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  1. About a week in, used mine for 4 pick up skates and running a few of the kiddos practices, so far so good on durability. In terms of ‘performance,’ again, I think the best way to describe it is, I don’t notice it. I’m not feeling extra grip on the puck when I go to shoot or pass nor does puckhandling feel any better than tape. The only plus I see with Rezztek is that ice/snow doesn’t build up/stick to it as much as tape on a blade. I’m not sure that’s going to sway me again to drop $30 bucks though.
  2. I’m a sucker, I’ll try anything. It’s not like taping a stick is time consuming but between running around coaching my kid and a 3 month old at home I figured ‘hey one less thing to worry about’ would be a good idea. Have only gotten to use it once so the jury is still out. It was easy enough to put on and seems to fit a P28 blade shape perfectly. On the ice I didn’t notice anything groundbreaking in terms of increased puck feel or shooting accuracy. It might’ve felt a little lighter than tape and I’ve messed around with no tape on the bottom of the blade that reducing friction didn’t feel any different. I would say the biggest thing was, I didn’t notice it (in a good way). As in, there was no adjustment to it nor did I worry about losing the puck catching a pass or stickhandling. still need to give it more chances to see if it is an improvement over tape and obviously see how well/long it holds up.
  3. Same guy who did the islanders bklyn jerseys it looks like.
  4. Swap warrior cuff rolls onto a pair of Vapor gloves, problem solved.
  5. I’m giving a thumbs up to Geppetto and his sticks. Tons of options and at the prices he’s offering them for, he can’t be beat. Sure if you’re a generic P28/P92 you can go with whatever brand name or pro stock twig. But if you’re an old school curve guy who loves trying out new things or hunting down pro stock options there’s no comparison. I’ve got one of the ‘Easton’ builds with a Hull curve and a Kuzy in the super light option he offers, both are awesome in performance and seem to be holding up well. Can’t wait to see him offer more options and hopefully speed up the delivery time. That would be my only issue, but again to get what you’re getting, it’s worth the wait.
  6. His white accented 652 tacks with blue blades were better. And give me a pair of ferland 3400 over the garbage gloves being made today.
  7. Wasn’t there something in another True thread about proper rivets in regards to which type & size needed to be used to accommodate the True outsole? Also I might recall something about outsoles with masking tape on the inside for the rivet teeth to hold/catch better.
  8. Shot blockers or added padding of some sort?
  9. Yea but now Bauer is all about being ‘inclusive’ so I’m sure, new names aside, that they’re taking appropriate measures to reduce the costs of their products to open up the game to more people… right???
  10. If you have to explain that your video is a ‘rebranding’ of your logo on your Instagram post I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that’s considered a fail.
  11. Anyone else excited to see Bauer Turbo’s make a comeback?
  12. I’ll take fit and performance from true, I’ve given up on aesthetics with them.
  13. I should’ve just went to a rivet when I got them, oh well. Just saw the pics of the new skates in the Gear Sightings, hopefully those come out soon, I’ll have to get a pair to see if they fixed the tendon guard screw, ha.
  14. Blockalternatives.com still comes up, email them see what they say
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