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  • Skates
    Bauer Supreme S180 w/ Superfeet (yellow)
  • Stick
    Warrior DT3LT (85 flex - Henrique Curve) or Warrior Dolomite (Pro Stock - Lags)
  • Gloves
    Warrior Luxe (black - 14")
  • Helmet
    Bauer IMS 9.0 with RE-AKT cage
  • Pants
    Bauer Nexus 1000 (Dallas Stars Pro Stock) or Bauer Supreme One80 (Tall size)
  • Shoulder Pads
    Warrior Dynasty AXLT
  • Elbow Pads
    Warrior Franchise
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Supreme One.8 (15")
  • Hockey Bag
    Warrior Covert Carry Bag (black/blue/white/silver)

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    Heart of Texas
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  1. I love my Warrior Franchise Elbows even if they are super old, but the sling wrap strap on both pads (middle strap on the pad) is no longer sticking to the inside forearm part where the loop fastener is located (the hooks from the sling wrap strap work on the lower forearm part where the pad wraps around & has another attachment point so I know it is not the strap that is the issue - I assume the jersey rubbing on the exposed loops has worn them out). Is there a method to replacing the worn out section of loops? I thought about just gluing a new section of loops over the existing loops, but I figured I would ask here before drastically altering my gear. I wear an Under Armour long sleeve undershirt with the grippy parts & still when I strap the sling wrap lower so it stays attached my pads slip down a bit sometimes & it bothers me...even if I am not very good to begin with, every little bit matters right?!?! If pictures are needed to assist, I can take & post some later...not currently sitting anywhere near my pads.
  2. My team got these, I ordered a size up & got an XXL (I got burned once before on some no name jerseys that another teammate ordered so I tend to go XXL instead of XL now) to avoid the issue you are dealing with. The XXL isn't that much bigger anywhere else, but my Warrior Franchise elbows fit without it being super tight or super loose. I dealt with the issue you are talking about once before so I feel your pain...
  3. Good to know, thanks. I wore a mid-level Supreme pant before I picked up the pro stock ones.
  4. That's a shame. I love my Dallas Stars Pro Stock pants that are a version of the Nexus line, even if they are a couple of iterations old & a non-retail version. They are super comfortable & feel bulletproof on the ice (I can see why Erik Cole chose to wear them).
  5. I think I changed wheels & bearings almost immediately, but that was due more to the surface I played regularly on did not jive well with the wheels the skates shipped with (they were too soft or at least I preferred harder wheels back then). I am also glad the mini-bearing trend died.
  6. My old skates had a bunch of silver, black, & some purple so these are okay by me. Plus, features & stiffness are way more important to me than color/design anyway. I'm about 99% positive that the NLS2s were a bit cheaper than the RPMs too, which was nice (of course that is only because they were on clearance). I found an online pic of the Mission RPM skates...
  7. I just picked up a pair of NLS2s on clearance since inline hockey is 20 minutes from my house & I'm taking a break from the 4 hour round trip to place ice. They fit description made them sound similar to Bauer Supreme skates so I purchased the same size & width as my Supreme S180 ice skates - the fit is almost identical, in my opinion. My previous skates were Mission RPMs from like 2000-2001 & they had really started to deteriorate in the last few months. The new skates are so much lighter & the features are very similar to the RPMs with newer technology. So far, I love them. I baked them at home following the included instructions, but am hoping to get them in an actual shop's skate oven since it didn't give me as good of a wrap/fit as I think an actual skate oven could. Just my 2 cents after 3 skates in them, I hope they hold up like my previous pair.
  8. I've got a large Re-Akt cage on a large IMS 9.0 helmet & it works. There has got to be a way to make your setup work too.
  9. I enjoy the stick bag NOT because I think my sticks are amazing or anything special, but it makes it easier to store them in my house, trunk, parents house, etc. I have a 2 hour commute to the rink, I want to make sure I have all my gear - equipment bag, laundry bag with clean stuff, stick bag with 2 sticks - boom done. To each his own, carry them with or without a bag - no judgement here.
  10. The Easton RS one I got on clearance has room in the top of the bag when I have my sticks in it (like inches extra), I would guess it would fit 66"...but sadly I don't know if the Bauer that most likely replaced it would be the same. EDIT: I just measured & it appears to only be about 65" long...
  11. I've got a pair of Bauer Nexus Pro Stock Dallas Stars pants in large & +1 length (they say Eric Cole in them too) & they are a bit big on me, but I don't mind it at all. I'm 6'2", 225 lbs with a 36 in. waist so I would guess even in the tapered Vapor design that the larges would run a bit big for you. In retail I wore a Bauer Supreme medium tall & they fit well too - both length & waist size.
  12. I saw Pure Hockey has the Bauer 3-D scan machine when I was there this weekend. I've been to Hockey Monkey once & I agree it appeared to have more gear out for you to try on. I miss Players Bench down in Richardson for sharpenings (NRH is too far away when I already live 2 hours from the rink)...
  13. I've slowly upgraded my beer league equipment from mid-range to the higher end. I like the features that the higher end stuff has & most (if not all) of it I have gotten at clearance prices. The moisture-wicking, anti-microbial properties are key for me because I sweat a ton & I don't like smelly gear (I air dry it after every game). NikeBauer XXV shoulders became Warrior AXLT shoulders (clearance purchase) Bauer One80(or85, I can't remember) shins became Bauer Supreme MX3 (clearance purchase with bonus bucks off as reward points for a vendo - I think I got them for like $32 or something ridiculous like that) Older Jofa Elbows which I loved but were bulky as all get out became Warrior Franchise (clearance purchase & no I won't sell the Jofas, I enjoy having them for nostalgia purposes) NikeBauer One95 gloves became Warrior Luxe (both were clearance purchases) I also picked up some Under Armour hockey long sleeve shirts with the grippy print & 2 compression jocks at a UA Clearance House for cheap too. The pants I wear now were a pro-stock purchase at full price (Dallas Stars Bauer Nexus - Eric Cole), but I did pick up a $50 pair of Eagle 2-piece Dallas Stars pro-stock pants that I wear every once in a while too. I get that no one is going to check me into the boards consistently since I play in a non-checking league, but when it happens (or when I wipe out into the ice/boards/something else hard) I enjoy being well protected. The only things I look at now are pro-stock Dallas Stars stuff & sticks.
  14. The Eaves ones are pretty flat on the bottom, its an odd shaped toe too. I cut a couple inches of the top & the adjustment to the flat rocker & the odd toe was fairly quick.
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