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  1. Wait shouldn’t this be in the ‘Sprung’ thread? Or are they keeping the ‘fizix’ name? For marketing purposes I think the name sprung works better but that’s just me. I guess the next question is what the cost will be and if they’ll be in the $400’ish range that Labeda recently created for aftermarket inline chassis/frames.
  2. Wowzers… even more incredible that they’re zarley Zalapski’s (RIP)
  3. Just saw a close up pic of the new pink labeda wheels, they actually use an outer bearing spacer. The wheel core is almost concave so rather than the spacer sitting inside between the 2 bearings, the spacers actually sit on the outside. Very interesting concept.
  4. That dude is the absolute best. He sent me a care package of designs a while back that are just awesome.
  5. Wasn’t down at Torhs but followed along with ther live stream and some insta accounts. Tour: - looks like they have a new line coming out the ‘Spitfire’ skate is one of them. - another was the KVX line I think, something along the lines of that, also looked like they was one skate line with white leather and another with a more traditional all black set up. Labeda: - saw some Instagram posts about an all pink wheel some guys were wearing, specifically Travis noe. Trying to get some of my ol’ roller sources to get me more info. - most notably was a new frame. It looked as it the chassis could adjust to where it sat under the boot, either more forward or backward. Someone mentioned the frame could be adjusted to use a hi-lo or instead an all 80 set up. I’m assuming this would most likely be on a tour boot with a recessed outsole to accommodate this movement. Guess we have to stay tuned for what it is really is. - Unify Black Ice’s customs gloves, I think they were made by Mach1? Not sure of the overall quality but very and some nice touches around the graphics and sublimation used. If you were down at Torhs please share some info! It’s good to see Tour and labeda pushing the game forward. Seems like it’s been too long since they were putting new tech and designs out there, glad that’s back!
  6. You’re also gonna need a flux capacitor and 1.21 gigawatts to find that info out bud!
  7. I couldn’t find it again but fairly recently (last 2 years I think) there was a post maybe on Craigslist selling the entire Oggie Grips company. All of their materials, machines, warehouse, etc. with the original guy including training and consulting on doing everything.
  8. Just drill it out, that’s what I did on mine when a small chunk broke off and was lodged in the skate.
  9. I’m lucky enough to have this guy as my local skate sharpener!
  10. But they used a number instead of a letter in the name of the stick.
  11. @gosinger hope he’s right! Not really sure what inline is like here in the states as I didn’t get to one of the big 3 tourneys this year. But those are usually a huge showcase for Tours, Missions, etc of the world and we haven’t seen that since…well honestly I don’t remember, feels like forever. furthermore to @Dfinneran91 I’d love to see Bauer push Mission more, especially in light of Bauer’s ‘hockey is inclusive/the barn PR campaign’. Instead I see $400 sticks and $1100 skates. if Bauer wanted to make hockey more inclusive I’d expect Mission roller to be highlighted and marketed. But hey that would eat into profits of their top of the line ice products and whatever collaboration they have up their sleeve with whatever streetwear guy the kids love these days.
  12. Is roller hockey even still a thing? surprised Bauer hasn’t gotten rid of mission all together.
  13. I’m going to give a Rezztek +1 to use during the summer over tape. With the heat waves we’ve been having the ice has been brutal lately, after 15 minutes or so the ice is chopped up and we usually skate for over an hour so you can imagine the amount of a snow build up on your stick blade. That’s where the Rezztek comes in, no ice build up at all and that added grip from the texture on it gives you added control on bouncing pucks or pucks on end.
  14. Just dropping a note here that @PUCKSTOPPROSHOPJL knows his stuff and does great work. And he didn’t mention the over the hill beer leaguers who will try anything to get an edge that he helps out too!
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