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  1. That I don’t know unfortunately. But if I had to base it on the release cycle I’d say a year’ish & some is what I’d put my money on.
  2. I don’t see Graf as a ‘major’ brand anymore.
  3. Stumbled upon this and thought it was interesting: Check out this job at Warrior Sports: Product Engineer - Skates https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3116385282 Always scratched my head wondering with New Balance as the parent company why Warrior never got into skates, guess we’ll have to see if this comes to fruition.
  4. “Built with updated materials for improved feel & performance but holds true to the iconic look with the most iconic patterns that Synergy was known for.” Translation, Because if we actually used any of the original materials or build process we’d get exposed that a lot of the current sticks are subpar compared to the original synergy.
  5. Looks to be similarly priced to Rezztek. Haven’t seen it in person but curious how it stacks up to how thin the Rezztek material is. Not in blade coverage but when sticking it it on, it’s very thin. Not sure the design of the buttendz is ideal with it not covering the entire blade unless they have size options available? I’ve tried Rezztek and I think it’s a very good product albeit overpriced. That being said I’ve tried buttendz stick grips and I think the product is subpar and way overpriced, I’d take tacki Mac any day of the week over buttendz. With that in mind I’d most likely go back to Rezztek if I ever went the blade grip route.
  6. Probably has more to do with holder sizer than profile.
  7. @OzziesDadYou’re dealing with going down a holder size, the pitch/height of the true holder, & whatever radius is on them. i went from true customs w/ 272 tuuks to retail tf9 with a 263 true holder. I stuck it out on the true holder and went with a pro sharp elipse profile at 5/8, took about 2 skates to feel completely comfortable and I haven’t looked back. By all means you could swap out the holder since you’re in the trues for so little money wise. This would also make most sense if you plan on going back and forth with them and your ccm. Otherwise I’d suggest sticking it out on the true holder, you just might like it.
  8. I prefer the tacki-Mac Kane grips. I’ve also had success with their other grips and making my own tape jobs and getting the tacki-Mac over it. Never had an issue taking one tack-Mac off and putting it on another stick, I also use hairspray as well which might make it easier. I tried the buttendz but I think they’re too pricey and don’t provide the same grip as tacki-Mac. It seems like if you get the buttendz wet or have wet palms the buttendz tend to slip around in your hand, at least that’s my experience.
  9. I had a bunch of the first run of addictions do that back in the day. Labeda was great, sent me a new set and said by the way the wheels with the cracks should be fine. I used the wheels and despite the cracks, labeda was right they performed fine, wheels wore as usual otherwise, not really an issue.
  10. Those Beemer blue missions were great.
  11. I’m in the same boat as you, would love to try them but am skeptical of the durability. I’d also prefer to swap out the frame for a labeda all 80 and would love to know if the chassis holes would match up.
  12. Blast from the past thread for reference: I loved my novius but I do remember torquing issues, I don’t think I ever took a slap shot with it. Not that you needed to, the 300 flex with its whip & kick point got off shots very quickly with great velocity. For me it was also a very durable shaft, seemed like it lasted forever until one of the walls on the shaft split from replacing blades.
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