blade. I do believe the spinner does have some inconsistency but I can get a smooth finish with a bit more work at it.
  9. VH is making a junior skate with a price point comparable to the top CCM and Bauer junior skates?
  10. I guess my son wants to go back to the Supreme skate this year from being in Makos the past two seasons. He has needed a heel shim in the Bauer skate before but I am thinking about trying the CXN holder instead of the shim. Are you positive that the CXN holder is compatible with the Supreme boot?
  11. When my son was last in Supreme skates 3 years ago, we used to get a 1/8" heel lift under his holder to pitch him similar to the Graf skates he used to wear before that. The past two years he had been wearing Makos that already have that extra 1/8" pitch in the heel of the CXN holder. He just tried on skates the past week for the upcoming season and doesn't fit the Mako skate anymore(his foot is now too deep) so we are looking at going back into the Supreme skate for him. I believe that the edge holder is different then the previous Bauer holder and the boot pitch might be different than the Supreme boot of 4 years ago but we are still anticipating some pitch work needed for this year considering he just came from the Mako with a 9/10 profile as well. The only problem I had with the heel lift under the Supreme boot was that the rivets needed tightened now and then as there was movement created from the heel lift as it loosened with the holder after some wear and tear. I believe that the CXN holder on the Bauer boot probably isn't compatible but could be an option if it would work. It would be nice if Bauer had a second holder option with the 1/8" more heel pitch like the CXN holder. I am looking for some expert advice on this please.
  12. Comparing both skates, the fit is fairly similar in the heel and forefoot width although it appears that the heel instep depth in the Jetspeed skate is larger than the Supreme so it would need to wrap around better than the Supreme skate especially if someone has a shallow made foot. I think a more shallow made foot might still fit better in the Supreme than the Jetspeed. Anyone agree or disagree?
  13. Sounds good. I will definately get him to demo them. Sometimes walking around the store in the skates just doesn't cut it. If he is changing from the Mako skate, it will be good to skate in the JetSpeed to see if it is anywhere close to workable especially coming from a Mako skate. Who knows, maybe he will end up getting Mako's again.
  14. Hopefully they have demos available in the JetSpeeds. My son has been in Mako's with a 9/10 profile but has been having problems with the outside of his feet against the side wall of the skate. I think the padding wears down and he is left pushing off of the composite wall only.
  15. Anyone tryout the JetSpeed Skates yet who have also skated in the Supreme skate? I have two sons in Supreme skates who skate well in them but my third son just doesn't get going in the Supreme skates unless we get more pitch in them with shims and profiling. The fit is right, just not the pitch. Would the JetSpeeds have a little more pitch than the Supreme skates? Do they fit similar? I am reading that they should be a close fit to each other.
  16. The New Re-Akt 100's aren't out yet where we are at and I was wondering if waiting for them was worth while or not.
  17. HI JR, I am trying to find a helmet that fits similar to the 9900. Both my two younger sons need helmets and fit 9900 helmets perfectly but I haven't been able to find another helmet that replaces it. I did read somewhere on this topic that the new Re-Akt 100 fits similar to the 9900. Is this accurate?
  18. I did a little in home research on the pitch issue with the Makos. I have 3 sons in hockey who have used many different brands of skates and individually have a similar fit but a different pitch that they perform better in. In measuring the difference in holder height between the heel and toe, I found the Mako CXN holder had a difference of 3/4". The Reebok and Graf skates had a difference of 5/8" and the Bauer LS2 and the holder on the S17 skates had a difference of 1/2". My oldest son who is having issues with his Mako skates, has always performed better in 1/2"(with a 8.5/9.5 profile) to a 5/8" difference in the holders of his past skates. My middle son who also has Makos, so far doesn't seem to have any issues with the Mako pitch but he can't skate on a 1/2" difference holder like a LS2 or a S17 holder so he has either had a heel lift to get him to the 5/8" difference or just worn skates that had a 5/8" difference in the holders. The problem with the Easton Mako CXN holders going to 3/4" difference is that they are pushing the pitch too far past where most skaters are used to being. If they had another holder at 1/2" to 5/8" difference as well then they could cover off skaters like my oldest son as well. The stability of the skater to win battles in the corners etc. is just as important as their skating ability and I think that that is where the CXN holder will strike out unless they can offer that 1/2" to 5/8" difference in a holder.
  19. What profile would you put on them?
  20. What profile are you putting on the steel to remove some pitch? Do you know what the intended pitch angle is supposed to be for a stock Mako? Bauer is around 3 and Graf is around 5 I think. My Son plays defence so needs to use his toe a little more than a forward.
  21. If Easton are going to put an aggressive pitch on the holder, then they should leave the steel at a neutral position. There are two problems with the profile idea. 1. There isn't a lot of steel to start with because they already come profiled. 2.It would become a trial and error situation because I don't know what the ideal pitch angle would be for my son with these skates or what profile to ask for to get there. He skated well in S17's two years ago and in 11k's last year. We put a 9/10 profile on the S17's and didn't profile the Reebok 11K's. I think skate manufacturers should label the pitch angle on their skates like lie and flex on sticks. Easton should come out with another less aggressive holder that we can custom order to eliminate the extra hassle after the purchase.
  22. My older son(13) has been in Makos for about 6 weeks now and I am having some concerns. At the start it looked like the greatest invention since sliced bread but now I think there needs to be less pitch in the holder. I have noticed that when ever he pivots quickly it looks like he has to catch himself from falling and when he has to transition from backwards to forward the same thing. Also, it seems like he has to work hard to get some speed up the ice. Playing defence, he never loses races to a loose puck but is now. He also doesn't seem to have enough stability when taking or giving hits. He likes the boot but I have heard that some guys are scrapping the holder for a Lightspeed 2 for most of the reasons above. Thoughts anyone? Should I really have to spend more money to make $800 skates work properly.
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