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  1. I use all three knobs each skate. But I have adjusted my holder to be perfectly flat (at least to the extent that I can measure). If I'm low at both ends I move all three up by the same amount until one side is high and the other low. Then I use just the front knobs for the rest. If it starts with both high, then I move all three knobs down by the same amount until one side is high and one side is low, then use just the front two knobs. After I'm done I return all three knobs to the "zero" position which I have marked on the holder. I contacted the inventor of the tri-lie holder once and asked him if you should use all three knobs. He said "of course,"
  2. Yeah I was saying that on my True skates with Bauer Edge Holders with the boots constructed to have a +3 built in to the boot, they feel like a little bit more forward pitch than my VH with CXN holders felt.
  3. Yes they can accommodate it. I had them put a +3 on mine so they would be like my Makos and VH with CXN holders. They can do it with a shim (if they are putting the holder on) OR in the boot (I had them build it into the boot on mine). However, they told me that the boot and True holder is neutral (relative to Bauer), which is contrary to what I have heard here. So figuring out what pitch to ask them to put on it might be difficult. I got Bauer Edge holders on mine. If I were doing it over I think I would ask them for a +2 (they feel slightly more forward pitched than my VH with CXNs did).
  4. Now, wait a second... When I got Bauer Edge holders on mine, they told me they only could do the heel foxings with the True holder.
  5. I've used the clamps on the heel. It works well. I made the clamps a little tighter than I would have really wanted them because it returns a little bit to it's previous position after you take the clamps off. I used it on insteps as well to get rid of a tiny bit of space there that was causing a bit of a sucking sound/feel when I would stride forward (maybe that's just the sound of me sucking so bad) . It was a really slight thing that was just messing with my head more than anything else. I do one skate at a time. I don't like being rushed and feeling like one skate has cooled down while i am working on the other one.
  6. Might find you don't need/want waxed laces. I used to always use waxed laces until I started using VH (and now True). I found that with VH I was prone to making them too tight with waxed laces. Even now, 3 or 4 years later, I still catch myself forgetting that I don't need to and making them too tight every now and then.
  7. Well actually, my name is on some patents. But then again, I ACTUALLY have a couple of engineering degrees. Now, fortunately, I work for a company that is willing to fork out the many tens of thousands of dollars required to bring a patent to fruition instead of paying for it myself however, it's only fair that they pay for it since they will get the vast majority of the profit from it. But I did have to come up with the detailed work that goes into the patent filing (it's filing not filling) so I grasp full well the full picture. Pretty condescending of you to take shots at people's intelligence just because they don't agree with you. I also find it pretty amusing that a person so interested in protecting IP would have offered... "will U/l Spark 2.0, Reaktor 3.0 but needs a serial also Nuendo for Mac needs a serial and other audio stuff -only need the reason sound bank which is huge" I have never used Spark or Nuendo but I own (as in paid for) Reaktor and Reason and just as an example from the Native Instruments license agreement... "Licensee is not entitled to copy or have copied, decompile or have decompiled, reverse engineer or have reverse engineered the Product or parts thereof." BTW... I have the Reason soundbank. I'm not giving it to you. But hey, that was 16 years ago. I'm sure your character has changed since then.
  8. I'm not sure (I'm sure someone else here could say) but I think LS3 and LS4 (don't know if that's what you have) have more meat in the heel and toe like the step runners do. I always felt less agile in runners that had extra steel in the heel and toe over the more "traditional" ones. It tended to make transitions harder for me and would trip me up some.
  9. I used to wear Makos and loved them (except for the lack of protection and SOMETIMES I felt like they could have used a little bit more lateral stiffness). I went to VH and now True after my Mako boots started cracking at the toe. My son still wears Makos. On my first pair of VH/True I had CXN holders put on them because I loved the forward pitch of the Makos. On my current pair I had them build a +3 forward pitch into the skate because I was putting Edge holders on them. +3 might have been a tad too much forward pitch but I still love them. If I was doing it again though I might tell them to do +2. You can get the forward pitch in the skates either through a shim in the heel between the holder and the boot, or by a quality profiling at the LHS. I may have a pair of my son's old Makos at home that might be 9-9.5. I can check if you are still looking.
  10. Through MLX, VH and now True, Scott Van Horne's hobby has produced a lot more hockey skates than this guy's hobby. And Van Horne's Masters of Science in Biomechanics impresses me a lot more than the engineering credentials that he has hinted at, but not yet produced. With the exception of a couple of expired pitches in Australia and UK, various email addresses and an offer to upload some audio software to a software "sharing" website in 2001, unless he is also a Chess Master, he is pretty much a ghost on the internet. I can't find any successes or credentials. What is sad, is that MSH would normally be a target rich environment for such a person. This board is populated by people who are "gear wh***s" who spend a ton of money on what they hope to be perhaps a slight improvement. However, it is also populated by a lot of people who don't suffer fools gladly and don't appreciate smoke being blown in their faces. And REALLY don't appreciate being told they are wrong or stupid by someone who can only be rude and never seems to back anything up. The kid has moxy though, I'll give him that. He'll probably score big with something someday though.
  11. Information about who he is, is publicly available, but it would be bad form to post it here.
  12. And a Weebly (free) website whose domain was registered just 7 days ago (the same time he started posting here). Interesting business model... piss off your potential customers. I guess he follows the "there is no bad publicity" philosophy.
  13. All those stupid professional hockey players using them. How foolish they are. They must only be using them because of the sponsorship deals.
  14. I just got mine around a month ago and I didn't get the nice packaging and the bag, etc. Just a brown box. Oh well. The important part came though!
  15. The re-baking with clamps solved all my problems. They pretty much feel exactly like my old ones. One thing about them though is pissing me off. I wear my shins over my tongues and for some reason my tendon guards keep ending up under my hockey socks. So I end up with that "leg warmer" look. I hate that. My last pair were the "flexible" tendon guards so maybe they stuck out a little more and prevented it. It's the only pair of skates I have ever had do that. Hopefully it will stop after the tendon guards get broken in a little bit.
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