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  1. Most who changed to bulky steel like Step and LS5, etc, hate it at first. (also other steel as well if the old steel ends are banana shaped) But, the answer is simple, if these areas are bothering you while skating and you have given your muscle memory time to adjust to the new skates, holder and new steel, then by all means have some of the metal in those areas removed. Don't hack it all off at once, do it in small steps until you feel comfortable. Removing too much may "feel" better because that was what you were use to, but it doesn't always mean it's the best for performance.
  2. All magnetic checkers are inaccurate. They are not consistent or precise. One should never set up their machine using one of these.
  3. 65mm is a large flat spot for a 272 blade, a 40mm would be more appropriate for a North American skater.
  4. A&R use to sell that, called Toe Pro. You may contact them to see if they have any old stock. Also, try Max-Performance Sports in Vancouver Canada. If you can't find any, I have in the store some old 2 part rubber paint that's very similar, was meant to paint stick blades, same tough rubber as pro tek toe and would work on toe caps.
  5. They are good for their price point, but not comparable to STEP or Blackedge.
  6. No need to buy Step anymore, the Tydan is just as good, our customers seem to like it better because the toe metal isn't as bulky as Steps and doesnt require shaving down which many want done to their steps. It's also widely avail. We sell ton's of it and don't have to mess with the bauer patent issue. LS5 is garbage, the coating is very thin and wears easily. I guess that's why it sells for $100 vs $150 for Tydan and Step.
  7. I heard some Pure Hockey are going with Sparz because they just can't hire quality sharpeners. There is a rink complex in mass that has many of them. Personally i just can't see how a shop could use one, the stone does 40 pairs at best, even less considering the shop won't know what hollow is in the skate to begin with, which means more passes are required.
  8. What you experienced is what most who are on FBV and then try a BFD or Fire will say. When we are closed or our customers can't make it here, they will go to other shops (who lie and say they do FBV but that's another story). Anyway,they think they are getting the fBV. But after they skate on it they come to our shop as soon after and tell us they hated it or it wasn't as good as our FBV. Totally blind test, I can't even count how many times this has happened.
  9. Depends if edges are just dull or damaged. One, two pass cycle on the diamond wheel can sharpen nicely. More might be needed if there's deep damage. This is one area over the Sparx where the SP has an advantage, with Sparx you could burn up a lot of wheel life trying to get out damage. Yes, they have a so-called crossgrind wheel to remove deep nicks, but it takes out all the edges so even when the finishing wheel is put back on, you'll have to do many passes to get the hollow back in, so either way, lot's of wheel use. The Sparkx wheels are their weak link.
  10. The Home is a Skatepal too . I think they are on sale for like $1500. May seem more than the Sparx which is $900 but Sparkx case is another $400, Skatepal comes with case and a wheel that will do 500 pairs of skates vs 40 for Sparx. To do 500 pairs on the Sparx, the wheels needed to do that would cost additional $500. So, the price difference isn't really what it seems.
  11. Yes. The Prosharp Skatepal is an excellent machine. Not a cheap imitation like the Sparx, which basical copied proshops design. The Skatepal is a very durable machine and they've been making them for over a decade. They are the same Swedish quality as their proshop versions, just scaled down and simplified for the home user. Their diamond wheels can sharpen up to 1000 skates, as opposed to 40 for the Sparx. I would strongly recommend the Skatepal.
  12. I have Blackedges that fit S-17s and Step Blacksteel for makos in stock. Dont recall Blackedge making Mako models.
  13. Step told me straight out, they can stop their dealers from shipping anywhere. Why bauer is letting this go unchecked kinda defeats the purpose of the ban, they are losing thousands of dollars in sales. Just yesterday got a package from Hockey Lion in Ontario, Step runners shipped direct. Oh, if you do start, I'll buy some from you!
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