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  1. Isn't the question if the skates are built to a 3D last of your foot why would you need to bake them?
  2. I've always wondered if any of the custom skates were truly build around a 3D printed last of the foot. My son has custom 2S Pros, he loves them and they fit well and they didn't look to be molded when they came.
  3. Be careful with the EE recommendation. Unless the EE fits in all aspects don't do it. My son went with the EE recommendation based on some but not all of the measurements and 6 weeks later we were ordering customs because the heels would not lock.
  4. I've got a big fan of No-Icing's "Quad 8 Defence Junior Skater" profile at my house. It's a logistical challenge to get new blades done but the few other things we tried he was not happy with.
  5. Not sure on the last but I may be able to help if you are between sizes. My son was laser measured at the experience store, some measurements were D other EE, time was a factor so we purchased EE. Big mistake on my part, should have gone with the Ds and had them beat out. Ended up ordering the customs 6 weeks later. If between sizes and have time get customs if you need today get the narrower skate.
  6. Not money at all - I think the money is all pretty comprable. Watched lots of high-end local guys go to True. All are now in custom Bauers.
  7. We've got the socks one order and we'll try to mould the heel but it's clear to us that customs are going to be in order. The Trues are out but the one piece CCMs are intriguing I just wonder of a one piece can be customized, where would the excess material go?
  8. Lateral heel movement is what the instructor thinks as well. So I guess it's custom skates. The kid's always been in Supremes but the instructor wants him to switch to the one piece CCMs.
  9. Thanks. It only started with the new skates, it's the first time with the EE width (as per the Bauer scanning system). I was wondering if it was the additional width of the boot or the fact that the 2S Pros are so much stiffer than the 1S he came out of, perhaps allowing him to get over further than before.
  10. We have. The instructors are trying to figure it out as well. Thanks.
  11. Brand new steel, the black ones that come in the 2S Pros, LS5 maybe, they are quite tall.
  12. So "lifts" is the correct term - thanks.
  13. The boot of my son's skate (2S pro) is sometimes hitting the ice on a tight turn causing him to wipe out. In skiing, we used to call it "booting" out and the solution was lifts placed between the ski and the binding to raise the foot up off the surface. Is there a similar way to raise the skate boot off the ice?
  14. We've had the scans done at the Bauer store and they have them as a little too small. They are 6D and the scan recommends 6.5E so that's what the new ones are.
  15. If you have a shop in Toronto maybe I can swing them by at the end of May, the boy is in town for a camp.
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