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  1. Tacki-Mac all the way! And as much as I love them for saving palms, I love them more for the grip it gives you on the top hand. Personally I find I shoot better/stickhandle better as I get more control from the grip the Tacki-Mac has over cloth tape or grip tape or regular tape.
  2. I've heard the NBA is eyeing July 15th or August 1st
  3. I mean...no frills here and this kid seems to be making the most of what he’s got.
  4. To each their own my friend, there's nothing wrong with taking your kids development and love for the game seriously. From all I've heard Marsblade is a great product and if you have the means Can-Ice looks to be the best synthetic ice alternative I've seen to date. That being said, at 10 years old maybe stick with what he's got for inlines? I'd play devils advocate here and have him stick it out on what he has for inlines and when it comes time for new inlines then make the call on how you want to go with Marsblade or even a synthetic ice surface.
  5. I have a few friends looking for ABS blades and they're saying they are hard to come by with a lot locations online being sold out or unavailable. I've just been using an old one piece in the driveway with my son and its held up pretty well believe it or not. Its been worn down and lost some height but not enough that its having a negative impact. Granted its just me messing around and not playing a game but its held up pretty well. If you've got an old one piece I'd say keep that around and give it a try for the asphalt to see how it holds up.
  6. Gloves from the 90's in general are the coolest looking just because they incorporated more colors, especially the Easton's. They were able to come up with some interesting colorways (sharks come to mind) but also with the glove construction I guess they could show more of the colors used so I guess thats what made them look good. I will admit though the only drawback to those gloves was being a kid and playing a tournament with 2 games in one day, the glove would never dry and that next day you put your hand in was just gross.
  7. bite your tongue, loved my Easton GX1350...as far as I'm concerned thems fighting words I challenge you to a duel at dawn
  8. For some reason I don't see me buying something from Verbero, using it once for some project I am working on then returning it like I do at Harbor Freight.
  9. @Marka what you need to do is find something that can generate 1.21 gigawatts of power for the flux capacitor so when we get the DeLorean up to 88 MPH we'll be able to travel back in time to when Warrior had their factory in Canada open and we could pretty much order whatever we wanted.
  10. That kinda sucks, I wish I would've known how long that that price was going to last because so I could've pulled the trigger on them.
  11. Hey Per @Marsblade I think I'm going to grab just the chassis option, at the price its a steal. Just curious before I pull the trigger, could you provide some info on how the upper part of the chassis connects to the bottom? And how you would change the rocker?
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