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  • Skates
    Take a wild guess
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    CCM-RBZ Stage 2 Hossa P40, H11, or Zlobin Pattern
  • Gloves
    Cooper Pro circa 1975 & CCM 5-Roll HG135S circa 1985
  • Helmet
    CCM Pro Standards circa Late 70s
  • Pants
    Cooper HP-18s circa 1978 and CCM Supra 610s & 630s circa 1990
  • Shoulder Pads
    Bauer 600s with shoulder caps and biceps pads swapped from Jofa 8400s
  • Elbow Pads
    Jofa 9144s, 8066s, and 8044s
  • Shin Pads
    Jofa 5500s
  • Hockey Bag
    CCM 32" and Larger Generic Duffle Bag

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    Physical Fitness, Thinking, Animals, and Strippers...not necessarily in that order.
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  1. Thanks for your detailed help, fellas, especially @althoma1, I really appreciate it. Guess I'll take them back and give them a printout of those instructions...
  2. Thanks. How sure are you about this? They mounted mine almost flush with the front and a good 1/2" from the rear. If you're sure about this, I guess I'd have to pay to have them remove and remount them and then try them again. It definitely wasn't a wheel-grip issue...just felt totally unbalanced on them.
  3. I tried out my Sprungs today for the first time...they felt just awful to me...they felt like skis. So I took them off after a minute and put my MB back on. I'm rusty on wheels again after only skating ice for a year; but 10x worse on the Sprungs. I'll probably try them once more; but will probably end up just listing them on eBay.
  4. I've never found pants (even pro stock) that don't have some gap between the pads in that area. Even the compression shorts with built-in padding covers the wrong spot instead of right where you're talking about. That's why I slip loose pads under a pair of regular compression shorts. I wear them against my skin so that the sweat keeps them exactly where they need to be.
  5. How would you compare Sprungs to the MB O1 for someone who's been using MB O1 (w/half-loosened bolts) but hasn't yet tried Sprungs?
  6. Thanks. Are 76s OK on the A7?
  7. Thanks, Man...appreciate the explanation. I bought Sprungs while I was waiting for my MBs; but ended up never installing them, cause I didn't have a second pair of boots for them. MBs are definitely a big improvement over regular chasis for me; but I've never really gotten comfortable loosening the bolt more than about halfway. This thread reminded me about the Sprungs, so I just got another pair of cheap Bauer X-LPs to convert to Sprungs to try them out (with 76s). Does anybody ever rocker Sprungs with smaller wheels front and back, or does that make them too unstable?
  8. How would you describe the difference, if you've tried MBs?
  9. I have this one and it would probably be perfect for your needs: https://hockeyrevolution.eu/products/my-passer-hockey-passer-for-dryland-on-ice-2sides It has rubber caps on the four feet and it's heavy enough not to move around, especially with green biscuits. Don't get the smaller one because it won't stay in place.
  10. You can just have your own custom stick made, and cheaper than most retail sticks you'd probably be considering; and you can pick your length, curve (including heel curves), flex, kickpoint, and even weight and graphics: https://customhockeysticks.ca/# Things have changed a lot since the late1980s when I had to send my last broken Reggie Leach Koho 221 to Christian Bros for them to make Superlight 5000s for me with a one-dozen minimum after Koho stopped carrying them. I think I was paying about $125 per dozen and that seemed like a lot back then. I sold about 6 unused and about 6 used ones on eBay a few years ago (after almost tossing them out as trash), for about $300.
  11. That's why I'm probably never gonna be able to sell my shit: you just never know...
  12. Unfortunately, that's the part that you can't really teach someone the way you can teach specific skills. Probably about the most you can do in that regard is teach positional responsibilities and defensive coverages, and then reinforce those with the same basic drills used to teach kids how to play different positions.
  13. If the pain is muscular (vs. skin abrasion), it's just because you're using different muscles (or the same muscles differently) than you were using in your old skates.
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