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  1. those 2S are gorgeous.
  2. More validation that I made a wise choice stocking up on Made In Canada Warrior mitts.
  3. I'd recommend trying the Quad Zero Profile if you can. When I went from Vapors with a Quad Zero to True's with a Quad Zero the profile was much more noticeable on the True's in a good way.
  4. this one hits home...we lost Ozone... If you don't know who that is you need to go watch the quintessential 80's breakdancing movies Breakin' & its sequel Breeakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo RIP Adolfo 'shabbadoo' quinones
  5. True Project X sticks look like the Easton RS Stealth, swapped yellow for green.
  6. I went down the holder size in the retail true, from 7.5 custom true with 272 to retail tf9 size 7 with a 263 and I will be swapping them out for 272 holders, just couldn’t get 100% comfortable on them. I’ve been putting inline chassis on ice boots since the 90’s, I think putting a larger holder on the trues won’t be an issue when drilling new holes. Just find a reputable shop who knows what they’re doing and you’ll be fine. If you’re worried about any of the ‘old’ holes maybe ask the shop where you’re having the holders swapped to use some epoxy to fill them. Also make sure you ask that the shop is using the correct size rivets for the true’s. I remember reading in the other True thread that True uses a different rivet size to bite into the outsole. I forget what size that rivet needs to be maybe@JR Boucicaut can remind me.
  7. Easton blades losing their pop seemed to be the standard for them. I still have an eq50 tapered shaft with the weights in it. Had to super glue the weights in it to get it to stay in place. Actually messed around with it this weekend, forgot how good the feel is, just wish it had a slightly lower flex.
  8. I Drill a hole into the wood end plug for weight reduction
  9. Wasn’t it the easton EQ sticks that had little weights you could put in the end plug for weight/balance? Probably something us ol’ timers who still use wood end plugs can point to and say ‘see we’re not crazy!’
  10. Those look similar to what Schiavo was using a few summers ago if I remember correctly.
  11. Money is probably involved, without Butt ends being readily available once you cut your stick that's it. If you hit a growth spurt or wanna try a longer stick its time to buy a new one. It could also be because players no longer file down their knobs as they once did with woods sticks. Or perhaps manufacturers found the wood end pieces adversely affected stick flex, not really sure but all these ideas that popped into my head. I'm also on 'Team Wood End Plug'. I put a short wooden end plug into all of my sticks. It could just be me or superstition but I feel like the Wood End Plug provides a 'dampening' effect on the stick. Without it the end plug I feel like the stick has a 'ping-ish' feel, like pucks are prone to bounce off my blade on receiving a pass or when I'm handling the puck I just have a better feel. When you're a grizzled vet sometimes you stick with what you think works and thats certainly what I do.
  12. Are you guys sure you don't wanna use Prestone? And don't forget the anti-freeze
  13. Straighten a blade? Easy. Step 1. Blowtorch or heat gun Step 2. Step on blade until flat Step 3. Dip blade into ice cold water
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