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  1. I had the Daoust 555 'Gold' skates, I was a big fan of those.
  2. Ferland 3400 & 3300 were my favs. Especially the 3400 with the digi overlay on the palms.
  3. Old boot in great condition, nice pick up! I don't recall any issues mounting chassis' on those back in the day, granted its been a while. But I remember mounting a few different pairs of those without issue, Kuzak, Mission, & Labeda. I remember the only chassis I had a hard time with was someone wanting a Mission Vibe chassis on them but that was just because that chassis was trash.
  4. I think there was 'Douglas' Defenders, Easton had their 'Donzi' ones, I think Cooper had a few different iterations of bulky football like pads, & Jofa had a pair too I remember Lindros wearing them on a hockey card if I'm not mistaken. Are you even allowed to have hard plastic on shoulder pads anymore?
  5. Max Von Sydow And if you don't know who that is go watch Strange Brew, you hoser!
  6. Mother of god...
  7. I had ACDF, Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion. This was done on 3 Levels, C3-C4, C4-C5, & C5-C6. Biggest issue I had though was my disc at C3-C4 was herniated & calcifying. A herniated disc is one thing but a Herniated Disc calcifying and putting pressure on your spinal cord, well lets just say that's a good time to have a chat about upping the 'ol life insurance policy for the fam. With these discs its a Domino effect, when one fails the one below starts to take the burnt and get messed and then the one below that, and so on. My ortho did 3 levels as 2 needed it and the third was going and would eventually need to be done at a later date so he just went for them all in one shot. The scariest thing with my issue is I was fine one day and then woke up with the worst stiff neck you've ever had in your life and couldn't move the right side of my body. That went away over a few days but that's when the pain in the shoulder/trap area really started. That began to radiate down my triceps and then into my ring/pinky fingers started getting cold and pins & needles. I also lost a lot of dexterity, just trying to hold pen and write was excruciating and I basically couldn't even do it. After this I started to notice a lack of strength in my right side and also a loss of muscle mass in my arm & chest. All of this took place in the matter of 1 month. Obviously my case is an exception, in one day I went from having an MRI at 7 AM, getting a call from the Ortho Surgeon around 10 AM saying I needed to come in immediately, seeing my ortho surgeon around 5 PM being told what was wrong (I passed out during this news) and scheduling my surgery for a week later. Even with my case insurance sucked ass, my primary care wanted to put me through the pain pills/cortisone shot/Physical Therapy before an MRI and I went to the head of the practice and told him I'm not leaving your office until I get an MRI (I had one scheduled in 2 days after this). The surgery my Ortho said I needed to make sure I resolved that calcified disc possibly severing my spinal cord, even that got rejected! My Ortho said that happens all the time and a phone call w/ him and the insurance company gets it pushed, but still its an insane process. I still urge anyone who ends up with or thinks they have a Cervical Spine issue to get it checked out just because I had no clue how bad of shape I was in and the only way to find that out is by an MRI. If you've got any more questions or need any more info, please hit me up. I've kinda become an expert with this stuff after my ordeal so if you needed anything just hit me up.
  8. Judging from my experience, the numbness/tingling/cold/weirdness in the ring & pinky can be associated with c5/c6. I had exactly what you described, started with the shoulder pain, radiated down the arm & into the fingers. I know insurance sucks and wants you to go through their ‘process’ before you get an MRI but the only way you & your docs are going to know what’s really going on is an MRI. I’d go back to your doc or even on day 1 of PT and ask them to push for the MRI. The docs can get it pushed through, it’s a hassle & and extra steps for them but it can be done. As someone who went through this I can attest to insurance sucking balls. All my primary care doc wanted to do is give me opioids and push me out the door saying it’s a muscle spasm. I got my surgery request rejected when I had a calcified disc putting so much pressure on my spinal cord my surgeon couldn’t understand how I was walking. After Surgery my PT had to have multiple ‘consultations’ w/ the insurance doctor to extend the number of sessions that were covered. The process sucks but so does living in pain and not being able to do shit. I’d push and push and push some more on anyone & everyone you can to get you an MRI. Just my $.02 as someone who went through this nightmare. P.S. I’m fine now after surgery, ha P.S. Part Duex - hit me up if you need to talk, need advice or anything
  9. I have a ton of Bauer Tapered replacement blades and decent stock of tapered Easton's & Bauer shafts but I always felt like those companies never did anything to improve the tech in their shaft options. Was hoping to try a True Tapered shaft as I figured if anyone was to actually the design for a two piece it would be True.
  10. Great news! When I went 6 or so months after surgery to skate it was so awesome just to be on the ice again and then absolutely humbling realizing how out of shape you are, ha!
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