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  1. I had a retail sales guy tell me that the Pro Carbon insole would be too stiff for my 13 and 10 year old sons and advised to stay with the yellow insoles for them. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with fitting Pro Carbon insoles on younger players?
  2. I inquired about their PeakSpeed Skates Friday afternoon at Graf headquarters and got a reply to expect them in a couple of weeks. Where does that product get sold now?
  3. How does the puck feel on the blade as far as stick handling etc?
  4. Has anyone used both the Ultra Tacks stick and the Nexus 1N stick? Thoughts on feel, puck control and shooting between the two sticks?
  5. Thanks for the input on VH skates. We have a fitting scheduled for Friday. I had most of those holder measurements on sticky notes on a sheet of paper buried under practice plans and thought that it would be better to post them on this site for others to reference if they wanted to.
  6. Yes, the bigger the boot size, the holder would increase in height as well with the pitch staying the same.
  7. I am thinking that the pitch of each holder brand will be the same regardless of size of holder. The SR sizes were in the 7 size range. The JR CXN and the Speedblade +4 are in the 4-5 size range. The Lightspeed 2 was a size 1 and was a 4 year old holder. I guess if anyone has larger SR sizes in some of these holders, they could measure them and confirm whether the measurements I have are the same as theirs. I am also curious if the current stock of Lightspeed 2 holders are still a 4/8" pitch difference as well. I believe that the Lightspeed Edge and Speedblade +4 should be the same measurements.
  8. Thought I would share some skate holder height measurements from some of my sons skates over the years for anyone wondering about holder pitch etc. Heel Toe SR Easton CXN: 2 7/8" 2 1/8" = 6/8" pitch SR Lightspeed Edge: 2 6/8" 2 1/8" = 5/8" pitch SR Eblade Pro: 2 5/8" 2" = 5/8" pitch JR Easton CXN: 2 5/8" 1 7/8" = 6/8" pitch JR Speedblade +4 2 4/8" 1 7/8" = 5/8" pitch JR Lightspeed 2 2 3/8" 1 7/8" = 4/8" pitch JR Razor Bladz II 2 2/8" 1 6/8" = 4/8" pitch Yth Lightspeed Pro 2" 1 3/8" = 5/8" pitch Yth Graf 2 2/8" 1 5/8" = 5/8" pitch That's all the skates I have kicking around the house that haven't already been traded off or sold. I hope this helps anyone regarding any pitch issues that need corrected.
  9. I sent you a message about VH skates. Did you get it?
  10. Forward flex. Pitch I can change with a shim or sharpen.
  11. Is Aaron still using the 55 Flex lace extensions? Plus the heel shim, sounds like one of my son's specs who went to Makos because he couldn't get enough knee bend on a stiffer Supreme boot. He now wants to go back to Supreme this year. Looks like we will have to load up on aftermarket stuff again. He does fit the Supreme boot well. I am thinking about the VH skate as another option.
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