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  1. anymore recent feedback?
  2. That is an unbelievable sale. Tons of stuff and well organized.
  3. Lovin the collection cheesy.
  4. ^^^ what were the prices like for the sale?
  5. Thanks. Your collection is pretty large and looks great. Good eye. The retro is +1 on the cuff. I'm guessing to give it that classic look :S
  6. Thanks ;) you did help lol And they are Sens - Fisher
  7. Bauer XXXX Pro Gloves ---
  8. sprained my ankle pretty bad while on the ice over the weekend. just dying to play....
  9. who did that for you? and cost?
  10. I have the Bauer XXXX Pro 14” Gloves. FIT (10/10): I had no idea how a hockey glove should fit my hand until I tried these bad boys. They are very comfortable right from the gate. The supple feel and easy maneuverability made for an easy transition from my previous gloves. I enjoy the easy wrist movement the xxxx pros have to offer and the taper fit/feel. It is without any difficult when moving the fingers independently from one another. PROTECTION (7/10): I do not endure many slashes or dirty tactics, but when the puck hits my glove I FEEL IT! Otherwise any board play or rub-outs near it, the gloves seem to be adequate in protection. WEIGHT (9/10): The glove is very light-weight and seems unnoticeable when on the ice. The nylon material coupled with the tapered design helps reduce the weight and any bulk of the glove. DURABILITY (8.5/10): The nylon exterior of the glove and the embroidery on it are holding up very well. It is only the screened on areas of the glove that seem mostly susceptible to cosmetic damage either from the puck or a stick hitting the area. In regards to the palms, I find that any palm I’ve used there will be a slight piling up the upper hand no matter what, same is true with this glove. CONCLUSION: I love this glove so much I have been looking for other xxxx pro gloves. I find it to be that great of a quality glove. I do not see myself switching to another type of glove in the near future. This is not the type of a glove for a grinder or those who are in “chippy” situations, but for those who see themselves in the open ice and one on one situations.
  11. puckhoggy

    CCM V08

    I have a CCM V08 Helmet size Small paired with the RBK 5K cage (size M). I have worn this setup for the last several+ months. FIT (9/10): My previous helmet was the CCM 652 (sz. M), which was quite comfortable. I tried many helmets from different brands and models before finding the right one, CCM V08. The helmet is great and sits comfortably on my head. However I found that the helmet fits quite larger than other helmets. When wearing a size medium, which I am normally accustomed to, its smallest adjustment setting was too large for me. I then switched to the size Small and found that the helmet had to be adjusted to the 2/3 range of the adjustment mechanism for me to have the appropriate fit. The helmet has broken in very well and there are no pressure points whatsoever. The VN liner is supple and non-abrasive. It also comes down right above my eyebrows and gives a “tight” feeling, which I like. VENTILIATION (7/10): I do perspire quite a bit. I am not a big boy in any way, but do find I get quite warm wearing this helmet, or in combination with my protective gear. I do not find adequate airflow when skating. PROTECTION (9/10): Fortunately I have not had a severe case where my helmet was my only chance of survival, but I have been struck in the head with sticks and elbows. I did not feel any harm from those impacts or a jarring feeling when wearing the V08 helmet. WEIGHT (8.5/10): I do not notice the helmet when I’m on the ice whether it is during public skate or a league game. There is not a presence of a front-heavy or back-heavy feeling like I have experienced with other helmets. I do acknowledge it is not the lightest helmet in the market. DURABILITY (8.5/10): There are no cracks, deep scratches or significant marks on the helmet to date. None of the screws have been stripped like with my previous helmet, nor do they come undone. My only issue is the VN liner/padding seems to have become dislodged in certain areas, where I assume the glue is no longer doing its job. CONCLUSION: For the protection and quality the helmet offers and its price compared to other high-end helmets, I would definitely recommend this helmet to other players. I love the way it fits, as it is quite a slimmer profile than many helmets in the market. The aesthetic look of the helmet is top-notch and the tool-free side adjustments are simple to use.
  12. The TotalOne skates i bought, I just can;t get used to. Had to put them up for sale. :(
  13. Which netting did you purchase? And how long gave you had it fir, and how has it held up? Any comments on it would be great, as ive been looking for something like this at nearby rinks. BTW my backdrop outline it H- 8ft L-16ft. what would you recommend, the 15'x12' or 10'x25' or 12'x25' ? Thx
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