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    Wife Kids and Hockey! Of course its supposed to be Hockey first but if she read that then....LOL oooopppsss!

    Toronto Aeros and assisting with many other teams and individuals to get their game to the next level.
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  1. Than it wasn't done properly. Mine never shift back after completing them.
  2. No that's a study on Pitch and what effect negative neutral and forward had in performance Different study than the one on profiles.
  3. Not sure how people are thinking that black is harder? The steel is still the same hardness and set at optimal for edge retention and less breakage by not being to hard.
  4. Holder is misaligned. Only reason that would happen.
  5. Actually Step will do the samenif requested. (Shorter steel) Step is extremely consistant in quality and production.
  6. They would sure lose a lot of credibility if they did so.
  7. Because they haven't had a good steel product since the orginal Tuuk holder. And the majority of the pros use Step anyway. Why not get something out of it.
  8. Totally defeats the purpose..
  9. In the studies mentioned above not that it was noted in the study, there was a discussion that any profile change greater than 2...IE 7-13 or in Quad anything over 8-10-12-14 a .5 would be hard to feel as the gap would leave a flat spot. All profiles closer than 2 or less thee would be less likely a feeling of separation from one profile to the rest. It was also concluded that the 2 best being the 9.10 and the 9.5 10.5 would be similar to what is now the Quad .5. Hence, it would make perfect sense as to why a lot of people like it as it feels similar and actually is closest to the best performing in the study. Kind of a jacked combo between the 2 from the study. I wonder who it was that came up with that .5 idea? Maybe Mr. ProSharp could tell us??
  10. https://brocku.ca/search/?s=sharpening#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=sharpening&gsc.page=1 Try searching in the research section......... https://brocku.ca/applied-health-sciences/kinesiology/faculty-research/faculty-directory/kelly-l-lockwood-phd/#1495988343308-80fccfb2-7cbd2bb4-a010bd9b-76300f7d-2be520a1-a41b
  11. That's a pretty wide sweeping brush...and I love JR but....there are some great pro shop and sharpening guys on here....LOL (sarcastic smile) It's a joke....
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