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  1. I've had my 5052's since the beginning of November and have not one complaint. They have held up well under my 6ft 290lb frame. I play at least twice a week, many times 4 times a week. Average about 3-6 hours of ice time each week. Not falling apart at all. My only complaint is the steel does not seem to hold an edge long. Or at least not long enough of me. I use a 1/2 in. cut and I like them sharp. If I could, I would have them sharpened after every couple hours of ice time. Once the steel wears down to changing (or I get a bug up my a$$) I'm switching to Tuuk holders and steel.
  2. I had this problem in my Tacks with A&R laces. I switched them out to Elite Prolace waxed with molded tip. Never a problem again.
  3. I wear a size 10.5D in every footwear I am sized for. When I bought my Tacks back in November I started at 9's and went down until 8EE was my fit. And to be honest, I could probably have gone down to 7.5EE. I'd say you definitely have too long of skates.
  4. I just used the shop.nhl.XXX site to order some Red Wings gear as I live in Columbus, Ohio and it's hard to find a selection of cool gear here. And I could never become a Blue Jackets fan. After ordering, I was online and saw a bunch of bad reviews of the site. Well, this was not the case for me. I put in my order Sunday afternoon. It was on my doorstep Tuesday afternoon. It does help that one of their fulfillment centers are in Frazeyburg, Oh. (72 miles from warehouse to doorstep) and they now use FedEx Ground Home Delivery. FedEx Ground has a huge hub in Columbus. I noticed a lot of the reviews are from older orders (a year or more) and this fulfillment center is rather new. I'm wondering if anyone else had any recent experience with shop.nhl good or bad. I'm very happy with the speed and accuracy of my order. And being a FedEx driver myself, am happy they use the best! ;)
  5. I'm not sure what the curve is most like in other sticks because I only recently started back playing. But I went with the PP26 Stastny. It looks absolutely amazing in person. Edit: The original EK15 is the PP92 Trouba
  6. Christmas came a few days early to me thanks to Sherwood and Total Hockey. Have loved my EK15 from the day I picked it up and now I can't wait to hit the ice tomorrow with the vintage version.
  7. I felt more comfortable in a EE over a D because of more room in the toe box. My pinky toe wasn't rubbing tight. It feels wider to me from mid arch forward. Heel felt about the same. Although I think I get better heel lock out of the EE.
  8. Looks like Mike Babcock may wind up sticking around for a while longer.... http://www.thehockeynews.com/blog/report-mike-babcock-on-verge-of-announcing-contract-extension-with-wings-teams-success-made-choice-easy/
  9. I have had it for a couple months. Love it. But coming from a "Coffey" curve, the twist was a little to get used to. My first shot with the stick got the goalie right between the eyes when I was trying to go five hole. Whoops!
  10. "Shooting is not what I would expect for a $220 stick but if you are looking for something to last and play light and feel great this will fill the bill." Being a mid kick point, aren't those better for bigger, harder shots like slap shots as opposed to loading up for wrist shots?
  11. Well damn it! I love my EK15. But I want to pick up a T 120 to have in the arsenal. But this might be too cool to pass up. But no PP92 in the LE?
  12. I was away for 12 years. Played up until I started driving a truck over the road at 21 years old. Still would play on weekends off. Moved to Columbus Ohio in 2001 for a job not driving. Never got on a team but played drop in until I went back driving over the road in April 2002 and moved to BFE. Took my equipment back home to Michigan and it's long been missing at my parents house. Last year I took a new job in the Columbus area and moved to a suburb in February. Over the summer found the cheap pair of skates I bought a few years back and started out skating. Decided to sign up on the list for D level to see if anyone would want me. Immediately got an email asking me to play and I said yes, not having ANY equipment at the time. I can't believe how much I missed it and how much fun it is. And hockey in Columbus has grown quite a bit in the last 12 years.
  13. I just bought my Tacks this past weekend. Wound up with the 5052. I didn't feel or notice much difference over the 6052. And the top of the line Tacks are over my pay grade. Skated in them and they feel great. I definitely felt more explosive and more in control in my turning and cutting. I do plan on getting the CCM medium arch insole. I used the CCM footbed that showed that's what my arch is. And you can always pick up hyperglide runners for about $70.
  14. I just went through the process of buying new skates. I wear 10.5D in my Red Wing work boots as fitted by Red Wing. I get fitted every time I buy new boots. Always a 10.5D. When I played years ago I was in CCM 752 Kevlar that I was fitted for, but forgot what size. In the years I didn't play I had picked up a cheap pair of Bauer Vapor X20's in a 9.5D. No fitting, just off the shelf in an impulse buy as I wanted to skate and not use rentals. Since I started to play again this past August I kept having to bang my heel against the board to knock my heel back, my arches were in pain and by the end of a shinny or game my feet were in pain. Time for new skates... Went to a local store and tried on a couple pair, different makes and models, and wound up in the new Tacks (5052's, mainly because of price point). But in an 8EE. They fit amazing. And I immediately felt a difference in my skating in game. Much more explosive and in control. So being properly fit and not worrying about size is the way to go.
  15. Helmet: Bauer BHH7500 Visor: Bauer HDO Pro Shoulder Pads: Bauer Nexus 4000 Elbow Pads: Easton M3 Gloves: Bauer Vapor X80's Pants: Bauer Nexus 600 Shin Pads: Bauer Supreme One.4 Skates: UPDATE: CCM Tacks 5052's Sticks: Sherwood REKKER EK15 (PP92/Trouba 85 flex) and Sherwood REKKER EK5 (PP77/Coffey 85 flex) Bag: Tackla vented 36in. (old school carry)
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