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  1. Sorry you’re right…this sounds like Mission Vibe roller hockey chassis & the Mission Pitch holder had a baby. Still not sold on moving part in a holder, leaves too much chance for something to go wrong and break.
  2. Just need the matching shells now.
  3. So you can adjust the rocker? Mission had this in their holders years ago before Bauer bought them out or am I taking crazy pills? There was the Pitch3 holder that I remember getting a lot of love on here and then I think the Rush holder on the NME skate that never got released because of the Bauer acquisition had the same adjustment. Curious to see what improvements or enhancements are made and if the adoption of it actually takes off. (side-note, goddam am I getting old…)
  4. So no more moving parts in the holder?
  5. That’s a long time for me to remember, but I remember seeing Fishbones, 962’s, G80’s and G90’s coming with a mix of the Redline hi-Lo frames and the sensor frames.
  6. These with the sensor chassis were some of my favorite skates. Probably the best Tour skate of all time.
  7. I’ve had the EZ Goal since, 2005’ish maybe 2006. Still going strong, it’s survived every Boston winter since. Never stored it inside, its been in a driveway since I got it. Honestly never folded it up so I can’t speak on that. Only ‘maintenance’ I’ve done is new netting a few times. Well worth the investment if you ask me. Also congrats on the house! Can only imagine the hoops you had to jump through to find a house in the Boston Metro market, real estate is bananaland right now around here.
  8. Can’t speak about the zuperior but I went from the Quad to the Elipse. I’m a big fan, it feels a lot smoother. The transition took a skate or two to get used to.
  9. Where do you get such wonderful toys? are those Hartford or old school OHL whalers? Either way they’re amazing!
  10. The name bar looks like its a sticker or was just put on a retail bauer stick. No flex, build code, or version of Eichel's stick. My question is, without the name bar how do you know its fake?
  11. cmon man, they're Social Media Influencers...why wouldn't you trust their opinion?
  12. Not sure of the ‘aesthetics’ on the skates but I’m probably old and out of touch with what the kids dig these days. https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Tour_Code_LG9/descpage-TCLG9.html That being said the IS design look good https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Tour_Code_IS/descpage-TCIS.html
  13. He’s wearing the old MLX skates in that pic.
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