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  1. Since IPv6Freely closed my topic for some reason which was rude. Is it possible to order sticks in a certain spec from Bauer or a smaller manufacturer? My specs are as follows: This is what I'm trying to get Stick Hand: RH Flex Profile: Bauer g15f (vapor X:60) Flex: 82 Shaft shape: -1 round shaft, like the sherwood ek15 series curve: Close toe, Like the old pro Kovalchuk/Zherdev Blade: sharkskin blade Stick height: Tall
  2. Pure hockey still isn’t very good. They are just big. About bahr store, it always looked disgusting from the videos and pictures Stuff everywhere, very dirty and looked unorganized. I hope essan is ok, seems like he has a lot on his plate
  3. Is that available at retail these days? Not the gloves. Looking for the protective
  4. Did Bauer get rid of the nexus type of protective? The classic fit kind of stuff. I have nexus 1000 pants and nexus 8000 shins and looking for a replacement that is the same type of it. looking for the Bauer pro series type of fit
  5. They actually made it? Looks like they bought a bunch of skates and made their own graphic. Are they any good?
  6. I used to use it in the 2000s. Could get it at a local hockey shop
  7. Does white friction tape still exist? I know black friction tape exists still but does white friction tape?
  8. where can one buy skate lifts? looking for the front and back. Thanks in advance
  9. What is the closest fit to a mako skate that’s not a true Is there any skate on the market that comes close or is true the only way to go?
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