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  1. What I did with my AXLTs when the loop side had worn out was buy a package velcro straps https://www.velcro.com/products/ties-and-straps/900600__all-purpose-strap/?shape=strap&size=18in-x-1in&color=black and stitch it as an extension to the sling wrap. It gives a full wrap around your forearm and locks the pad very nicely. I'll take some pictures when I get home this evening.
  2. Thanks. Went the the LHS and tried them on today. Agreed about the 2S Pro. I tried on the XC9 girdle as well, but didn't really like it much either. Would you recommend going with a large 9k since I normally wear a medium pant? When I tried the tacks, the medium was way too tight in the waist. Wondering if the 9k is the same fit.
  3. Sorry to bring this back up. Has anyone tried the 2s Pro girdle yet? I'm wearing Easton Pro 15 pants in medium right now and they're tanks. I love the coverage they give and the extra length and haven't seen anything with better tailbone protection. The problem I have is they start feeling pretty heavy as the game goes on. I'm wanting to give a girdle a shot. I had bought the Super Tacks in large because the medium was way too snug in the belly area, but ended up returning them. Even though I'm 6'1" I couldn't get the thigh at a comfortable spot where it wasn't getting hung up on the knee cap of my shins. I had the adjustment as short as I could get them to the point where the upper thigh area was bunching which was strange to me since medium pants are normally too short and large have good length, but with a waist that's a bit loose on me. I could also feel the spine guard digging into my lower back which I could see being very uncomfortable after a few shifts. I've never worn a girdle so I don't really know how it should fit as far as length goes. I know it should be snug, but if I have to size up for the extra length, will it cause any issues once you cinch it down with the shell's belt?
  4. Sorry for bringing this topic back up. Is anyone using or has tried out the RX3 shoulder pads? Looking at buying them, but wondering about fit and how close it is to the size chart. I'm 6'1, 180lbs, 41" chest, which should place me in a large, but in my past experience that isn't always the case. Anyone have any gripes with them? How long are the biceps? I'm used to them coming down to my elbow pads, but some shoulders I've tried leave a bit of a gap there. Thanks!
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