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    Wife Kids and Hockey! Of course its supposed to be Hockey first but if she read that then....LOL oooopppsss!

    Toronto Aeros and assisting with many other teams and individuals to get their game to the next level.
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  1. Oh I know one of my trainers is a rehab therapist in a Covid unit. She hasn't been able to work because she has been at the hospital. And now had to have back surgery. But we took our shop/training protocols from the Covid rehab therapy unit. It's strictly about slowing transmission that's all.
  2. I dont think you understand, They were NOT allowed out with out a Govt approval. if caught you were arrested. you were not allowed out period!! Not like the US or Canada. And 400 sq ft is a big appartment
  3. Actually I know one team that purchased 2 years worth of stock! LOL So ya Step in the Show for the nest 2 seasons.
  4. I was going to reply to the above post as I have family/Business there. The article neglects to mention that these kids returning to school had been in lockdown for 70 plus days. Not like the Lockdown here in Canada and most defiantly not the USA version. The point being that if any of the 3 children that unfortunately passed away (out of the 1.4 Billion people in the country) had underlying health issues they would have been even more so after sitting inside for 70 days. And if any have been to China they know how small apartments there are. No the N95 or surgical masks are not intended for high intensity training and most over there wear a level 1 non surgical mask or there regular filtered custom ones like here. But I have yet to see a Surgeon wearing his mask for 12 hours in a complex surgery pass away? Sure they are exerting much physical energy but 12 hours in the same spot not moving the mask,.... As for people driving with N95 masks....use common sense......Why? "I think this is pretty simple and sensible, and I think it will help people make better decisions, rather than relying on all of these products that are completely unproven and then mandating them for play and then completely not enforcing any of it, which is what's actually happening." This is a very good statement!!
  5. But yet it took 5 years to shut down the others. And some are still operating. I'd bet if they kept operating on a small scale such as just retail sales and werent massive on advertising flying low would be pretty easy. Let's look at who got shut down? Step largest pro dealer in the world. Tydan largest advertiser on the market. The rest... still operating for now.
  6. So Bauer files suit in a US court to sue a company in China? Why would said company even show up? Were not talking millions of dollars....
  7. 1 person died and it was ruled later not to be mask related.
  8. So if a Chinese company had a product similar and sold it in Canada Bauer would try and sue the Chinese company?
  9. Far more places in Canada have FBV capabilities than in he US if I'm not mistaken. Depending on where he is playing. Most equipment managers at a jr level use BM or BS stock machines however. Not FBV.
  10. It's the new sharpener. His pressure isn't as good or consistent as the old one. Leave the profile ask the old sharpening guy to do them at 3/4 and go from there.
  11. There is no new mask. Bo adapted part. No clue who started the rumor. Was in a meeting with people involved. It may have been a boardroom chat but there is no new mask coming for this fall.
  12. Than it wasn't done properly. Mine never shift back after completing them.
  13. No that's a study on Pitch and what effect negative neutral and forward had in performance Different study than the one on profiles.
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