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  1. A part of me dies watching the section at around 10:05, seeing what they do to the helmet statue on top of the JOFA HQ.
  2. Well, you can buy the TOVI version of it: https://tovihockey.com/technology/diamond-coat-liquid-tape/
  3. I remember those, I think I even used them. I don't remember too much of an issue because they were flexable enough, maybe the thought is without the breaks, there are less weak spots. I use Winnwell gloves now though, and love them.
  4. Thanks for the ideas everyone, a few of them I already had on my radar, but some of them were brand new to me. Tried to cram as many as I could in there. Anyways, here is the list:
  5. Some good ones in here, I forgot about those ninja turtle gloves.
  6. Hey everyone, I am working on a youtube video to showcase the oddest hockey gear of all time. I already made a video about the oddest goalie gear that you can see here: https://youtu.be/SwptDoEm4NQ But I wanted to know what everyone thinks the oddest SKATER gear is, and there is know better place to ask than ModSquad.
  7. I never intended to get inline skates at first. I owned 2 pair of ice skates. I am pretty particular, I only use Bauer 5000 or above, and I have small feet, size 6. I was in a thrift shop and saw that they had a pair of ice skates, the only had one pair. I took a look at them and they were Bauer Supreme 5000s, size 6. Even though I already had 2 pair, I felt that I could not pass up the chance to by my brand of skate, and since they were only selling them for $7, I felt that I could not loose. But then i had 3 pair of skates, and only one pair of feet. I eventually had the idea to turn one pair into an inline pair. I got a brand new Chassis, on clearance off Peranis for less than $20 shipped, and ended up with a $27 pair of inline skates that I would use over most high end models on the market today.
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