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  1. Single, dual, quad... I think some very great players have played the game on all 3 and it didn't matter to them once they adapted to what they had. It's like sticks, curves and lie... there's no one size fits all. Is Ovi's curve better because of his one timers, or is McDavid's better for his game? Neither because Crosby's nearly flat blade and short stick is superior... for his game. You can be elite on a 10' single radius or elite on an 0.5 Quad. Pick your poison and master it. There's no single answer to what is best.
  2. You must have shared a playlist or something instead of the URL to the specific video because that's not what we are seeing...
  3. I'm seeing a IW video on how to measure your foot for finding the right skate.
  4. Don't be ridiculous. He obviously tapes them both together for wicked forehand AND backhanders.
  5. Ok that's a loaded question are you just trying to rile everyone up now? Let's start with the fact that lie number means almost nothing these days and the rocker (or lack thereof) makes lie comparisons between patterns highly subjective. That said, the P90T/P90TM and P88 are the same or just about the same lie based on the comparisons I've done with two sticks in my hand. Certainly they are more similar in lie than the Bauer P88 vs. P92, which Bauer lists both as a 6, but are very different lies. The P88 is lower than the P92. Same with the P90T. In the old days of wooden sticks we could torch them on the stove and bend our own curve in them... picture having a wooden P88 that you torched just from the toe back to the mid-blade, then you bent the toe in for more curve and back for more loft to create an open kink at the end. That's the P90T/P90TM.
  6. This aligns with my experience. My youngest son is a low skater, loves the P88 for it's low lie (it's lower than the Bauer lie 6 indicates) for stick handling and passing, but for shooting it doesn't have the features of the P92 or P28 for shooting off the toe. The P90T or P90TM fixes that. He's tried the P92 but at lie 6 and the big rocker it doesn't allow him to handle the puck or make/receive passes like the P88. But the P90T is the best of both worlds - it allows the puck control of the P88, with the toe shooting of a P92 or P28.
  7. I think this scratches the surface on a much broader topic of "What percentage of kids are taught how to properly skate, before it's too late to really correct what they learn by doing it wrong?". In addition to uncorrected supination, add things like: - Inadequate ankle strength and/or mobility - Weak stabilizers causing the knees to collapse inwards - Lack of mobility in the hips / inability to perform a hip hinge (ie: "bend your knees more" which is poor advice for this condition) - Lack of flexibility in the groin / hips / quads to allow for a good range of motion and extension Just to name a few. None of these things are looked at, generally, when kids learn to skate and up through the first 5-10 years of their development. Instead, every power skating coach or team coach chases them around the circles to "go faster" using the inefficient techniques they develop around any of the limitations noted above. It's not a knock on the coaches, it's a very complex subject and they can't be expected to be experts in human kinetics. Even if they call out some of the above, very few would have the knowledge or means to advise on how to correct it. colins
  8. It's very difficult to separate openness from the amount of kink. If openness is the loft of the blade (like a golf club) then I think the P90T and P90TM have similar openness as the P29 or P92. But there's definitely more toe kink in the P90T and P90TM which is going to make it look more exaggerated - which some would describe as 'more open'. Nothing beats having one in your hands and seeing for yourself. boo10 took some great pics to give you an idea of what it looks like.
  9. Fight it. Fight it until you can't fight it anymore. Which is hopefully a few decades down the road. You have to move fast to be fast and you can still do that well beyond your age. It's just that we tend not to run/sprint/skate fast the older we get with enough regularity to keep our bodies used to "being fast". Don't give up though! There's no reason you can't still be fast if you refuse to quit practicing being fast. Your body will react/adapt to the "norms" you throw at it. Don't give up!
  10. More kinked but not more open. P90T and P90TM have a flatter rocker than the P92/P29 more like the P88. Sounds like exactly what you are after. Refer back to the CCM FAST pic of the P90T 'Pro Benn'. You can clearly see the flat spot in the middle 3rd of the blade between heel and center.
  11. Whole heartedly disagree. The P90T and P90TM are a lot like the P88 up to the middle of the blade. Both have flatter rockers than the P92. Based on what bearacus is looking for I think the P90T or P90TM are well worth a look.
  12. I agree with the above. If you want to get fast at stick handling, practice stick handling fast. Don't practice it slower with a weighted stick and expect that will translate to speed.
  13. Modern speed training doesn't not align with the above. Speed is not created in the weight room. Speed training develops strength moreso that strength training develops speed. We're way off topic but for anyone interested follow the guys like Tony Holler and Mike Boyle for more info.
  14. Yes I kind of came to the same conclusion. There's a Prosharp shop near him so I'm changing direction and getting him to take the StepSteel in for a Quad 1. colins
  15. That sounds reasonable but I don't think it accomplishes the end goal. Modern speed training is focused on one thing - if you want to be fast you need to train fast. Training slow(er) with weights does not accomplish the goal of being faster without weights. If you want to get fast, sprint. If you want fast hands for stick handling, if anything, go with lighter weight and move faster than you would with regular weight. You are training your central nervous system moreso than your muscles. If you arms are strong enough to lift a composite stick, making them stronger is not going to make them faster. If stronger muscles led to faster movements baseball pitchers would have huge bulking arms to throw the ball harder. My two cents!
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