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  1. Hello all. I'm currently using CCM V10 Vector Pants. They are on their last leg. I included a picture of the v10 pant for reference. Is there a pant on the market that fits like the V10s? I tried on the current retail options CCM has on the market and didn't like the fits. I did check out the Warrior QRL Pants online from Prostockhockey.com I'm not familiar with Warrior Pants those. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance. Skate Fast!
  2. what is the closes stick to a Bauer G15F Stick Profile? The Vapor sticks now seem to feel different? any suggestions?
  3. yep, thats them. i had them in high school. thank you. bought them at a place called sports specialties in danvers ma. It became a pure hockey
  4. I'm trying to find a CCM Supra Pant Model that had 2 belts and the CCM logo on the side of the Pant was plastic not cloth. They came out around 1998-2002
  5. didn't sutton buy hockeytron
  6. bump my 20ks are their last leg. i tried the 70k and 80k on. wasn't a fan
  7. does anyone have the information of the Prosharp equivalent to a Cagone 25/45 profile. It seems the cagone is becoming extinct. There's a local pro sharp near me but they don't seem to exactly know what they are doing.
  8. This is what I'm trying to get Stick Hand: RH Flex Profile: Bauer g15f (vapor X:60) Flex: 82 Shaft shape: -1 round shaft, like the sherwood ek series curve: Close toe, Like the old pro Kovalchuk/Zherdev Blade: sharkskin blade Stick height: Tall
  9. I'm not worried about prices. If they offer a v9e type of stick or an older vapor stick with a custom blade I'd rather do that than pay for a stick I hate
  10. Who are these stick manufacturers from China. It looks like they have v9e, apx2 sticks etc. Are these legit or a scam? Do companies like No Name and ABHS use these companies?
  11. Honesty its a losing cause. Striking or boycotting how will that really help? What is the overall interest of womens hockey? The WNBA can barely do well and basketball is a lot more popular than hockey. Also the skill level of the womens game isn't as high as echl or ahl. That's a fact. What was the drawing numbers of the Womens World championships? I'm sorry but this is a losing battle. The Women's game is a minor sport.
  12. what does the WNBA do? Basketball is viewed a lot more than hockey and the WNBA barely makes it. I honestly can't see a hockey womens league being sustainable without help from the nhl. Also them refusing to play until something is done doesn't really help the matter. Personally I look forward to the womens game at the olympics but thats usually it.
  13. How do the Bauer one95 and the bauer one100 skates compare in terms of fit as well as sizing? Were they the same skate? I know In some videos they say it's more or less the same. I'm asking did anything change. And no I'm not asking about the current supreme line and I'm not asking about stiffness. I'm asking on how the skates fit on the foot. I tried the original total one skate and it fit a little different than the one95.
  14. What is a good replacement for the Reebok 20k skate in terms of fit? Is the 70k close at all?
  15. What is the custom graf process? @JR Boucicaut Do you have experience with graf? Now that vaughn owns th graf nameit seems to be better. The skates look beautiful. My graf bit the dust but want to go with them again but this time custom.
  16. How’s the fit from the reebok 20k skates go the CCM 70k skates? The 20k skates fit me pretty well and having an issue replacing my skates. I know the fit was different but the makos fit pretty well as well. Much help appreciated.
  17. Thank you very much for the reply. Would this be a good skate if I have a narrow ankle? Kind of a narrow foot
  18. So did the fit stay the same or if some changes, what were the changes. Thank you
  19. So I know I'm very late to the dance on this one but in terms of the mako generation 1 skate and the mako generation 2 skate, was there a big difference between the two. Is the fit the same or did that change? Stiffness difference? Did they fix the skin wear from the 1 to the 2? I read that they had an issue of rubbing and peoples ankles were becoming raw. believe it or not i'm back to skating in S15 skates and looking to go mako next.
  20. does anyone have Product Catalogs from 1994-1997? I used to have ocean catalogs from these years as well as great skate. I'm looking for a particular equipment piece. Thank you in advance
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