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  1. That's all great advice, thank you. when I'm in sneakers, I do stand on my inside leg only... and try not to be flatfooted. When I practice shooting, I also try not to be standing still, but i try to emulate what it's like to be on ice as much as possible. I think I'm going to be on rollerblades from now on to try and get closer to the feel, cause you're exactly right, no matter how good my shot is on the tiles at home, as soon as i hit the ice, it all falls apart.
  2. It's been a minute. I'll try polishing and see if all of a sudden I can't sauce on tiles either. haha
  3. Thanks for chiming in. I actually use a shortened stick when I'm in sneakers so that the stick is the same length relative to my height. If I'm on roller blades, I use the same stick that I use on the ice.
  4. When I'm practicing my sauce passes on my training tiles at home, I sauce like a pro. Completely smooth, the puck just floats. It starts flat, saucers through the air perfectly, and lands completely flat. I'm also getting better at putting it exactly where I want to, and also getting it pretty high in the air even if I only sauce it a few feet ahead of me. But when I get on the ice, using all the same techniques and everything, I can't get the puck to sauce anywhere close to what I can do off ice. I don't understand it and it's quite frustrating. The puck wobbles, bounces when it lands, and I usually have to "shoot" it to get any kind of decent sauce to it. Forget about short sauces, it'll flip and tumble like punted football. Do you guys have any tips or suggestions? Anybody else experience this same thing?
  5. She gave me the right hollow as i watched her put it in. She did not, however, do any sort of test to see if i had uneven edges. And I'll admit it is possible and that is why they felt so awkward. I'll mention this the next time i go in for a sharpen.
  6. The rink I'm at doesn't have a pro shop or sharpener. The woman who runs the adult league purchased one (mainly for her teenage son), and she brings it to the rink and asks for donations if you sharpen your skates on the machine. I've used it 2 or 3 times. I have to say I'm not that impressed. I felt really awkward on my skates at first, and even after "getting used to it", it just didn't feel right. I don't know if it is the machine, the hollow I selected, or maybe she didn't put the skates in the machine correctly (I can't imagine how... it seems pretty idiot proof). I'm going to be shipping my steel out to get profiled and sharpened by a professional. If the sharpening is as good as the reviews say, I will definitely continue to ship them out. If not, I guess I can get used to the Sparx sharpening.
  7. Lol, well that's sort of what I was getting at. I was assuming you (Hilary Knight), maybe chose that cage because it offered better sight lines as opposed to a "proper" fitting cage. I guess we'll never know.
  8. I am by no means an expert, but at the angle of this photo, it looks like the cage is a bit long for your face. Is it just the photo, or do you prefer it that way?
  9. Thanks guys, All the input was EXTREMELY helpful. We won in overtime. We kept him at bay the whole game, we were winning 6-3 going into the 3rd, and then we fell apart defensively the first 4 minutes of the 3rd... where he scored 3 easy goals. We held them off till over time, then we scored and won the game. It was a good win.
  10. Ok. There is a bit of back story here, but I'll try to keep it as short as possible. I grew up playing ice hockey. Started at about the age of 6, and played all through high school (Varsity captain sophmore, junior, senior years). I was OK. Not good enough to play competitive college hockey, but good enough to stand out in high school. I played forward, was the leading scorer on my team and one of the leading scorers in the league. This was nearly 15 years ago. I also played roller hockey. And was VERY good at it. I wasn't allowed to play in tournaments in my age group (or the 3 years above my age group) because I was too good. At local games, I would be on a "team" with a goalie, and 1 other skater, and sometimes, the other team would have 10-15 guys on it. I'm not kidding. I played professional roller hockey for a year in college, but quit to focus on school. It has been 9 years since I last touched a hockey stick. The 2013/14 NHL playoffs got me to start paying attention to hockey again. I started watching after 9 years, and then I joined a few roller hockey leagues in the area. I was surprised/depressed at how little my muscles remembered from my younger days, even though my brain still remembered what I was "supposed" to be doing. It has taken a little longer than I wanted to get back into the swing of things, but I'm having fun. One major thing that has changed, is I've started to play Defense instead of Offense. I lost a lot of my speed throughout the years, so I have been working hard at getting better at playing solid D. In the beginning, I sucked. I was all over the place, and was getting deked out by some of the worst guys in the league. But thanks to youtube, I have learned quite a bit, and have been getting better. OK. Now the question. And this is probably for some of the more advanced players on here. In one of the leagues I'm in (we'll call this league Intermediate league), there is a player on an opposing team who is well above the "intermediate" level. He actually plays in the "Intermediate +" league, but I think he wanted to play multiple nights, so they let him in this league. He is killing EVERYONE. he has double the amount of points of the next best player in the league. His team is undefeated mainly because this guy just scores almost every time he touches the puck. He skates well, he stick handles well, he shoots well. He's a great all around player. But I've had enough. I need to learn how to stop him. Oh, and he's new to the area and the league. No one had seen him before this season. We played this team the first game of the season, and he completely blew us away. He could have played by himself, with just a goalie, and they probably still would have won. I have gotten a LOT better as a Defensemen since that game, and the whole team has really come together to work as a team. We are a far better team now than we were when we last played them. However, when we play this team on Monday, I know we are going to have our work cut out for us. This is a pivotal game for us, as we need to win this one and the next one to make the playoffs. I need to be better against this guy. He is bigger, faster, and stronger than pretty much everyone in the league. But it doesn't make him invincible. I know we can stop him, I just need better coaching. Does anyone have ANY defensive tips they can give me? Anything to help limit the edge he has on everyone? I know this was long winded, but thank you in advance! Joe
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