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  1. Thanks all for the input. One last question.. If I find a stock size to go with and stay with the injected laces do you guys see any reason to pay the extra $200 dollars for custom?
  2. I think the whole experience was complete garbage. I was at outdoor tourney with the boys and everyone said the same thing. "Get that crap off the screen so we can see the actual play".
  3. Also when I got scanned I was standing more upright than a slight knee bend do you think this could have impacted my scan?
  4. The scan suggested the Standard D width in the Supreme line . That is why I'm scratching my head a bit..
  5. So it is that time for new skates as my mx3 are getting a bit old and I was thinking of pulling the trigger on some custom 2s Pro skates but had a few question prior to pulling the trigger. 3d Foot scan accuracy: I currently wear 11.5 - 12 shoes and current skate in a 10D skate. I have got my feet scan multiple times and they say I'm in a 9D stock skate. (tech 8.75 on my left and an 8.25 on right). I have never been a scrunch my toes touch on the front of the skates but I find it very hard to believe I"m a 8.5 and 8 skates when I have 11.5/12 shoes. Liners: Trying to figure out of I should go the grip liner or the stock liner, any pros versus cons of one vs the other? Also does anyone know if you can get the extra tongue wear pads on the side with the grip liner. Tongue: Does anyone have any feedback on the new tongues on the 2S pro / 1x skates and their mold ability. I run my tongues under my shins so I could go with a smaller tongue but I am interested in the increased shot protection that the flex / reflex pro tongue might provide. Eyelets: I think I'm pretty set on the going with the standard eyelets versus the injected due to durability and repair since I want these to be the last skates I buy. Unless anyone can provide a convincing reason to go with the injection eyelets. Thanks to all for the input.
  6. I have a lot of previous Gen TotalOne sticks I'm looking to get rid of as I'm cleaning out my garage. 2 TotalOne LE Red (one use for 3 games) P92 Lie 5 102 Flex Both for 250 2 Totalone NXG Never been taped P92 Lie 6 102 Flex Both 300 2 Totalone MX3 GRIPTAC Never been taped P92 Lie 6 102 Flex Both 350
  7. OK I think i'm about ready to pull the rigger on the MX3s, my only concern is the tongue. I have always use a big felt tongue like what is found on the 0ne95 and 0ne90s. Can anyone give good or bad reviews on the thinner flex tongue that is on the mx3s ?
  8. Would the MX3 Not fit the same except for the tongue ?
  9. I have a pair of old one95s that are start showing thier age. I like the look of a all black skate. Which skate would be more like my old one95s ? The 8000 look a lot like them and I'm not sure I'm sold flex tongue. Thanks in advance for your thoughts
  10. I have wanted to try the protech, I heard they will be running some deals as soon as they get 25 likes on thier FB Hockey page.
  11. Pics Uploaded sorry for the delay.
  12. Hi there I have a pair of 2011 9k pants Black Large for sale. They are in great shape only thing is that the are missing on of the Suspender buttons (last Pic). If you don't use suspender your good. Looking to get 65 Shipped (Gifted). They have only been worn about 10 times. Pics are coming when I get home. No rips or Tears in Great Shape
  13. Helmet: NBH 4000 and Mission Intake Visor: Oakley Pro Straight Small Shoulders: NA, IF Needed Easton Z air Elbows: Jofa 9750 Gloves NBH Pro 4 Roll Pants: RBK 8K Shins: Jofa 9750 Skates: Bauer 8090 Sticks: Famouse Blue, Winwell G500, NBH XX
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