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  1. At the end of the day, just like almost all hockey gear related questions, it all comes down to personal preference.
  2. check out puckstop dot com, they have the entire line up of Mission skates.
  3. Does anyone have info on the size and/or type of screw that is used to keep the tendon guards in place on the True TF9? I don't use my tongues for leverage to get my skates off but still had one of the screws break.
  4. ha, I remember using that Sonic grip juice spray like crazy on wheels trying to get better grip on smooth concrete, I'm not sure if it helped or not.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133311927473 @iceman8310
  6. I remember the CO2 gun & cartridge that came with those, never used it but yea those skates were super comfy.
  7. does the pump still work?
  8. Easton 1995 catalog - Ice Hockey Equipment - ModSquadHockey
  9. Very similar tongue except mine has no added ‘protection’ or whatever T guard that is.
  10. The Vapor line glove is their 'homage' to the Techniflex glove. I remember when the X60's first came out talking to a Bauer Rep who was saying the X60 took a lot of inspiration from the TF gloves.
  11. So I had/have the same issue and asked this question as well about the TF9. The eyelets seem to be so far back that once your foot is in you barely have any access to get your laces through. I didn't end up reheating anything as the fit was so damn good that was the last thing I wanted to mess with. I did swap out the retail tongue to True's Traditional felt tongue which did give me more access to get the skates laced up. I had planned on swapping the tongue anyways since I'm really not a fan of anything but a traditional felt tongue. But ultimately what I did end up doing is lacing my skate up entirely before putting my foot in. Might sound stupid/weird but I did do it with my first pair of Custom Trues, I practiced a lot at home getting my foot into the skate and I can actually put my skate on with that slight twist/off angle approach with them fully laced up now. Also another thing I think that helps, not sure what you use for socks, but I use some of the Bauer skate socks and whatever the material is it's very thin and doesn't give any resistance when you're trying to slide your foot in.
  12. Give me a pair of nylon TF1000 with upgraded padding from today's gloves and split fingers and I'd be a happy camper!
  13. Different graphics!!! But yea probably tweaked the fit ever so slightly, changed some random material in a place or two, the curves in the 'airflow' or vents was altered by a degree...honestly at this point what can they really improve on?
  14. War Machine? Ok then...quite the design.
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