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  1. Thanks for your replies. Yep i'm definitely getting an instructor. I already experienced how the ''we can show you!'' thing can work a couple years ago. I'm going to Tatry mountains. krisdrum I cannot quite understand... if the boots eliminate the ankle, then how can you bend your knees actually? Sorry i was never in ski boots. IPv6Freely Cool idea. I think you should add skateboard.
  2. Hello! I'm going skiing with my friends in two weeks for the first time. Will i have any advantages as a hockey player? To any of you, who learned skiing as adults too, how long did it take you to learn the hockey stop on skis?
  3. Hello! Anyone following hockey in Germany? I'm heading to Stuttgart and Offenburg next month and wanted to catch a game or two. What team would you recommend to go and watch? Anything within close driving distance would be great, but i can go for a longer ride, if it's worth it.
  4. I bought them in January. I think the 1 year mark is for the holder, not steel, but i'll email them anyway.
  5. Hello! I just cracked the steel in one skate in my supremes 190. Do i need to replace it in both skates, or just in one and the sharpener can match them for me? Any other steel except of LS3 that goes with this holder? I have a very small boot size and it's hard to get in my area.
  6. Thanks, but i've seen those episodes already, found also a few others on yt. But i've read there's more to it than that and i'm looking to find the whole series somewhere, if it's even possible
  7. I've seen a few episodes of the series on cbc digital archives, but Wikipedia says that over 100 of them were recorded. Anyone knows if i can watch or buy them anywhere? Google doesn't seem to help. I absolutely love watching anything oldschool. Also, if anyone knows any similar series, please write them down :D
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