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  1. Thanks guys, I’ll can the idea and look for other options. Cheers
  2. I should mention that I don’t have a lot of outside space. Enough for some stick handling but not enough for a net/board to shoot into.
  3. Hey all, My slapshot (and snapshot and wrist shop) needs some work and ice time is hard for me to come by...but there is a golf driving range nearby. Would there be any merit in me taking my stick and shooting pad down there to practice shooting a bunch of golf balls (assuming management have no issues with it)? I assume that whilst it’s not going to be as beneficial as on ice shooting practice, it’s going to be of some benefit and not result in me picking up bad form/habits. Is my assumption correct? Cheers!
  4. Really? I couldn’t find any information about this on the True website. Can you please point me in the right direction?
  5. This may be a silly question and I admit that I've not read through all 113 pages on the topic, but where can you order these skates from online? I can't find any information on the true-hockey.com website. I recall the ordering process set out on the old vH site being quite straightforward. Ps, I'm based in Australia so visiting hockey retailers that stock True skates aren't an option.
  6. A couple of me in the South Australian C grade comp.
  7. Tried them loose with the shims and the fit was good, moderate pressure on the tops of my toes but still some wriggle room. I definitely noticed improved comfort and was conscious of my toes not being curled. I've now stuck them into the skates and will be playing with them for the first time tonight. I'm very happy with them, thanks Mike and Rob!
  8. Received mine in the mail today and tried them while sitting on the couch. I'm size 9 Bauers without shims they felt comfortably snug and with shims they felt perhaps slightly over-snug for my liking but I note people's comments about them loosening up on the ice. Got training tomorrow and am looking forward to giving them a go. Will try with the shims installed first I think. Hoping for big things!
  9. Just ordered some for my old Bauers. Can't wait to get them but as I'm in Australia I'll have to wait a week or so until they arrive. I presume it's not a great idea to use them for the first time in a game, rather try them in a training or casual skate?
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