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  1. what is the closes stick to a Bauer G15F Stick Profile? The Vapor sticks now seem to feel different? any suggestions?
  2. yep, thats them. i had them in high school. thank you. bought them at a place called sports specialties in danvers ma. It became a pure hockey
  3. I'm trying to find a CCM Supra Pant Model that had 2 belts and the CCM logo on the side of the Pant was plastic not cloth. They came out around 1998-2002
  4. didn't sutton buy hockeytron
  5. bump my 20ks are their last leg. i tried the 70k and 80k on. wasn't a fan
  6. does anyone have the information of the Prosharp equivalent to a Cagone 25/45 profile. It seems the cagone is becoming extinct. There's a local pro sharp near me but they don't seem to exactly know what they are doing.
  7. This is what I'm trying to get Stick Hand: RH Flex Profile: Bauer g15f (vapor X:60) Flex: 82 Shaft shape: -1 round shaft, like the sherwood ek series curve: Close toe, Like the old pro Kovalchuk/Zherdev Blade: sharkskin blade Stick height: Tall
  8. I'm not worried about prices. If they offer a v9e type of stick or an older vapor stick with a custom blade I'd rather do that than pay for a stick I hate
  9. Who are these stick manufacturers from China. It looks like they have v9e, apx2 sticks etc. Are these legit or a scam? Do companies like No Name and ABHS use these companies?
  10. Honesty its a losing cause. Striking or boycotting how will that really help? What is the overall interest of womens hockey? The WNBA can barely do well and basketball is a lot more popular than hockey. Also the skill level of the womens game isn't as high as echl or ahl. That's a fact. What was the drawing numbers of the Womens World championships? I'm sorry but this is a losing battle. The Women's game is a minor sport.
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