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    Vic "Oilers"
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    Wife Kids and Hockey! Of course its supposed to be Hockey first but if she read that then....LOL oooopppsss!

    Toronto Aeros and assisting with many other teams and individuals to get their game to the next level.
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  1. Wow..... I'm with @BenBreeg show me how ita better. Don't tell me it is and that's all there is to it.
  2. Really? I have never had a smooshed tounge..
  3. Hummm. Never had that issue? How tight are you going with the wrap?
  4. With the new thin tongue that wouldn't be the best way as the tongue molds as well.
  5. Sorry that should have said the ankle area not the top. You only need to do like 2 go arounds at the top. Then lean forward into the tongue
  6. That's actually the preference with them now. Not do top 3 and use shrink wrap at the top
  7. Talk to Lee Harris in Columbus. I did his skates way back and he has had his copied from the trainer there. Or just ask him what he thinks. Probably one of the best skating coaches I have met. I have met a lot.....LOL. That being said there are so many good ones and new ones coming around all the time really making an effort to help kids get better.
  8. I believe that they have a good chance of beating it.
  9. Pretty much what I said. Having worked with Pro Sharp machines since the late 90s I understand how things are supposed to be done. And locally they are not done correctly.
  10. So am I wrong in hearing that the Ellipse is smother than a Quad? Just what I took from this at the end of the discussion.
  11. I am very intrigued. My issue is that the Quads done in my area are not done properly. I know factually that a profile with great than 2 (IE: 9-11 works to say a 8-13 does not) Meaning the scientific study that was done showed that a variable larger than 2 was in efficient and caused issues with the transition. So I have been asking for ages that a scientific study be done to prove the advantage to the Quad as in my opinion the .5 (The .5 was my recommendation to Pro Sharp and made for the OHL team I was working with at the time) is the only one that does what it says it will from the science as they are using here on the Ellipse. So if I had a further breakdown on the Ellipse it might sway me to get a machine and bars.
  12. Yes I have seen akl the videos etc. Still basically zero information on how to sell them. Comparison and equivalent profiles. We all know alot of stores dont do Quads properly.
  13. Still no information on what there equivalent to and why they should be sold.
  14. Actually watching the video seems like a singular radius with a flatter center section.
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