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    Wife Kids and Hockey! Of course its supposed to be Hockey first but if she read that then....LOL oooopppsss!

    Toronto Aeros and assisting with many other teams and individuals to get their game to the next level.
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  1. No there not gimmicky. But there isn't the independent data to prove that they work better than what is out there.
  2. Not sure if you read the previous posts. I was the one that came up with the numbers for 0.5. I know it works. BUT... I dont believe the others work as that one does.
  3. Wow ok. You got me. You also talked to the Pro Sharp guys to find out I was right about the 0.5 Quad. Get me point?
  4. IMO your on the best one that is closest to what is used my most pros.
  5. To date the studies done at Brock University on profile, Blade Pitch and Profiled vs not profiled are the most conclusive studies done by the same Professor. There are no independent studies done on Pro sharp profiles. Love to see some.
  6. The only thing is there is so much that has changed in the hockey skate. cut of boot and so on. Not a bad base to start with and using something similar but I wouldn't be going by that as my #1 reference but a good read.
  7. They don't send customs unmounted anymore.
  8. Another profiling nightmare. So much forward pitch the player could not even skate. Lucky he had offered to help coach and wasn't at a team practice. He has NHL camp coming up. I'm not saying Pro Sharp is bad saying there are quit a few that do not know what there doing and going by what there told as which profile is the best. You need to know the players skati g strengths this was not a good fit. FYI Bauer steel was brand new LS3 only profiled once and sharpened 2 times. Front of the blade measures 12.5 32nds out the holder.
  9. Before you shim try a blade alignment. IMO always do an alignment first similar to figure skates before shimming. And always go thinner on the shims first. It's amazing how a small shim can make a huge difference. I have been using the Red Dog Hockey boost method of trying it inside the skate first before mounting it outside with a perfect success rate so far. Started mainly with my son and he skated with Elvis Stojko yesterday and Elvis said a 10000% improvement. Once we figured what he needed and mounted out side and realigned the blades. Just my thoughts
  10. Ya I have about 300 pairs in stock not a single one sharpened lol
  11. They are not sharp from the factory. Flat as can be. SOMEONE sharpened them.
  12. No I didnt bother looking any further
  13. Yes. But the foam at the toe is the same. And measuring the boot the 7 is smaller than the 7.5. So they are definitely 2 different sizes.
  14. Stickers are the same.. maybe it is 4mm I didnt measure it thoroughly
  15. Ok. Problem sort of solved. Ibhave a 7 and a 7.5 here. First checked the foam in the toe. No difference in thickness. 2nd looked for other stickers.... none same as mentioned above. 3rd measured the actual skates. 7.5 was infact closer to 5mm longer. So definitely bigger. No ifs and or butts. It's not a toe foam conspiracy.... lol. Hope that helps. Had me worried for a second.
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