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    Wife Kids and Hockey! Of course its supposed to be Hockey first but if she read that then....LOL oooopppsss!

    Toronto Aeros and assisting with many other teams and individuals to get their game to the next level.
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  1. I am going to skip over the other pages and just ask you to DM about the fit issues.
  2. Well its not Red Dog Hockey boost from what I can tell. If it was it would probably not all be the same on both players on both skates. Looks to me like issue with hitting the boot so they raised the it by shims. No other real purpose if both players are exactly the same.
  3. I need to see the toe and heel blend and I can see what kind of shape the blade is in roughly.
  4. Actually why don't you post a picture of the blade then we can see what we are working with instead of guessing you need this or that?
  5. Anything with an aggressive pitch such as that 5 11 13 is a bad idea when starting. keep it simple. 9 or 10 single. The best thing about a profile is that both blades will be the same. start simple get comfy and then change slowly.
  6. Yes but awful structure. Broke down faster than anything.
  7. not a bad suggestion. and next to no flex on the old ls2. good point
  8. No trade off. That's why on edge holders the blade flexes after a few months. The XS will but usually takes longer. But from the start better energy transfer.
  9. I knew that would work out well. Not a fan of any of the other Quads.
  10. All excellent points. Prior to delving into profiling and making adjustments skate fit is the number one thing that needs to be done. 2nd is blade alignment. You could tinker all day on profile with a good fitting boot but have a badly mounted holder that would ruin everything. See it every day. From NHL guys and NCAA girls that I would work every summer.
  11. I can. Tested it when it came out. Been swapping guys for the last 3 years.
  12. If your toe is touching in a 7 then you have mostly likely a width issue. Pull the insoles and see how much room is in front of the marks from your toes. This pretty much all I do all day long. I actually haven't seen many orginal fits work with the Bauer scanner when it first came out but definitely seeing much better fits as of late.
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